How Do You Make Money As An Amazon Seller?

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How Do You Make Money As An Amazon Seller?

You must have heard it through the grapevine but you’re not that sure. Well, the rumors are true. Amazon Sellers can earn oodles of moolah! It can even go as high as six digits per year in profits. 

That’s right.

  • Are you mulling over the thought of becoming an Amazon seller? 
  • Do you want to be your own boss? 
  • Do you want to have a flexible schedule and earn extra income? 
  • Are you looking for other means to earn?  

If you’re nodding right now, then you’re in the right place. That means you want to know more about how one makes money as an Amazon seller.

On average, most Amazon sellers roughly make about $1,000 USD, per month. Some super Amazon sellers can even make up to, as high as six digits per month. Over fifty percent of Amazon sellers make a thousand to $25,000 USD per month. And about twenty percent make 25K to $250,000 in sales. The numbers speak and they’re definitely not something to sneeze at, don’t you think so? 

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Moreover, Amazon has become a practical way of building an online business whether you’re new in this world or not. Even those who are neophytes in this industry can still make sales. Now you’re probably thinking if these sales translate to huge profits too.  Well yes, Amazon sellers can turn sales into profits and bring home the bacon too!

Now, how much much money do the Amazon sellers make? Compared to small companies that spare no effort in attaining making money during the initial stage of their business, Amazon sellers experience higher returns on their investment. It goes without saying that the wider the financial gains, the better it is. 

Almost 70% of the Amazon sellers gain profits of over 10%. And almost 40% of the sellers gain profits higher than 20%. Only about 9% of the sellers said that their e-commerce business is not spending that much money. Of course, it’s a known fact that profits vary from time to time and are very much dependent on many elements over the years. So let’s check out how much Amazon sellers have earned since they began their Amazon careers.  

Okay, brace yourself and listen to this— a good 6% of the Amazon sellers have become millionaires from their business in Amazon. And almost 45% have earned over $25,000USD. That’s certainly not bad for a moonlighting pursuit. 

By now, you are probably thinking of joining the Amazon sellers bandwagon — but you’re wondering how much will it cost to start your Amazon business. Do you need a lot of cash to get started? 

Now, here are interesting facts. 

A little over 30% of fortunate Amazon sellers only used up $500USD. With that relatively small amount of money, some of them have continued operating in the last half-decade. In general, more than three-fifths of the Amazon sellers have spent less than $5,000USD to get things underway. 

And about 30% have spent less than a thousand bucks. They used up this investment to source their products and to pay for Amazon fees and to promote their products. It does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a whole lot of money in order to achieve success in your Amazon business. 

Here are more interesting facts. 

About 70% of the Amazon sellers who spent less than $500USD in Amazon had gained over 10% profit margins. Almost half of the Amazon sellers were profitable already in just a quarter of a year. And about 70% are selling within one and a half months. This brings us to the next question — how long does it take to earn as an Amazon seller? 

Now a good majority said they were able to make money within their first year of selling. About 20% earned within a quarter of the year and almost 25% have earned within half a year. The best part about this is — as an Amazon seller, you don’t need to clock in a lot of hours. Almost 60% of Amazon sellers spend an average of 20 hours a week. And about 13% use only half an hour of their entire day. Only 6% spend over 60 hours a week. 

Now, the next question is — how can I become a successful Amazon seller? 

Don’t wait for things to become perfect. The sooner you jump in the water, the faster you earn money. Don’t get sucked in the idea of any get-rich-quick scheme. Put in some elbow grease. You need patience in this game and a whole lot of humility. Ask those who have gone ahead of you. Learn from them. Get the correct tools and resources. One of the not-so-secret factors in making money in Amazon is to find the right tools, the right metrics, and information on product research and knowledge. 

You can sell your own products on Amazon. It can range from shirts to flower pots or whatnots.  Learn from the experts on how to go about selling your private label products. You can also sell wholesale items. This is one of the most sought-after methods of selling on Amazon. There is no need for you to manufacture or brand your products, all you need to do is buy in bulk quantities and sell them. The only downside is — the competition is stiff — which means you need to give a competitive price. Also, you need to find out where to source your products so you can earn higher profits. 

Oh, you can also take part in the Amazon delivery service. There’s a sizable amount of joiner’s fee should you decide to work in their delivery service, as a driver. It’s actually a pretty good deal. Or… if this is not right up your alley, why not be a blogger? Yup. You can talk about a certain product online and dispense advice to your readers. If you find a great product on Amazon and advertise it on your blog, there’s a whole lot of money to be had in this ballgame. 

If writing is your cup of tea, take this one step further by publishing your own books on Amazon. You can actually print copies of your book too, aside from having your e-book format. So this is an interesting proposition for prolific writers. This is all about numbers. 

There you have it. Enjoy and start making money now.

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