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Motif Investing Review: 7 Secrets You Should Know!

Motif Investing Review: Design Your Own Motif

Are you looking for a unique investment trading platform?

In our Motif Investing review, we’ll go through the costs, the benefits and downsides, and whether or not it’s suitable for you.

Motif Investing provides a wide range of self-directed investments with the added benefit of robo-advisor management.

You could either create your own pre-built mini portfolios, or invest in one.

You may even make money if other platform investors invest in your portfolios. Motif Investment also provides initial public offerings, socially responsible investing, and eventually, cryptocurrencies.

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Table of Contents

Motif Investing Rating

Fees: 8.5/10

Ease of Use 9.5/10

Diversification: 9/10

Customer Service: 8.5/10


  • Choose from pre-existing portfolios.
  • Build your own portfolio.
  • There is no account minimum.

Ranking: 7.3/10

What Is Motif Investing?

Motif Investing, based in Rancho Cordova, California and launched in 2010, is partly an online brokerage business (in which you may pick your own assets) and partly robo-advisor (it handles your holdings on your behalf).

As a result, it is one of the most distinctive and advanced investment platforms accessible.

This investment firm enables you to make investments in pre-designed portfolios known as motifs or to build your own.

You may accomplish this by combining equities in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You can also have your motif built on any investing topic or target you want.

Motif Investing’s product line, on the other hand, has been growing steadily in recent years.

Today, it allows you to invest in socially responsible investments, initial public offerings, and, pretty soon, digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

There are several new investing systems accessible, but Motif Investing is almost at the forefront of the top investment platforms.

It presently has over 350k customers, notably Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and a U.S. bank.

Motif Investing holds a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), although it isn’t BBB accredited.

How Motif Investing Works

Motif has become a diverse investment program that it now offers multiple investment possibilities.

To start with Motif Investing, open a Trading Account, which requires no initial investment.

You can use this account to trade a stock or ETF, and begin investing in motifs.

Motifs are the company’s operative term as well as the most basic investment strategy in the platform.

A theme is, in essence, a portfolio consisting of a maximum of 30 stocks or ETFs. These  consist of a combination of stocks and ETFs.

The company has hundreds of pre-built themes that you can choose from. I f you wish to create your own motif, however, you are free to do so. A motif theme can be created based on nearly any investing concept.

After you’ve created your own motif or invested in one, it will be handled entirely by Motif Investing.

You can also invest in other portfolios of Motif Investing on top of opening a Trading Account. The business has expanded into a variety of diverse investment areas and intends to do so further.

Motif Investing Features and Benefits

Minimum Initial Investment: Because Motif Investing offers multiple alternative investing models, each has its own set of minimums:

  • Trading accounts = $0
  • Motifs = $300
  • Motif Impact Portfolios = $1,000
  • Margin accounts = $2,000

Available Accounts: Taxable individual and joint accounts, rollover IRAs, Roth, and traditional; trust accounts 

Available Investments: All U.S. exchange listed stocks, ETFs and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).

Account Clearing Agent And Custodian: Motif Investing funds are held with one of the largest financial institutions in the world, Pershing LLC, with assets worth approximately $1 trillion under administration.

Margin Accounts: At least a $2,000 account balance is required. If it falls below this amount, you will get a margin call and will be asked to make a mandatory deposit of additional funds. Current margin rates range from 8.25% for accounts more than $500k to 10.75% for accounts less than $1ok.

Only direct stock and ETF purchases are eligible for margin investing and can’t be in tandem with motif portfolios.

Portfolio Rebalancing: Yes.

Fractional Shares: You may trade as low as.01 shares of stock with Motif Investing. With just a small investment, you will be able to establish a portfolio of fractional shares.

Mobile App: In addition to the web version, Motif Investing can be downloaded on iOS (9.3 or later), and on Android devices (4.4 and up).

Customer Service: Motif can be contacted by either phone or by e-mail, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

Account Security. SIPC safeguards your account in the event of a broker failure (not market losses). Your account is insured for a max of $500,000k in securities and cash, with cash of up to $250k.

Motif employs firewalls and security technologies, notably secure socket layer (SSL) technology, to safeguard information.

Motif Blue

This service costs $19.95 monthly and includes the following features:

  • Three monthly commission-free real-time trades 
  • Unlimited commission-free next market open trades
  • Quotes in real time

Motif Investing Investment Methodology

Motif provides seven portfolio options, three of which are for institutional investors and the remaining four for individuals. 

Motif Thematic Portfolios

Motif Investing is popular for their motif thematic portfolios. Theme-based portfolios are provided based on investing objectives that they set.

Each one is comprised of a selection of a maximum of 30 different stocks and ETFs. However, Motif includes over 150 pre-built portfolios, with the option of creating your own.

It can identify patterns and trends, and then assesses data sets using sophisticated algorithms to figure out which businesses are driving that trend. They then create a portfolio based on a particular theme.

Although the portfolios are given charming titles, they serve a serious purpose. One motif, for example, is named Repeal Obamacare, whose focus is  on businesses which has the potential to gain in case Obamacare is repealed.

Online Video, Shale Oil, Casino Gambling, Deflation, Precious Metals, and Cyber Security are examples of the other pre-built motifs. Each is built around the fundamental theme and involves investments that correspond to the goal.

