Most Expensive Vangogh Painting (2022 Update)

Famous Paintings Of Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh once said: What is done with love is well done. Unquestionably, these words of him are very clear in his artworks. All are well-done, for all are made with love.

Probably, you know Van Gogh for his famous painting The Starry Night. But the truth is that Van Gogh did more than just that well-known painting. Now, if you want to see more of him, keep reading!


This Most Expensive Vangogh Painting review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Young Man With A Cornflower (1890)
Young Man With A Cornflower Famous In Art World
Price: $47 Million

In June 1890, the Young Man with Cornflower was painted by Vincent van Gogh. The oil painting on canvas is done in the style of Post-Impressionism.  Now, it’s part of a private collection.

Landscape Under Stormy Sky (1889)
Landscape Screens Painting
Price: $54 Million

Landscape under Stormy Sky was painted in Arles just a few weeks before Van Gogh left for the asylum. It was made after he cut off part of his ear. The meadow is full of spring flowers, and on the left side, a couple is walking while a dramatic sky is in the background.

Irises (1889)
Irises Oil Painting In Art Market
Price: $54 Million

Irises may have been the first thing Van Gogh painted while he was in the asylum. It was written before his first attack there, and at first glance, it doesn’t seem to have any of the moodiness and high tension of many of his later works.

He paints the flowers with love and happiness.

Portrait Of Joseph Roulin (1889)
Portrait Of Joseph Roulin Famous Painting
Price: $58 Million

Van Gogh did a lot of paintings of Roulin. This painting, which van Gogh said he did quickly and in one sitting, was done after Roulin left Arles to get a better-paying job. Some experts believe this portrait wasn’t painted from life but from memory or from other paintings.

Poppies And Daisies (1890)
Poppies And Daisies Modern Art
Price: $62 Million

Poppies and Daisies is a compelling and colorful still life that was finished in Auvers-Sur-Oise just a few weeks before the artist died. It was sold for $62 million to Wang Zhongjun, who owns a Chinese entertainment company.

The Avenue Of Les Alyscamps (1888)
The Avenue Of Les Alyscamps Sold At Art Auctions
Price: $66 Million

The Avenue of Les Alyscamps is a set of two paintings (pendant portraits) by Van Gogh.

In 1888, this masterpiece was painted in Arles, France. It shows what the Alyscamps look like in the fall. This one is now in the private collection of a buyer whose name we don’t know.

Wooden Cabins Among The Olive Trees And Cypresses (1889)
Wooden Cabins Among The Olive Trees And Cypresses
Price: $71 Million

Wooden Cabins Among the Olive Trees and Cypresses is a beautiful landscape painting by Van Gogh that not many people know about. This one is painted outside the walls of asylum in the country. This painting is sold to an unknown buyer at a private sale.

Self-Portrait Without A Beard (1889)
Self Portrait Without A Beard In Art Institute Of Chicago
Price: $72 Million

Rumor has it that Self-Portrait Without A Beard is the final self-portrait that Van Gogh had painted before he died. During his life as an artist, he made 35 portraits. If you’re wondering what makes this painting stand out, it’s because the artist’s face is clean-shaven in this one.

This portrait is an oil painting on canvas, and it is one of the artist’s best-known pieces. As of writing, an anonymous private collector owns this painting.

Labourer In A Field (1889)
Labourer In A Field Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold
Price: $81 Million

One year before his death, Van Gogh Painted this in the asylum of Saint-Paul-de Mausole. This particular painting reflects the determination of the artist to heal himself through art.

The way the painting looks is based on how the outside world looked from inside the asylum.

Portrait Of Dr. Paul Gachet (1890)
Van Goghs Most Expensive Painting Most Famous Paintings
Price: $83 Million

Portrait of Dr. Paul Gachet is, without a doubt, one of Van Gogh’s finest masterpieces. What makes this portrait so special is the fact that Dr. Gachet is a real figure in Van Gogh’s life. During his final moments, Dr. Gachet is the one who looks after him.

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There’s no wonder why Vincent Van Gogh is such a legend. His works are truly one of the greatest and most historical of all.

Apart from Van Gogh’s, paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci and other great painters are also remarkable. To prove that, you can check Mona Lisa (housed at Louvre Museum), Les Femmes d’Alger Version, Nu couché sur le côté, and other abstract expressionist painting.

Anyway, I hope you had fun with this list!

Finally, here’s a quick recap of the most expensive painting by Van Gogh:

  1. Portrait of Dr. Paul Gachet (1890) – $83 million
  2. Labourer in a Field (1889) – $81 million
  3. Self-portrait without a Beard (1889) – $72 million
  4. Wooden Cabins among the Olive Trees and Cypresses (1889) – $71 million
  5. The Avenue of Les Alyscamps (1888) – $66 million
  6. Poppies and Daisies (1890) – $62 million
  7. Portrait of Joseph Roulin (1889) – $58 million
  8. Irises (1889) – $54 million
  9. Landscape under Stormy Sky (1889) – $54 million
  10. Young Man with a Cornflower (1890) – $47 million
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