Most Expensive Wood (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Wood

The majority of people admire woodwork.

You can never go wrong with wood, whether it’s for furniture, living room design, or even the flooring and ceilings of your lovely home.

It produces a distinct and elegant result, and hence it never goes out of style.


This Most Expensive Wood review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Price: $8

Bocote is a Caribbean, Mexican, and South American tree.

The wood has a lovely texture with brown-black stains in the background, ranging from greenish-yellow to golden brown, and attractive dark stripes, frequently in unexpected patterns. Bird-eye patterns are common.

Price: $9.91 Per Board Foot

Sandalwood oil has a rich, creamy, long-lasting aroma. Sandalwood production has declined while demand has increased. Its extinction makes Sandalwood so pricey.

Purple Heart Wood
Purple Heart Wood
Price: $13.99 Per Board Foot

Purple Heart is a Central and South American wood. It’s a properly termed tropical hardwood. It’s known for its deep purple colors and denseness.

Price: $14.99 Per Board Foot

This unusual African hardwood grows in central and western Africa’s tropical regions. Padauk wood is usually dark brown, although it can be lighter. It’s strong, especially in bending.

Leopard Wood
Leopard Wood
Price: $19.99 Per Board Foot

You should know about this gorgeous, rare wood from Brazil and Chile. The black wood specks resemble a leopard’s coat. The dark flecks have a latticework-like laciness and larger, gaudier forms.

Price: $24.99 Per Board Foot

Bubinga is a prized wood. Hard and thick wood has distinct annual rings and a lovely texture due to fiber growth variations.

Ancient woods are utilized to make elite furniture, decorative veneer, musical instruments, and line rooms, vehicles, and aircraft.

Lignum Vitae
Lignum Vitae
Price: $30.63 Per Board Foot

The Bahamas’ national tree, Lignum Vitae, is the hardest wood. It includes natural oils that make bearings self-lubricating, improving wear resistance. It’s now an endangered species.

Holly Wood
Holly Wood
Price: $35 Per Board Foot

Holly wood, also named Ilex opaca, is sometimes termed the “whitest” of all woods. The black-dyed wood is utilized for piano keys and furniture projects. Holly wood isn’t endangered yet grows slowly, so dealers mark it up.

Price: $50 Per Board Foot

Cocobolo is a prized Central American wood for pistols and knives. It’s a beautiful wood that spans from orange to reddish-brown with a dark texture. Only the center of the wood is used, and the color of the wood changes once it is cut.

Price: $60 Per Board Foot

Ziricote is a thick, light to dark brown wood from Mexico and Central America. It’s used in cabinets, furniture, guitars, and gunstocks. It’s commonly available, and some of the finest wood has a green or purple cast.

Price: $62 Per Board Foot

This Hawaiian wood resembles mahogany. Because some of Hawaii’s natural forests have been removed for grazing, fresh trees are becoming scarce, and prices are expected to rise.

Its golden or red-brown colors and simple texture make it suitable for guitars and ukeleles.

Ebony Wood
Price: $75 Per Board Foot

Ebony comes from equatorial West Africa. It’s a stable, durable, extremely dense and heavy wood species.

The fine-textured wood offers a smooth finish when oiled and polished. It’s extremely rare and on the endangered species bell forest products list.

African Blackwood
African Blackwood
Price: $100 Per Board Foot

African blackwood is a separate species from African ebony. The wood is popular for constructing musical instruments; however, overharvesting threatens it.

African blackwood costs $13,000 per cubic meter due to its scarcity and harvesting restrictions. This tree grows in South America, Africa (including Madagascar), and Southeast Asia.

Pink Ivory Wood
Pink Ivory Wood
Price: $261.99 Per Board Foot

A unique exotic wood species of South Africa. The palette is distinctive, with faded rose, watermelon, and deep purple tones.

Pink ivory price is especially valuable. Pink Ivory wood is exceptionally robust and rot-resistant.

Brazilian Rosewood
Brazilian Rosewood
Price: $320 Per Board Foot

Reddish Brazilian rosewood has a consistent grain. The beautiful hue makes it attractive for fine furniture and musical instruments, though harvesting limits due to endangerment make it pricey. Brazilian rosewood, or Dalbergia nigra, can grow to 100 feet.

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The price of wood is defined by its longevity, resistance, how difficult it is to work with, and, most importantly, its scarcity.

The more unique the tree, the greater the price. These expensive woods are typically costly because they are scarce and endangered by over-consumption.

Here’s a quick recap of the 15 most expensive woods.

  1. Brazilian Rosewood- $320 Per Board Foot
  2. Pink Ivory Wood- $261.99 Per Board Foot
  3. African Blackwood- $100 Per Board Foot
  4. Ebony Wood- $75 Per Board Foot
  5. Koa- $62 Per Board Foot
  6. Ziricote- $60 Per Board Foot
  7. Cocobolo- $50 Per Board Foot
  8. Holly Wood- $35 Per Board Foot
  9. Lignum Vitae- $30.63 Per Board Foot
  10. Bubinga- $24.99 Per Board Foot
  11. Leopard Wood- $19.99 Per Board Foot
  12. Padauk- $14.99 Per Board Foot
  13. Purple Heart Wood- $13.99 Per Board Foot
  14. Sandalwood- $9.91 Per Board Foot
  15. Bocote- $8 Per Board Foot
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