Most Expensive Vegetable (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Vegetable Hop Shoots

Humans and animals eat vegetables. The original meaning refers to all edible plant matter, including flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, roots, and seeds. The term is often defined arbitrarily by culinary and cultural traditions.

Some vegetables steal the show from their meat counterparts. These delicious vegetables are also the luxury of the produce industry. These vegetables are hard to come by, which adds to the cost.

Once you add up the mass, you can realize how much some vegetables cost. Here are 15 of the most costly vegetables money can purchase!


This Most Expensive Vegetable review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Pumpkin Hop Plants
Price: $1.38 Per Pound

The production per square foot is relatively modest, with about 10 pumpkins per 10 feet row. Each 10-foot row can only hold three plants. It’s high in fiber, vitamin A, calories, and beta-carotene, an antioxidant that may help prevent cancer.

Zucchini Hop Shoot
Price: $1.54 Per Pound

Raw and cooked zucchini are both nutritious foods. These green or yellow veggies are calorie-free. Due to low supply and strong demand, this vegetable is expensive.

Bok Choy
Bok Choy Hop Shoots Green Tips
Price: $1.77 Per Pound

Bok Choy is another vegetable that commands high costs due to its scarcity in marketplaces. It is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its great nutritional and health value.

Asparagus Hop Shoots Taste
Price: $1.67 Per Pound

It is one of India’s most expensive veggies. Although it is grown in the country, it is not on a commercial scale. As a result, it is frequently imported from foreign nations into India to meet domestic demand.

Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper Hop Shoots
Price: $4 Per Pound

The bell pepper is the seed of the Capsicum annuum plants of the Grossum Group. Plant cultivars produce red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple fruits. Sweet peppers include bell peppers and less spicy chili variants.

Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Price: $4.99 Per Pound

Small, cherry-sized tomatoes, hence the name. They can be cooked or consumed fresh in salads. Cherry tomatoes are pricey and hard to get at vegetable shops, but they’re in supermarkets.

Pink Lettuce
Pink Lettuce Hop Shoots
Price: $10 Per Pound

Pink lettuce, often known as pink radicchio, is the most recent leafy green to hit the fresh market. You might think of it as mild radicchio with a little bitter taste. While $10 per pound may not seem like much, that’s about one head of pink lettuce.

Yamashita Spinach
Yamashita Spinach Hop Shoots
Price: $13 Per Pound

Yamashita’s vegetables might be thought of as hand-picked items. They are only available to seven customers, all of whom are Michelin-starred chefs. Yamashita’s veggies took years to develop, and Yamashita’s attention to detail when it comes to vegetables is unparalleled.

Microgreens Hop Shoots
Price: $15 Per Pound

Microgreens can be grown hydroponically or in 10″ x 20″ soil trays. Microgreens, like mushrooms, must be sold fresh and don’t last long. Farmer’s markets, local chefs, and grocery stores can help you find a market where you can buy this vegetable.

Mushroom Hop Shoots
Price: $20 Per Pound

Mushrooms are a good crop for urban farmers with a little area. Indoors, they produce a high return per square foot. Local growers have the edge over larger commercial operations because mushrooms don’t last long once plucked.

Parsley Hop Shoots
Price: $22.16 Per Pound

It is widely utilized in both green and dried forms. Parsley is expensive in India since it is not widely available. To keep the essence of their recipes, the country’s high-end restaurants always employ high-quality, imported parsley.

Wasabi Root
Wasabi Root Hop Shoots
Price: $73 Per Pound

Wasabi can be made from one root; however, there aren’t many farms. You can get wasabi from Japan or in European farm. Fresh wasabi is always expensive.

La Bonnotte Potatoes
La Bonnotte Potatoes Hop Shoots
Price: $320 Per Pound

The La Bonnotte potato is the most costly potato you will ever come across. Its high price reflects its scarcity, as the kind is only grown on an island off the coast of Western France called Noirmoutier. Each year, just 100 tons are manufactured.

Spanish Peas
Spanish Peas Hop Shoots
Price: $350 Per Pound

Only grown in the village of Getaria in Spain’s Basque area, these sumptuous peas (also known as “Spanish Peas”) cost $350 per pound and are a favorite of the country’s Michelin-starred chefs. Jaime Burgaa owns “Aroa,” a vegetable farm where the peas are collected.

Hop Shoot
Hop Shoots
Price: $426 Per Pound

Being describe as world’s most expensive vegetable hop shoots taste describe them as “kale-like quality with a faint nuttiness.” It is the green tips of the hop plant taken from it that will not grow the uniform row (called hop cones) utilized as stability agent in creating beer.

An enterprising farmer, find hop shoots on his hop plants and is being commended for his efforts to change the game for Indian farmers.

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Although most veggies are affordable, others are expensive due to scarcity and limited supply.

This list highlighted the 15 most expensive vegetables that are not only high in nutrients that assist the human body, but they also have delicious flavors that may be cooked alone or combined with other components!

Here’s a quick summary of the 15 most expensive vegetables:

  1. Hop Shoots- $426 Per Pound
  2. Spanish Peas- $350 Per Pound
  3. La Bonnotte Potatoes- $320 Per Pound
  4. Wasabi Root- $73 Per Pound
  5. Parsley- $22.16 Per Pound
  6. Mushroom- $20 Per Pound
  7. Microgreens- $15 Per Pound
  8. Yamashita Spinach- $13 Per Pound
  9. Pink Lettuce- $10 Per Pound
  10. Cherry Tomatoes- $4.99 Per Pound
  11. Bell Pepper- $4 Per Pound
  12. Asparagus- $1.67 Per Pound
  13. Bok Choy- $1.77 Per Pound
  14. Zucchini- $1.54 Per Pound
  15. Pumpkin- $1.38 Per Pound
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