How Good Is Pampered Chef Customer Service

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How Good Is Pampered Chef Customer Service

Okay, in any business, the customer is always right. Sometimes, the customer is king.

It’s crucial to get the approval of consumers especially in the field of customer service. This is a no brainer. What good is business if there are no customers? Customers are one of the life’s blood of business — the product is nothing if no one buys it. 

A lot of companies take this for granted. They have fallen into the belief that gaining money is the end all and be all. A business will fail without the loyalty of its customers. Customer service must be, therefore top priority in any line of business

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Pampered Chef Customer Service is no exception. However, just like in life, where we have our strengths and weaknesses, victories, and losses — we also have happy and sometimes dissatisfied customers. It’s advisable to take stock of the reviews straight from the horses’ mouths, the customers themselves and then analyze this in order to get a better perspective. 

Also, in order to serve the customers better (after all, it should be any company’s desire to serve the customers better), make them happy with the service and in turn, they will rave about it. When a customer puts in a good word for the customer service — that always works wonders. When the customer is happy and satisfied, that can spread like wildfire. In the same grain, when the customer is dissatisfied, their review can run over and potentially destroy a company.

Pampered Chef Customer Service has received raving reviews with regard to the quick and thorough reply to the customers’ queries. Aside from the fact that the customers are happy with the products and recipes, how the company offers replacement parts of their products, Pampered Chef also did a great job in customer service.

There are times when the Pampered Chef customer service was able to turn things around — an irate customer who became a completely satisfied happy one. The customer was extremely well-pleased, he updated his negative review and changed it into a highly positive one. 

The once angry customer was amazed at how quick he was to find a Pampered Chef box on his front step — with a letter stating that Pampered Chef customer service has “audited their response to his replacement request and that he was eligible for replacement.” 

To put a cherry on the top, he got a whole new box of executive cookware skillet. The customer mentioned that his faith in the company’s reputation has been restored. That is definitely a feather on the cap for the Pampered Chef customer service team.

Pampered Chef sees to it that the customers are not just happy with the quality of their products but also with the personal assistance and support their team provides to their buyers. The reviews showed that more than giving a scripted reply to queries, a customer is speaking to a “live” person — who is willing to tackle their issues as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Let’s take a look on the other side. Unfortunately, there are also bad reviews coming from a handful of irate customers. Their complaints range from receiving a damaged product to long periods of call waiting. There were also cases of paying the consultant in cash in a craft show but the product did not arrive. The said customer contacted the corporate office but she did not receive a call back from them. 

She was asked to go through a ton of red tapes —such as registering the complaint through a letter. For a small amount of money, the customer wasn’t willing to go through all that considering she already wasted a lot of time on phone calls. Eventually, she got her item but it took Pampered Chef three long months to do it. She felt lucky to get it but she mentioned she will not support Pampered Chef anymore.

Another common complaint is being on hold on the phone for an exceedingly long time. One customer ranted that she was put on hold for a good three hours and 45 minutes when all she wanted was a catalog. She called it a complete disaster and a misappropriation of her time. Among all the complaints, this type of customer grievance is the most common of all. Being put on hold for an awfully long time turns out to be the worst customer service experience for many.

With all these things considered, it’s best to weigh things in. While the Pampered Chef customer service cannot please everyone, the complaints are valid and must be taken into consideration. Needless to say, the customers remain loyal to a product, not only because of the high quality of the product but for the aftercare service.

Pampered Chef contact number for their customer service should be readily at hand and easy to find. Along with the Pampered Chef home office address and the Pampered Chef customer service phone number.

Phone: Call

1-888-OUR CHEF (1-888-687-2433) Mon–Fri,

8 a.m.–8 p.m. (CT) Live Chat: Currently available for consultants only.

Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.–7:30 p.m. (CT) Click here and select Start a Chat.

You may also reach The Pampered Chef Customer Service contact number: +1-800-342-2433 or file a complaint on this complaintsboard or through this site. They can also be reached via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on their Pinterest account.

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