Thematic Portfolios, once again, need at least $300/ motif. A maximum of  250 unique motifs can be purchased or built. Once you’ve created a one-of-a-kind motif, you can give other Motif investors access to it.

Bonus: You’ll receive $1 under Motif’s Creator Royalty Program every time an investor purchases or rebalances a motif you’ve created. Earned royalties will be paid out about 15 days after every quarter.

Impact Portfolios

These are the portfolios of socially responsible investment offered by Motif Investing which are  completely automated and tailored to your core values as well as your investing goals.

Each Impact Portfolio is made up of equities and ETFs from several asset types, such as:

  • U.S. stocks
  • Developed market stocks
  • Emerging market stocks
  • Real estate stocks
  • Commodities stocks
  • U.S. bonds
  • International bonds

They also use tax-aware auto investing to limit asset sales and hence reduce taxes of capital gains. At least  $1,000 is required for each portfolio. This group presently consists of three portfolios:

  • Sustainable Planet: These are company stocks  that actively pursue sustainability in order to decrease their carbon impact.
  • Fair Labor: Invests in businesses that promote job stability, safe working conditions, and fair pay.
  • Good Corporate Governance: This portfolio is comprised of investments in businesses that have demonstrated an excellent ethical track record in terms of accountability, transparency, and fairness.

You may also modify the asset allocation in any of the aforementioned portfolios based on your specific preferences.

Initial Public Offerings

Motif Investing allows you to create a Motif account or engage in an initial public offering (IPO). You decide how much to invest, make a conditional offer, and then get your IPO shares.

One of the primary benefits of the Motif Initial Public Offering is that it allows small investors to partake in one of the most successful investing activities available.

Historically, only institutions and the extremely affluent could invest in initial public offerings (IPOs). However, you may now be part of an IPO for only $250. And the initial investment is free of charge.

Because IPOs are very rare, you can be notified as soon as they are available, but you would need to sign up for it.

Motif has initially provided access to over 100 IPOs, such as Redfin, Trivago, and ADT.

Crypto Portfolios

This option will be available soon. Until then, you may sign up for a waitlist to secure a slot once it’s available.

The website has limited information because the portfolio is not yet available. It  appears, however, that you will be able to add to your portfolio “Bitcoin and digital assets.”

You’ll have to wait for this one or alternatively, sign up for the waitlist.

Motif Investing Fees

Motif Investing offers two fee structures:

  1. 0.50% Motif Thematic Portfolios
  2. 0.25% Motif Impact Portfolios

The following are the trading costs for Build Your Own Portfolio:

Trades on the next market day comprises the first fee. However, the costs for quick, real-time trades are significantly higher.

For instance, if you wish to buy a real-time ETF or stock, it’s going to cost you $4.95 per trade. If you wait, however, until the following market opens, the cost is $0. In addition, if performed in real time, broker-assisted trades cost a hefty $29.95.

If you wish to execute it in real time, the cost to create or buy into a motif will be doubled. This could make the costs prohibitively expensive on small investment amounts, like $300.

IRA Fees. Motif Investing imposes a quarterly fee of $10 if you don’t have the following:

  • A Motif Blue membership 
  • A balance of more than $10k
  •  Commission trades for the last 3 months

An IRA cancellation charge of $95 is also one of Motif’s policies.

How To Invest With Motif

The following are the requirements for opening a Motif Account:

  • At least 18 y.o.
  • Citizen or permanent resident of the United States

You’ll be asked to key in your email address and create a password. After which, you will have to provide the following information:

  • Physical address
  • Full name
  • SS number
  • Driver’s license

At times, they would need to verify your income and employment.

Funding Your Account

Once you’ve linked your bank account, you’ll be able to send funds to your account using ACH. However, funds can also be transferred from another banking institution through wire transfer.

Should you opt to fund your account via check, you will have t make it payable to the clearing agency and custodian of the account – Pershing LLC.

Motif Investing Pros And Cons


  • Choose from pre-existing motifs (portfolios) based on very specialized investing themes, or alternatively, create your own motif.
  • The option to build your own theme allows you to generate very specialized investing possibilities not greater than 30 stocks.
  • As a robo-advisor, motifs and other portfolios will be handled for you once it’s set up. Your sole task is to fund current or new themes and portfolios.
  • Motif Impact Portfolios can provide you with the chance to partake in socially responsible investing by presenting you with predefined portfolios that you can then personalize.
  • You can start with Motif by just opening an account even with zero balance, then begin as soon as you’ve put in a minimum of $300 in your account.
  • Next day stock and ETF trades can be done free of charge.


  • Thematic Portfolios cost $9.95 per motif, which is a lot to spend for a portfolio as little as $300.
  • Real-time trading fees are significantly higher, and are not comparable with other brokerage companies that regularly trade in real-time.
  • While Motif Investing currently lets you trade individual stocks, the program’s trading capabilities are restricted in comparison to a more experienced brokerage firm.
  • Customer support is only available during regular business hours. If you have issues or problems after hours, on weekends, or on holidays, you will be unable to reach them.
  • Motif Investing does not provide interest on cash that is not invested.
  • Stocks and ETFs can be used to invest, but no mutual funds, options, or other assets are allowed.


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