Most Expensive Steak Cut (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Steak Cut

For many people, biting into a juicy steak is one of the nicest culinary pleasures available.

So, with that being said, we will take a deeper look into the 10 most expensive steak cuts you can order today for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you simply can’t wait any longer and want to see this delicious meal. Scroll down to read the review!


This Most Expensive Steak Cut review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

T Bone Expensive Steaks
Price: $10 Per Pound

T-bone steaks are small porterhouse steaks. Porterhouse steaks must have a one-inch thick steak, although t-bones only need a 1/4-inch filet. That’s a big difference for a piece of meat, and it’s why t-bone steaks cost $15 less per pound than porterhouses.

Hanger Steak
Hanger Steak
Price: $12 Per Pound

Hanger steak is a cut for experienced chefs and home cooks. It is positioned on the animal’s belly, not the backbone. The hanger steak is near skirt and flank steak.

New York Strip
New York Strip
Price: $15 Per Pound

New York strip steak is among the most costly steaks in steakhouses, butcher shops, and supermarkets. Although more accessible than others, it’s nonetheless expensive, especially compared to lower-end cuts.

Beef Tenderloin
Beef Tenderloin
Price: Beef Tenderloin

The filet mignon is in the beef tenderloin. Filet mignon is more expensive per pound than beef tenderloin because it’s a chunk. However, that doesn’t make beef tenderloin cheap.

Price: $20 Per Pound

Porterhouse steak is pricier than the New York strip and a mainstay at many top steakhouses. It was expensive because it’s two steaks in one. You’ll find a New York strip and a tenderloin filet on the bone.

Tomahawk Steak
Price: $50 Per Pound

A tomahawk steak is identifiable by its size. A standard platter can’t fit the tomahawk steak. This pricey steak comes from the rib portion of the animal and is a version of a ribeye steak.

Olive Wagyu
Olive Wagyu
Price: $120 Per Pound

Hyogo prefecture may be the beef capital of Japan. Each prefecture produces Wagyu beef to compete in Japan’s Wagyu Olympics.

Olive Wagyu is the world’s best beef reared on the recycled, toasted olive pulp for a unique flavor. The meat combines Wagyu’s famed marbling with heart-healthy oleic acid and won “best fat” at the Wagyu Olympics.

American Wagyu Beef
Price: $150 Per Pound

American wagyu beef is just as excellent as the Japanese version. The two countries differ in how they rear cattle and grade beef.

On average, an American Wagyu steak will cost slightly less than a Japanese Wagyu steak, and you may save a little money. Wagyu meat is Kobe, and not all Kobe beef is Wagyu.

Japanese Wagyu Beef
Japanese Wagyu Beef
Price: $200 Per Pound

This steak has exquisite marbling from Japanese animals bred to produce prize-winning beef. Japanese Wagyu cattle eat grass, straw, and natural grains. Authentic Japanese Wagyu is so desirable that it has its grading system with A5 being the highest grading.

Japanese Kobe Beef
Japan's Kobe Beef
Price: $300 per pound 

 Japanese Kobe steak is among the most expensive meat. Only 3,000 calves a year are called authentic Kobe beef; thus, it’s pricey.

It’s rare, boosting its price and making it one of the trickiest meats to order online. Quality and scarcity elevated Kobe beef steaks among the best and most costly in the world.

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A well-cooked steak is a sign of luxury, and depending on the beef’s rarity; it can be expensive.

Expensive steak cuts can empty your budget, but it’s a rare sensation to have it on the first bite. Its rarity and flavor make it worth ordering again. I hope you’ll dream about buying one of these pricey steak cuts to satiate your stomach!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive steak cuts:
  1. Japanese Kobe Beef- $300 Per Pound
  2. Japanese Wagyu Beef- $200 Per Pound
  3. American Wagyu Beef- $150 Per Pound
  4. Olive Wagyu- $120 Per Pound
  5. Tomahawk- $50 Per Pound
  6. Porterhouse- $20 Per Pound
  7. Beef Tenderloin- $20 Per Pound
  8. New York Strip- $15 Per Pound
  9. Hanger Steak- $12 Per Pound
  10. T-Bone- $10 Per Pound


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