Most Expensive Watch Brands (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Watch Brands

What are the best luxury watch brands? Omega watches, jules louis audemars, or mechanical watches? Tag heuer could even be on the list, but it’s about preference amongst other things.

Well, this is for you to watch out for. Whether watch collectors, or novice buyers looking for traditional swiss craftsmanship…

Brace yourself as the prices are really jaw-dropping!


This Most Expensive Watch Brands review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Price: $4,050 - $2,500,000

If you’re looking for more affordable luxury watch brands, this brand is one of them. Well, still pricey, but less extravagant than the others.

Jaeger Lecoultre’s watches have been worn by celebrities such as Charli Chaplin, King Edward VIII, Jay Z, and Kit Harrington since they were founded in Switzerland in 1833.

One of the world’s most intricate timepieces and the world’s tiniest mechanical movement were pioneered by the company and the Millionomètre, the world’s first instrument capable of measuring a micron in diameter.

Rolex Watches
Price: $5,000+ - $17,800,000

Rolex has been the premium watch brand for so long that you could have assumed it was the only watch company in existence. It’s possible to make the case that Rolex’s brand awareness is all that’s needed to keep premium timepieces fashionable.

Price: $9,000+ - $1.34 million

It has been the Blancpain family’s privilege to look after the prestigious watch brand Blancpain for the last 12 centuries. Later on, Swatch Group bought it.

Watches made by this premium brand were pioneers in the field of diving. Le Brassus, Leman, Villeret, Novelties, Specialties, and Sport are just a handful of the brand’s superb timepieces.

Price: $9,500 - $10,000,000+

Breguet is the most ancient and well-loved among the men’s watch brands. This brand produced inventions like the tourbillon, pocket watches, and the first wristwatch.

Although Breguet is now part of the Swatch Group, its coin-edge cases, architectural dials, and distinctive blue hands continue to distinguish the brand.

A. Lange & Sohne
Price: $11,200 - $2,500,000+

Founded in 1845, A. Lange and Sohne is a German watchmaker. After the Second World War, the Soviet Union seized Germany, and the enterprise was nationalized and shut down in 1948.

Fortunately, in 1990, the great-grandson of the business’s founder, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, re-registered the corporation.

Over the years, this high-end watchmaker brand is recognized for producing some of the most complex clocks in the world.

Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet Swiss Brand
Price: $15,000 - $869,000

One of the most famous watchmakers in the world, Audemars Piguet, was established in the 1700s. You may even trace the history of horology back to this Swiss watch brand.

This brand is not known for a pocket watch; rather, it’s known for its skeleton watch, the world’s first leaping second hand, and the thinnest watch.

Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin
Price: $15,000 - $11,000,000

We’re down with the world’s oldest luxury watch manufacturers! In 1755, this unique company was created. This luxury watch company is one of the best!

This brand, Vacheron Constantin, has a long history of producing truly one-of-a-kind timepieces. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Marlon Brando, Rick Ross, Donald Trump, and Kate Bossworth own items from this company.

Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe Most Complicated Watch
Price: $18,000 -  $11,000,000

It’s not by accident that Patek Philippe is one of the world’s greatest luxury watchmakers. These high-end brands’ founders are absolute geniuses!

One of the world’s most esteemed watchmakers, Parmigiani Fleurier, has been creating timepieces for over two centuries. These luxury watches are a must have.

F.P. Journe
Price: $30,000 - $1,167,000

“Invenit et Fecit,” which means “invented and created,” is the foundation upon which F.P. Journe stands. Creating cheap timepieces is not in the vocabulary of this company. All of François-Paul’s creations are born and made to his exacting standards.

This brand has already won three prestigious awards since its foundation in 1999.

Richard Mille
Richard Mille
Price: $30,000 - $2,000,000

Richard Mille was a major player in the watch industry in 1999. I mean, come on, is it really shocking? Look at Richard Mille’s gorgeous and unique designs, and you won’t be able to say anything negative about them.

Honestly, their timepieces are some of the most lauded in the industry.

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As you see, the best watch brands don’t just tell time, they also tell history! That’s what makes each luxury watch brand special and expensive in the first place.

They just don’t produce exceptional luxury watches, they also create history.

Here is a quick recap of the most expensive watch brands:

  1. Richard Mille – $30,000 – $2,000,000
  2. F.P. Journe – $30,000 – $1,167,000
  3. Patek Philippe – $18,000 –  $11,000,000
  4. Vacheron Constantin – $15,000 – $11,000,000
  5. Audemars Piguet – $15,000 – $869,000
  6. A. Lange & Sohne – $11,200 – $2,500,000+
  7. Breguet – $9,500 – $10,000,000+
  8. Blancpain – $9,000+ – $1.34 million
  9. Rolex – $5,000+ – $17,800,000
  10. Jaeger-LeCoultre – $4,050 – $2,500,000
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