What’s In The Pampered Chef Catalog?

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What’s In The Pampered Chef Catalog?

It’s the moment of truth. People have different opinions on things. We all have our varying preferences and likings. Some of us are partial to certain brands but some are objective enough to make a comparison, and weigh things over before coming up with a decision.  

Some of the products found on the Pampered Chef catalog, have been listed and reviewed by their competitors. You will be amazed how promising the items are from the Pampered Chef book. 

Here are some of them.

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Table of Contents

The war on the dishwasher safety options.

Here, Pampered Chef products are being compared to William Sonoma’s kitchen items. In the following example, Pampered Chef dishwasher safety options are being compared to William Sonoma’s dishwasher safe options.  

Here, both brands had 5-star ratings.  

Yes, Williams Sonoma does offer cleaning instructions. You can find additional information about Williams Sonoma’s dishwasher safe options on their customer service page here. You can also visit their homepage to see if Williams Sonoma has posted additional information on their dishwasher safe options.

Last reviewed July 8, 2019.  

Yes, Pampered Chef does offer cleaning instructions. You can find additional information about Pampered Chef’s dishwasher safe options on their customer service page here. You can also visit their homepage to see if Pampered Chef has posted additional information on their dishwasher safe options.

Last reviewed November 28, 2018 

source :

The search for the best air fryer.

One look at Pampered Chef’s Deluxe Air Fryer gives you a sense of cooking perfect roast vegetables, baked goodies, dehydrated fruits and yummy roast chicken. However, the Pampered Chef Deluxe Air Fryer has been pitted against other popular brands. And here are the results from Good Housekeeping magazine, according to Kitchen Appliance Pros. 

For the overall best air fryer, Ninja Fryer Max XL, won against all the other air fryers out there — Pampered Chef’s Deluxe Air Fryer notwithstanding. It won because it was user friendly, and cooked the food the swiftest. Other Air Fryers won in other categories but Pampered Chef’s air fryer didn’t cut it.  

Source :–c0aAl9KEALw_wcB 

However, on the Gifts That Say Wow, the Pampered Chef Air Fryer got an excellent rating from one of the reviewers. Here it is: 

“My son gave me a Pampered Chef air fryer for Mother’s Day.

I have a lot of gadgets, as do most women. I have mixers, blenders, slow cookers, instant pot and many more. 

When I first got the air fryer, I was a little overwhelmed with all the gadgets that came with it. A rotating basket, and rotisserie spit, and a retrieval tool. After a little research, I was cooking like a pro. 

Oh my goodness, day old pizza warmed up in the air fryer tastes like it was just delivered. And the fries cook with no added fat. Crisp and delicious.  

This is perfect for a low fat or Keto diet.

Breaded fish tastes like fried fish. It’s so easy to count calories when you are not adding fats. I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef in any way, I just love their products and recipes.” 

Source :

The battle between the best pressure cookers.

Browsing the Pampered Chef catalog, this equipment caught our eyes. According to the comparison, the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker is not well-priced by the regular folks. They prefer Instant Pot by distinction because it’s cheaper by a long shot and most of them described the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker. 

Here’s an excerpt:

We are not over-impressed by the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker. Although it is an attractive appliance, we feel that it is basic when compared to the Instant Pot. In addition, it is extremely expensive and not very easy to buy. Although a home party/demonstration can be enjoyable and it does give you a way to learn about the pressure cooker, the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker is extremely overpriced compared to all other models on the market.

The Instant Pot, by contrast, is extremely well priced. It is versatile and it is popular with customers. It might not necessarily be the best pressure cooker on the market, but it is certainly much better than the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker. 

Source :,Customer%20feedback%20is%20overwhelmingly%20good

The fight for the top ice cream maker brand.

Flipping the other pages of the Pampered Chef catalog, we find this interesting kitchen tool. Here the reviewer takes the readers to a blow-by-blow account on why she thinks the Pampered Chef ice cream maker and totally rocks. The review concluded with a bang: 

“So, is the Pampered Chef Ice Cream Maker worth your hard-earned money?  If you accept that any kind of home-made ice cream requires work and planning, and if the taste of the ice cream you make appeals to you, then the answer is yes.  This is a well-made maker and seems like it could be a part of your kitchen arsenal for years to come.  If on the other hand, you want ice cream now and are willing to trade taste for expediency, then you might want to head to a local ice cream parlor instead.  Me, I land in the middle.  I love having the Pampered Chef for special occasions like an outdoor movie party, but when I need a quick-fix I call on my old friends Ben and Jerry.”


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