Top 3 Passive Income Ideas For 2022

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Passive income is now more valuable than ever!

It plays a key role in determining your lifestyle and comfort level. 

Do you want more money?

Maybe you just want to maintain your lifestyle and work less?

Passive income is what you need to achieve those goals.

Did you know financial security can be achieved without having to work actively for it forever?


If you find the best passive income approach that suits you…

That exact freedom and flexibility is just within your reach!

This last decade has seen several lucrative passive income streams and ideas emerge. 

So that means it’s a lot easier for even the newbies (like you) to make money.

In fact, I’ll show you the exact system that many of my students have used to build their own internet marketing business to over $40,000 per month in passive income.

Now you’re probably wondering how you can do this too, right?

Well, Let’s start with my #1 Pick!

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What's The #1 Way To Make Passive Income?

Digital Real Estate

Digital Real Estate

What’s the one thing every business needs more of?

Paying customers!

What’s the problem?

Most businesses SUCK at getting their name out there!

They don’t know how to find customers or help customers find them.

But digital real estate moguls do…

They know exactly how to find customers who are desperately looking for a specific service…

  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Pest Control
  • Carpet Cleaning


And hundreds more!

They know how to help these customers find the person to get their job done…

And then they just send them on to a local business that pays them between $500 to $2000 per month to take them off their hands.

Then just rinse and repeat until you’re happy with your monthly PASSIVE income.

It’s really simple, if you just follow the steps they’ve laid out…

Step 1: Pick A Niche And A City

For example, Fence Repair in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs has a population of almost 500,000 people, so there’ll be plenty of homeowners here with money to spend:

And they’ve got a handy-dandy tool that tells them exactly how many folks in Colorado Springs are looking to get their fence fixed every month:

That’s 250 people a month, or almost 3,000 a year in just ONE city who need their fence repaired.

The average fence repair job costs $550. 

So, if 10% of these people actually move forward, that’s:

25 x $550 = $13,750.

How many business owners would pay you $2,000 a month to make almost $14k back?

Yeah, pretty much all of them!

Step 2: Find A Business Owner That NEEDS Customers

Ok, so now you know the numbers.

You show these to any business owner, and they’ll see how much of a no-brainer your offer is.

Now you just gotta find a business owner that’s got money to invest and needs more customers.

You can check:


Home Advisor:


You know how I know these businesses are ready and willing to pay money for customers?

Because they’re already doing it!

Groupon takes 50% of whatever the business owner makes from their site.

Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor charge as much as $60 for a single lead…

And they sell that same lead to 5 different business owners. 

But with Digital Real Estate, YOU… the business owner… AND the customer all win!

Step 3: Build A Super-Simple Site That A 5-Year-Old Could Make

At this point, you’ve got a niche, a city, and a business owner ready to take what you can give them.

So let’s get to work:

You’re going to build a super simple 5-page website.

Just like this:

It’s not very pretty, doesn’t need A+ design skills, or even much time. 

It needs 5 pages with a bit of content on each page.

You can build one of these sites in an afternoon. 

I did exactly that back in March 2016.

Since then, it’s made me $2k a month, EVERY MONTH, on autopilot… including through all of 2020.

So let’s do the math real quick:

$2,000 x 9 months (2016) = $18,000

$2,000 x 48 months (2017-2020) = $96,000

That’s a total of $114,000 over 5 years. And that doesn’t even include the money it’s STILL making me today!

Now, keep in mind: It took me maybe 5 hours to build this site. 

I’ve maybe spent another 5 hours since then on making it bigger and stronger.

So, $114,000 over 10 hours means:

My HOURLY RATE IS $11,400!

And that’s just for this one website!

Want to know exactly how I made this happen, not just once, but hundreds of times?

Step 4: Get In Front Of Customers

Once you’ve got your site up, and a business owner ready to pay you anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a month, it’s time to deliver the goods. 

The faster you deliver, the faster you get paid. 

So right away, you’re going to set up a super simple Google Ads campaign. 

Google Ads are only seen by people who are actually looking for that specific thing.

They look like this:

And as you can see, the ads show up ABOVE the organic Google results (the top organic result is theirs, btw).

