Most Expensive Truffle (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Truffles

What are the most expensive truffles in the world? No, this isn’t the truffles you had in your favorite chocolate shop. These truffles are rare and edible fungi that came with hefty price tags.

You’ll see these on a menu and they always add up to the bill. How expensive are they and why? The actual prices may blow your mind. Read more to find out!


This Most Expensive Truffle review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Oregon Truffles
Price: $45

Most truffles are found in Italy, but, as the name suggests, these truffles are found in Oregon. What makes this truffle very expensive is its rarity. Like any other truffles, Oregon truffles are also served with pasta dishes.

The Record-Breaking Small White Truffle
Price: $150

This tiny fungus went up for sale at an auction in Italy. Since the price is quite affordable, people instantly took notice of it. Reports say that these truffles only weighed 0.07 grams. So yeah, it’s small but terrible.

Summer Black Truffles
Price: $250

Also called Tuber Aestivum, the Summer Black Truffle is usually found in restaurants from May to August. They are served with cold dishes and used to garnish salads.

The Rare Black Truffle
Black Winter Truffle Stock Item Notification
Price: $800

Summer, winter, and autumn. These are the varieties of truffles. And yes, each occurs in three separate seasons. Pretty interesting, right? In terms of color, winter and autumn appear to be both entirely black. The summer, on the other hand, has a lighter shade. Color aside, each truffle has a unique taste. When it comes to price, the varieties are pretty close.

Sotheby’s Massive Italian Truffle
Northern Italy Truffle
Price: $61,250

In 2014, this Massive Italian Truffle was sold at Sotheby’s auction house. Truffle hunters from China offered millions of dollars for this truffle, but the company declined. Instead, the owners put it on sale at a New York auction to aid Citymeals-on-Wheels and the Children’s Glaucoma Foundation.

The Russian Billionaire’s Truffles
Price: $95,000

White Truffles are extremely rare, but in 2013, Vladimir Potanin hit the jackpot when he was able to buy truffles of this kind with an actual weight of four-pound for $95,000. According to reports, the billionaire might use these to produce truffle oil or freeze them until a wonderful pasta dish comes around. Well, there’s no news as to what really happened yet.

The Giant Italian White Truffle
Italian White Truffles
Price: $118,000

Sometimes written as white gold, it’s not hard to see why this truffle is expensive. This Giant Italian White Truffle was sold in a White Truffle Auction last 2021. Be sure to get you some fresh white truffles.

Alba White Truffle
White Alba Truffles
Price: $120,000

The Alba White Truffle was auctioned off at the Union League of Philadelphia. Truffle hunters gathered, including world-renowned chefs and restaurateurs, in the hopes of bringing home truffles for their dishes. This truffle flavor is a mix of garlic, musk, and cabbage. As a result, it’s ideal for pasta recipes or pairing with filet mignon or lobster.

Who gets the last laugh? It’s Don Zhenxiang, the chef-owner of the top-class Da Dong Roast Duck in Beijing, China.

Stanley Ho’s Truffle
Fresh White Truffles
Price: $330,000

In 2007, an insanely rich casino biggie named Stanley Ho purchased a white truffle at a hefty price of $30,000. That’s a lot of cash, but he could afford it.

Dubai’s Truffles
Price: $587,000

Dubai is known for high-end shopping, and fresh truffles are not an exception. When the city hosted the 2017 World Alba White Truffle Auction, it added expensive truffles to its extravagant attractions. The luxurious event attracted wealthy buyers and brought in an estimated amount of $587,000.

Based on several accounts, the earnings from Dubai’s Truffle auction were donated to medical research to improve health.

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If you came this far, you have already realized how rare and inimitable these white alba truffles are. I hope you enjoyed this list of the most expensive fresh truffles. Now, we know that truffles aren’t only chocolate treats, lol.

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive truffles:

  1. Dubai’s Truffles – $587,000
  2. Stanley Ho’s Truffle – $330,000
  3. Alba White Truffle – $120,000
  4. The Giant Italian White Truffle – $118,000
  5. The Russian Billionaire’s Truffles – $95,000
  6. Sotheby’s Massive Italian Truffle – $61,250
  7. The Rare Black Truffle – $800
  8. Summer Black Truffles – $250
  9. The Record-Breaking Small White Truffle – $150
  10. Oregon Truffles – $45
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