Most Expensive Super Bowl Ring (2022 Update)

Most Super Bowl Rings Are Expensive

Since not everyone is familiar with the legendary Super Bowl rings, let’s talk about it.

In the National Football League, these rings are given to the winning team members in the league’s annual championship game, known as the Super Bowl.

As you’ll see in a bit, most rings say “World Champions” on them. Plus the team logo, name, game score, and record for the season. For the record, Tom Brady, an American football player, has the largest collection of Super Bowl rings. All in all, he has seven Super Bowl rings.

Continue reading if you want to explore the Super Bowl rings throughout the Super Bowl history!


This Most Expensive Super Bowl Ring review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Super Bowl XXII
Super Bowls XXII Faux Diamonds
Price: $40,000

Doug Williams is the first African American quarterback to win the Super Bowl. His Super Bowl XXII ring means a lot to him. William said that the ring reminds him of everything he’s been through and how he’s managed to get through it.

Indeed, there will never be another first African American quarterback to win the Super Bowl again.

Super Bowl XXX
Super Bowl XXX
Price: $40,00

Nate Newton, an American football guard, has won three Super Bowl rings. Super Bowl XXX is his third.

This Super Bowl ring is much bigger than his first two Super Bowl rings. It has 81 diamonds and five carets.

Super Bowl VII
Super Bowl VII
Price: $45,000

In 1972, the Miami Dolphins played at the Los Angeles Coliseum, which made the Washington Redskins the losing team.

After their Super Bowl win, they got this ring, which they can now sell for a whopping $45,000.

Super Bowl XX
Super Bowl XX
Price: $45,000

The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots 46-10 in 1985. The ring they got for winning the Super Bowl is worth a jaw-dropping $45,000.

Super Bowl XLII
Super Bowl XLII
Price: $50,000

In 2007, the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 17-14, ending the Patriots’ perfect season. After their Super Bowl victory, their ring is now worth about $50,000.

Super Bowl XXXVIII
Super Bowl XXXVIII
Price: $58,000

In 2003, the New England Patriots played the Carolina Panthers for the second time. This time, they won a ring that is now worth $58,000.

Super Bowl XLI
Super Bowl XLI
Price: $60,000

Peyton Manning led the Indianapolis Colts to a 29-17 win over the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl in 2006. It is thought that the ring is worth $60,000.

Super Bowl XXXIX
Super Bowl XXXIX
Price: $65,000

Storytime! The two-time Super Bowl champion tight end Christian Fauria kept his championship ring in its original box most of the time.

But a few years ago, Fauria spent a long time without being able to find it. He said that even though he might lose the ring, he wasn’t worried because he knew it was just there all along. It’s very interesting to see how he was able to connect with the ring.

Super Bowl I
Super Bowl I with White Gold Super Bowl Lvi
Price: $100,000

This is, without a doubt, the oldest Super Bowl ring ever made. During the very first Super Bowl, this ring was given out. In 1966, the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs went back and forth in a game. Designed by head coach Vince Lombardi, this ring is worth $100,000.

Super Bowl XXV
Super Bowl XXV
Price: $230,000

We’ve finally come to the Super Bowl ring that cost the most in Super Bowl history. Lawrence Taylor, who lives on the East Coast, bought this ring in 2012 as part of a collection of championship rings from different sports.

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In contrast to the normal elegant rings that we see, those Super Bowl rings are definitely bold-looking and historic. If you want to be the next Tom Brady, you still have a chance if you start today. Apart from that, I hope you like this list!

If you want to see more you can also check out the Super Bowl LVI, and Super Bowl XXXV, which is alongside Vince Lombardi Trophy. A single Super Bowl ring worth so much. So, if you want to collect some in the future, I’m rooting for you!

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive Super Bowl ring:

  1. Super Bowl XXV – $230,000
  2. Super Bowl I – $100,000
  3. Super Bowl XXXIX – $65,000
  4. Super Bowl XLI – $60,000
  5. Super Bowl XXXVIII – $58,000
  6. Super Bowl XLII – $50,000
  7. Super Bowl XX – $45,000
  8. Super Bowl VII – $45,000
  9. Super Bowl XXX – $40,00
  10. Super Bowl XXII – $40,000
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