Obviously, you’ve gotta pay a bit of money for the ads. Maybe $10-20 per call. 


So, say it costs you $10 in ads for each call you send to the business owner. 

For $500, you can send them 50 potential new customers. 

And since they’re paying you $2,000 a month, you end up with $1,500 in profit. 

Step 5: Get Paid!

This is where it gets really fun!

At this point, you’ve shown the business owner the numbers.

You’ve delivered results.

You’ve given them WAAAYYYY more value than HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, or Groupon. 

The only reason they won’t keep paying you month after month is because you’ve overloaded them with customers. 

And if that happens, just go to one of their competitors, show them what you’ve done, and keep on keeping on.

Step 6: Repeat

Look, if you can do this once, there’s no reason you can’t do it 10, 20, even 50 more times. 

Why wouldn’t you?

If you want to know exactly how to do this, down to the tiniest detail, to REALLY maximize your chances of hitting and blowing past the $10k a month mark, start your journey below and watch the free training video on the next page…


Now Let’s Talk About The Stock Market…

This is typically your most popular avenue, but it really isn’t the best way to achieve solid passive income.

The stock market has been preached to people for well over 60 years now.

It’s always the same ole’ stuff.

  • “Invest in a 401k”
  • “Max out an ira”
  • “Set up an investment account/ brokerage account, you’ll kill it!”
  • “Look up dividend stocks, that’ll help!”

But is that really the case?

Unfortunately exchange traded funds don’t just keep going up forever, some companies take a steep dive never to return.

That means all that money you had invested, is pretty much just gone and never coming back. And sure, is it important to have a diverse investment portfolio and investment strategy?

Of course!

But even if you do everything right…It’s not guaranteed to work out. And we’ve seen that.

There are plenty in the boomer generation now who have placed money into these investment options their whole lives for a retirement plan of sorts, and they aren’t any further along than us.

In fact, plenty of them had to get part time jobs because they don’t have enough to get through their elderly years anymore.

So you’ve just got to ask yourself… 

If we’ve been able to see two generations of people do stocks, bonds, 401k’s, and a Roth IRA, and they aren’t any better off than you… 

You’ve got to ask… is it even worth it to get started?

The answer…

Probably not.

And What About Traditional Real Estate?

We won’t spend too much time talking about this, but let’s just say that things in the real estate market won’t quite ever be the same.

With COVID came “rent moratoriums” and terrible interest rates.

Basically the government mandated that tenants did not have to pay their rent if they had lost their job or furloughed.

But guess what…

Nobody gave real estate investors mortgage breaks or moratoriums.

The bank waits for NO ONE.

As a result many people who did not already own their properties outright suffered greatly.

Rent moratoriums really set an undeniable precedent here. 

Anyone who doesn’t have the money in the bank to weather a storm like this really ought to stray away from real estate if you’re after passive income…

So now that you know digital real estate is your best passive income option, you’re probably wondering…

Why Is This Called Digital Real Estate?

Because just like traditional real estate, this has the potential to create generational wealth through passive income… with none of the downside that comes with owning physical properties:

  • No mortgages
  • No leaky roofs
  • No toxic mold
  • No bug infestations
  • No long and messy evictions
  • No expensive repairs


But on the plus side?

You have Total Control and Reliable Monthly Passive Income!

Remember that you own your website. Like traditional real estate, nobody can take it away from you. 

But instead of having to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for a down payment, each of these “Digital Rental Properties” can be built for less than $100 (even if you outsource EVERYTHING, it can be done for as little as $300).

So your startup costs are low, meaning you can SCALE UP FAST!

How long would it take you to buy 100 houses?

10, 20, even 50 years?

Well, you can build 10 Digital Rental Properties in A SINGLE WEEK!

Imagine starting the week with zero dollars in passive, recurring income, and ending it with a potential $20k a month. 

That’s the power of Digital Real Estate.

And you’ve got way more control than traditional real estate…

If one of your “Digital Tenants” stops paying or leaves, there’s no squatter rights or evictions. 

Because YOU’RE in control!

Digital real estate allows you to have passive income with most of your day being spent OUT of the brick and mortar landscape.

Now, I know you probably have tons of questions… 

Want to learn more?

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