Most Expensive Squishmallow (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Squishmallow

Are you familiar with the 90s Beanie Baby craze? Did you have one of the rarest squishmallows?

The Kelly Toy company’s Squishmallows craze is all the rage, except it’s bigger, softer, and squishier.

Adorable squishmallows are so popular that the company claimed in February 2020 that it had sold 50 million.


This Most Expensive Squishmallow review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Pandora The Pegasus
Pandora The Pegasus
Price: $25

Pandora is a light pink pegasus with a fairy floss mane. Her ears, muzzle, and belly are white. She has silver wings and black eyes with curled lashes.

Brigita The Snow Leopard
Brigita The Snow Leopard
Price: $26.09

Squishmallow Brigita is a Target-exclusive plush. She has green spots and a beige outline. This Squishmallow has a tiny pink mouth and loves bagels and making mornings fun.

Jackie The Purple Tulip
Jackie The Purple Tulip
Price: $35.79

Jackie, the Purple Tulip, may resemble a Disney character. She has the same vibe as French Fry Floyd, but she’s a dark purple tulip.

Large pale green leaves, black eyes, and a smiling mouth decorate this limited Squishmallow. Jackie enjoys retro shopping with her sisters.

Connor The Cow
Connor The Cow
Price: $50

Connor is one of the rare Squishmallows that sellers frequently restock because many people like him. His black and white patches, pale horns, and black eyes stand out.

He’s a bike-riding Squishmallow athlete. This squishy was in California (which he considers the coolest place he has ever been to).

Jack & Sally Squishmallows
Jack & Sally Squishmallows
Price: $130

Jack and Sally’s Squishmallows are a must-have for Nightmare Before Christmas fans.

In 2021, Zero and Oogie Boogie Squishmallows were released as part of a Halloween holiday collection. Jack and Sally are the most expensive of the entire collection.

Ronnie Cow Squishmallow
Ronnie Cow Squishmallow
Price: $155

Ronnie Cow is a rare Squishmallow who isn’t a Disney character, retailer, or celebrity. Squishmallow website lists September 19, 2020, as Ronnie Cow’s Squishdate. Ronnie Cow’s 24-inch self likely brought comfort to kids missing their friends while schools were closed.

Blossom The Sheep
Blossom The Sheep
Price: $260

Blossom is a rare sheep Squishmallow toy for a sheep lover. Blossom is a great addition to your Squishmallows collection because he’s not as expensive as the others.

Blossom has a white body, cream-colored face, and gold fluffs. Blossom will never be made again, so this already limited Squishmallow will only become more coveted, which could raise its price.

Chanel The Tan Cinnamon Roll Squishmallow
Chanel The Tan Cinnamon Roll Squishmallow
Price: $450

The Chanel Squishmallow is named for the designer perfume. She’s a light brown pastry covered in white icing. Her head and body are covered in icing with a brown swirl.

Gertrude The Goose
Gertrude The Goose
Price: $450

Gertrude is an adventure-loving Squishmallow. She’s known as “bossy,” but she loves helping others.

Black and grey goose Gertrude has a white belly and black eyes. She’s a Canadian-exclusive Squishmallow.

Lucille The Seal
Lucille The Seal
Price: $500

Lucille debuted in 2018. Her body and flippers are white, but her muzzle, belly, and facial features are grey. According to Squishmallow lore, she loves the water and always finds hidden gems and new creatures when she dives.

Phillipe The Frog
Phillipe The Frog
Price: $530

Phillipe has a green body, a white belly, and two pale pink sparkly hearts on each cheek. His bio says he enjoys playing hopscotch with friends. He’s best friends with Marco, a pink and white hedgehog released as a limited edition Squishmallow for Valentine’s Day 2019.

Price: $550

Avery has a emerald green head, yellow beak, black eyes, brown body, and tan tummy. He’s a member of both the Adventure and Farm squads.

Farm Squad is only six farm animals, including Avery. Avery, the duck, is a left-winger for the Squishmallows rugby team and wants to be a coach.

Jack The Black Cat
Jack The Black Cat
Price: $750

Special edition items often skyrocket in value after their release. The 500th rarest Squishmallow, Jack the Black Cat, fits this description. This black cat squishmallow was the 500th design made, and the first limited-edition Squishmallow sold online.

Mariah The Tie-Dye Lamb
Mariah The Tie-Dye Lamb
Price: $800

Mariah, the Tie-Dye lamb, liked horseback riding and her pony, Bernard. Mariah is a Baby Squad Squishmallow with a rattle. Her body is tie-dyed in a rainbow pattern.

Price: $1,100

Santino the Platypus is a rare Squishmallow. He’s 12″ tall and lights brown except for his dark brown bill, black eyes, and white belly.

According to his biography, Santino’s dad taught him to make blueberry pancakes. Santino the Platypus is among the rarest Squishmallows and sells for $1,100-$1,500 on auction sites.

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From Halloween Squishmallows to Christmas Squishmallows, the Kelly Toy Company topped the Beanie Babies of the 90s.

Some Squishmallows quickly became “rare” due to their comfort and personality. A common Squishmallow is affordable, but the most expensive ones can cost a thousand dollars.

Here’s a quick summary of the 15 most expensive squishmallows.

  1. Santino- $1,100
  2. Mariah The Tie-Dye Lamb- $800
  3. Jack The Black Cat- $750
  4. Avery- $550
  5. Phillipe The Frog- $530
  6. Lucille The Seal- $500
  7. Gertrude The Goose- $450
  8. Chanel The Tan Cinnamon Roll Squishmallow- $450
  9. Blossom The Sheep- $260
  10. Ronnie Cow Squishmallow- $155
  11. Jack & Sally Squishmallows- $130
  12. Connor The Cow- $50
  13. Jackie The Purple Tulip- $35.79
  14. Brigita The Snow Leopard- $26.09
  15. Pandora The Pegasus- $25
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