Most Expensive Yoyo (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Yo Yo

For most children, yoyo is just a toy, but for some, yoyo is a valuable collectible that deserves to be cherished. Aside from that, yoyos are also used in the competitions. Because of this, certain yoyos are painstakingly crafted to be superior to others in terms of quality.

The yoyos in this article aren’t only old and one-of-a-kind but also highly advanced. They are unquestionably a must-have, but their prices might get in the way. If you’re curious about them, keep reading!


This Most Expensive Yoyo review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo
Throw Revolution Vertex Expensive Yo Yo
Price: $179

Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo is by the yoyo performer and competitor named Marcus Koh. To ensure the quality of this Vertex yoyo, Marcus used the latest and most innovative technology.

Marcus thought about how it would be thrown horizontally the whole time he made it. So, it has the most powerful and fastest throws because it is developed to be the most technologically advanced yoyo.

If you wish to perform complicated tricks such as 1A, 3A, and 5A tricks, you better have this!

Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo
Duncan Expensive Yoyo
Price: $250

Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo with a ball-bearing precision axle is a piece of art. Some of the great things about this Duncan yoyo is the fact that it has a sturdy aluminum body, 57 mm inch diameter, 29 mm in width, and 60 mm gram weight. Cool!

Even though this yoyo was made for kids of all ages, it is better to be used by kids under the age of six.

Hyper Cluster Yoyo
Hyper Cluster Best Yoyos
Price: $318

Placed in the eighth spot is the Hyper Cluster Yoyo. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate Yoyo Thrower, this one is a great choice. This one is not assembled when you buy it, so you’ll have the chance to put it together yourself.

This yoyo has a plastic body and an A bearing to keep the weight down. From the outside, it looks a lot like classic images from Norse mythology. In addition, know that this is 40.44 mm wide and has a diameter of 61.06 mm. Plus, it weighs 51.6 grams.

Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo
Duncan Bearing For Impossible Tricks
Price: $450

Aside from Magnesium, Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo is also made of small amounts of a few other elements to ensure its uniqueness and stability. It also comes in different colors and designs to match.

When it came out in 2013, this yoyo was by far the most expensive one you could buy. Takahiko Hasegawa and Shinobu “S-kon” Konmoto, Japanese yoyo modders, were the ones who made it.

MagicYoYo REX Yoyo
Stainless Steel Rim Yoyo
Price: $469

MagicYoYo REX Yoyo is a full-size, state-of-the-art yoyo. Its titanium body and stainless steel rims give it a weight distribution that any other yoyo can’t match. Yixing Tan, a yoyo master, collaborated with other yoyo modders to make this stainless steel yoyo project.

In addition, also has a rim made of stainless steel. It’s a great thing that turns at a very fast rate.

Fulvia Bi-Titanium Yoyo
Fulvia with Awesome Graphics
Price: $550

Fulvia Bi-Titanium Yoyo is the world’s fifth most expensive yoyo. The body of this yoyo is made of titanium Ti-6Al-4V, and it weighs 62.6 grams. It also features a 19mm LuftPAD Size C Center Trac/Full Ceramic Grooved Bearing.

At its widest point, it is 43.0 millimeters thick. Indeed, this yoyo is an amazing one, and it has a lot of good parts in it. However, only fifteen units have been released as of today. So, it’s hard to find this yoyo.

Original Pedro Flores Yoyo
Original Pedro Flores Yoyo
Price: $896

The Original Pedro Flores Yoyo is very historical as it was crafted by Pedro Flores, the first-ever man to create a yoyo in the United States. As you will notice, the wood has a Flores Yo-Yo seal on it.

Nowadays, getting one of these is hard, but if you do, you’ll have a piece of American Yo-Yo history in your hands. According to reports, the original version of this yoyo was sold for $896.

1958 Duncan Sprite Boy 1 Australian Coca Cola Yoyo
1958 Duncan
Price: $1,399

The 1958 Duncan Sprite Boy 1 Australian Coca-Cola Yoyo is a high-performance spindle that turns quickly. Users of this yoyo said that it has a good grip and feel.

Looking at its condition, this is certainly one of the rarest yoyos you can ever find. Currently, this yoyo is up for auction on eBay for $1,399.

Nostalgia Yo-Yo By Shinobu Konmoto
Nostalgia Yoyo
Price: $5,000

The second most expensive yoyo on this list is the Nostalgia Yo-Yo by Shinobu Konmoto. Many people agree that Shinobu Konmoto, aka “S-Kon,” a Japanese yoyo modder, is the most prolific and creative yoyo modder of all time.

S-Kon named this Nostalgia Yoyo because it reminds him of his childhood memories. He personally handcrafts this yoyo, so you’ll have to wait six months if you want to buy this piece. Plus, you must prepare $5,000 for it.

Richard Nixon Yoyo With Roy Acuff
Costliest Yoyo
Price: $16,029

Finally, we’re down to the most expensive yoyo on this list.

During the Grand Ol Opry, American president Richard Nixon presented this one-of-a-kind yoyo. At the same time, Roy Acuff demonstrated how to use it. At the Acuff estate auction in 2020, it was bought for $16,029 by an anonymous buyer.

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Wow! Many people see yoyos as more than a child’s toy. These yoyos are likely to impress yoyo players with their quality. Whether you’re a yoyo enthusiast or not, I hope you enjoy this list!

Finally, here’s our list of the most expensive yoyos:

  1. Richard Nixon Yoyo With Roy Acuff – $16,029
  2. Nostalgia Yo-Yo By Shinobu Konmoto – $5,000
  3. 1958 Duncan Sprite Boy 1 Australian Coca Cola Yoyo – $1,399
  4. Original Pedro Flores Yoyo – $896
  5. Fulvia Bi-Titanium Yoyo – $550
  6. MagicYoYo REX Yoyo – $469
  7. Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo – $450
  8. Hyper Cluster Yoyo – $318
  9. Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo – $250
  10. Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo – $179
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