What is the Paparazzi Compensation Plan?

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What is the Paparazzi Compensation Plan?

The Paparazzi Compensation Plan explains the rewards and requirements as a Consultant decides to create a team and expand his Paparazzi Accessories business. It aims to help business people in the company to build and also help people who belong to his group. Profits, commissions, and bonuses await when a consultant decides to grow his Paparazzi Accessories business. 

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Table of Contents

There are two things to understand the Paparazzi Compensation Plan:

  1. Personal Volume (PV) – This is also known as Product Value. When you look at the Compensation Plan posted on the site, there are PV requirements if one Consultant wants to step up another level. It uses points as commission for each standard product purchased – 2 PV for every $5 product, and if a Zi necklace collection is purchased, a Consultant will receive 10 PVs.
  2. ACTIVE Status – This happens when a Consultant has reached the minimum 50 PVs for the month, equivalent to 25 pieces of inventory each month. 

A Consultant rank will require a certain number of PVs, if you don’t have the right amount they will not mark you as ACTIVE, which means you cannot get commissions on your team or downline. 

Take note that a yearly requirement of 200 PVs will let you stay as a Paparazzi Consultant. 

So if you like this to become an effective business venture, set that goal to achieve a higher rank one step at a time.  

Compensation comes through these two things:

  1. Paparazzi Jewelry Sales – Sales made upon putting up Paparazzi Accessories on sale in sites and stores. Accessories purchased as Consultants are wholesale, and a piece of jewelry sold gives a 45% profit. Imagine how much you could make! 
  2. Paparazzi Jewelry Teams’ Sales: These are the sales made through team collaboration and effort, strategy, and goal setting to achieve at a certain period. Teams’ performance is the basis of compensation to the sponsor and anyone in the group who has sponsored another. It is also the basis for you to move a rank higher. 

Understanding symbols:

Dot .– this means you are an eligible consultant for specific compensation.

Asterisque * – this means that a consultant must meet the 50 PVs minimum requirement and the organization requirement to be active. 

Double Asterisque ** – this means no more than ⅓ of the organizational volume (OV) requirement is met by just one leg of the organization because it is an indication of rank qualification. 

Cross ⍏ – this means no more than ¼ of the organizational volume (OV) requirement is met by just one leg of the organization because it indicates rank qualification.

Star 🌟– this means rank qualification, and it’s met within two consecutive calendar months before issued and get paid. 

The Compensation Plan Ranks:

  1. Consultant –  When you decide to become part of the Paparazzi team, you are considered a consultant. The jewelry pieces’ wholesale price will be offered to you by Paparazzi, and you are eligible for the so called “Show Rebate.” When a consultant conducts a launch party and brings in a large amount of inventory, Paparazzi will give a certain percentage to compensate for a large amount of stock purchased. For example, if 1000 PVs or more were purchased, Paparazzi will process a 10% Show Rebate and be included in the consultants’ monthly commission. 

  2. Star Consultant –  When an active consultant starts to purchase 50 PVs or 25 pieces of jewelry in a month or two, they move a rank higher and become a star consultant. As a new consultant, retail profit and show rebates are part of the star consultant’s bonus. He is also entitled to receive a Business Building Bonus or BBB because around this time; the Consultant may have enrolled and sponsored another Starter kit or made a 200 PV’s in one purchase. When you register or support another Paparazzi Independent Consultant, 15% of the purchased initial Starter Kit price. As you sponsor new consultants, you receive a 5% Unilevel 1 bonus to support and train them to become successful Paparazzi Independent Consultant.

  3. Director –  Sponsoring may be enough and will get you some bonus, but it’s still a different leap if you rank as Paparazzi Director. Sponsoring three recruits and training them to be “Active” Consultants and ordering 50 PVs in a month will make you jump into a Director Rank. You will enjoy the same benefit as the Star Consultant, but the Unilevel 1 (Front Line) Bonus you’ll get will be 10%, 5% higher than that of the Star Consultant. When your Unilevel recruits start to sponsor and recruit their consultants, you will get an additional 5% bonus as your Unilevel 2.

  4. Premier Director – Although it’s already thrilling to be a Paparazzi Director, this next rank requires a different kind of strategy within your team’s organization because it requires Organizational Volume (OV) to move to a higher rank level. The team should accumulate at least 3000 OV, and this should be from among the recruits under you. The only ⅓ of the product value (PV) should be coming from one leg of the organization. If you have three consultants under you and only one of them purchased or provided most of the required OV, you cannot be a Premier Director because technically, that Consultant made most of the purchase. As a Director, you will get all the commissions from your two Unilevel, but if your 2nd level consultants recruit their own, you will also get another 5% commissions from your Unilevel 3. In this rank, aside from your Retail Profit, Show Rebate, and BBB, you’ll have 10% Unilevel 1, 5% Unilevel 2, and 5% Unilevel three bonuses also.

When you are in the Premier Director Rank, the next level ranks are almost requiring the same Personal and Organization Volumes and three Consultants organizational requirements. Higher personal volumes and organizational volumes were needed as you rank higher, and with the “ACTIVE” Consultants in your team, bonuses will be added and included in your monthly commissions.  

Here are the ranks after reaching the Premier Director level:

  • Executive Director
  • Producer
  • Premier Producer
  • Executive Producer (This is the first Elite Rank)
  • Fashionista
  • A-Lister
  • Maven A-Lister
  • Jetsetter
  • Luxe Jetsetter
  • Impressionist
  • Iconic Impressionist

Other Bonuses When You Get Higher

Generation Bonus 

You get this next level bonus when you reach the Executive level and above and receive compensation from the third generation of consultations in your team. It has three Generation levels, and each time you rank up, it gets higher up 1% to 3%. These include all Consultants down and, of course, to the next higher levels. 

Legacy Bonus

When a Paparazzi Consultant reached the A-Lister Rank or higher, they receive a legacy bonus. It also has three Legacy levels and offers a 1% to 2% bonus of the generated personal and organization volume. These include all Consultants down and, of course, to the next higher levels.

Cash Bonus

When you reach these specific ranks and maintain the required qualifications within two consecutive months, you’ll receive a Cash Bonus. 

  • Luxx Jetsetter receives $25,000 bonus
  • Impressionista receives $50,000 bonus
  • Iconic Impressionista receives $100,000 bonus

You can visit the Paparazzi Accessories official website and Consultants if you are interested and want an example of a Compensation Plan.  

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