Most Expensive Tech Deck (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Tech Deck Legit Fingerboard Fanatic

Tech Deck fingerboard feels like real skateboard and includes famous artwork from the biggest skate companies in the world.

Lance Mountain made a fingerboard for the Powell Peralta video Future Primitive in 1985. Peter Asher and Tom Davidson’s late ’90s Tech Decks revolutionized fingerboarding. Sales of Tech Decks and other fingerboards topped $120 million in 1999, the year they debuted.

Rare and expensive, these 13 tech decks fit the finest in your finger. Find them all, and you’ll have a collection worthy fit for a legit fingerboard fanatic!


This Most Expensive Tech Deck review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Street Hits - Tech Deck & Obstacle
Street Hits Tech Deck And Obstacle Toys Services
Price: $8

Tech Deck releases Street Hits. Every Street Hits pack includes a single, constructed fingerboard and sick street settings. Tech Deck Street Hits is a tiny board with realistic skating company graphics.

Tech Deck, Ultra DLX 4-Pack Fingerboards
Tech Deck Ultra DLX 4 Pack Fingerboards Deliver
Price: $11

Each has artwork from Blind, Baker, Flip, Finesse, Santa Cruz, Plan B, Sk8mafia, Toy Machine, and more. This four-Pack contains four buildable boards. Get four skateboards with authentic graphics to assemble and customize for ads.

Tech Deck, Performance Series Fingerboards
Tech Deck Performance Series Fingerboards Epic Tricks Real Stunts
Price: $13

Real wood boards with high-performance parts for ultimate action. Tech Deck Performance Series Fingerboards mimic a real skateboard’s services.  The foam grip tape helps you fingerboard like a pro.

Tech Deck, Big Vert Wall
Tech Deck Big Vert Wall Boards Toys
Price: $15

Tech Deck fingerboards include skate companies’ real graphics. The Big Vert Wall X-Connect Park Creator ramp package has everything you need to build a finger skatepark. Learn and improve your tricks by combining two ramps, boxes, a rail, and coping.

Tech Deck, Flip N’ Grind
Tech Deck Flip N Grind Real Stunts
Price: $15

The X-Connect Park Creator series ramps may be connected to the Big Vert Wall, Bowl Builder, Neon Mega Park, or Nyjah Skatepark ramp sets to create the ultimate skatepark.

Customize the park by flipping down stairs, stalling ramps, grinding rails, or setting up epic tricks. Tech Deck fingerboards and BMX use X-Connect Park Creator ramps.

Tech Deck, Build-A-Park World Tour
Tech Deck Build A Park World Tour Real Stunts
Price: $20

Cruise London’s South Bank, Philadelphia’s Paine’s Park, or Japan’s P.F.K Skate Support Center. Add extra Build-A-Park World Tour Street Spots ramp sets to construct the perfect skate park. Gap some stairs, carve some transitions, slide the ledges, or more options to alter the places

Tech Deck, Nyjah Skatepark
Tech Deck Nyjah Skatepark Epic Tricks
Price: $22

Grab some air with Tech Deck and imitate skateboard pro Nyjah Huston’s own similar technologies! The Nyjah Skatepark X-Connect Park Creator ramp set has everything you need to build a finger skatepark. Learn and advance your tricks using a Hubba ledge, stair set, rail, and ramps.

Tech Deck, BMX Finger Bike
Tech Deck BMX Finger Bike Epic Tricks Spin Master
Price: $25

Tech Deck has the best replica BMX bikes. Tech Deck has real metal replica frames and graphics from leading BMX brands for real stunts and details. Trick handlebars make tail whips, flips, and more easy.

Tech Deck, Transforming Pipelines, Modular Skatepark Playset
Tech Deck Transforming Pipelines Modular Skatepark Playset
Price: $25

Open it to create the perfect advertising skatepark. When open, the Santa Cruz fingerboard can shreds two bowls back-to-back. Carve the launch ramp or flat ramp, two bowl corners, tombstone transfer with coping, or rail to drop.

Tech Deck VS Series Santa Cruz Skateboards Fingerboard
Tech Deck VS Series Santa Cruz Skateboards Fingerboard Spin Master
Price: $30

The price of this Tech Deck VS Series two-Pack is around $30. It comes with two deliver Tech Deck fingerboards, one obstacle, and four challenge cards. The deck measures roughly 96mm in length.

Tech Deck, Neon Mega Park
Tech Deck Fingerboards Neon Mega Park Collection Worthy
Price: $40

This tech deck can helps you become a spin master! Tech Deck Neon Mega Park ramp set lets you build a glow-in-the-dark skatepark quality. Set up ramps, stair sets, rails, ledges, and more to learn and improve skills.

Tech Deck, Ultimate Street Spots Pack
Tech Deck Ultimate Street Spots Pack Quality
Price: $45

Search locations from this spectacular collection comprise Brooklyn Banks, Hubba Hideout, and Venice Beach Ledge. You can use a different board for each place. Brooklyn Banks, Hubba Hideout, and Venice Beach offer great skateboarding.

Tech Deck - Transforming SK8 Container With Ramp Set And Skateboard
Tech Deck Transforming SK8 Container With Ramp Set And Skateboard
Price: $46

One of the toys of Tech Deck, the all-new Transforming SK8 Container Pro modular skatepark! In three simple steps, this cool equipment changes from a regular shipyard container to the ultimate skatepark. Inside, rip some sick moves on over 100 ramp and rail combinations.

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This list included the top 13 Tech deck fingerboard categories with relevant features and good qualities. Purchase one of these awesome fingerboards from the Tech Deck store or browser now!

Here’s a quick review of the 13 most expensive Tech Decks:

  1. Tech Deck – Transforming SK8 Container With Ramp Set And Skateboard- $46
  2. Tech Deck, Ultimate Street Spots Pack- $45
  3. Tech Deck, Neon Mega Park- $40
  4. Tech Deck VS Series Santa Cruz Skateboards Fingerboard- $30
  5. Tech Deck, Transforming Pipelines, Modular Skatepark Playset- $25
  6. Tech Deck, BMX Finger Bike- $25
  7. Tech Deck, Nyjah Skatepark- $22
  8. Tech Deck, Build-A-Park World Tour- $20
  9. Tech Deck, Flip N’ Grind- $15
  10. Tech Deck, Big Vert Wall- $15
  11. Tech Deck, Performance Series Fingerboards- $13
  12. Tech Deck, Ultra DLX 4-Pack Fingerboards- $11
  13. Street Hits – Tech Deck & Obstacle- $8
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