Most Expensive Sports Franchise (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Sports Franchise Average Value

There are many sports teams across the globe; but, if we were to rank them according to their overall worth and the amount of money they brought in, which ones would be at the very top of the list?

The most costly sports franchise in the world will be revealed in the next section of this article. It wouldn’t really surprise me if I found out that you were familiar with any of these teams. Let’s get started!


This Most Expensive Sports Franchise review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

FC Bayern Munich
FC Bayern Munich Premier League
Price: $4.21 Billion

Bayern Munich is at our tenth spot as the world’s most valuable sports franchise in the world.

In addition to being the nation’s most valuable soccer team, Bayern Munich is also the country’s most valuable sports team.

New York Giants
New York Giants
Price: $4.3 Billion

Even though they’ve had some recent troubles, the New York Giants still rank highly among the most valuable teams in the NFL.

They’ve won seven NFL titles, three of which have been in the Super Bowl era.

New England Patriots
New England Patriots National Football League
Price: $4.4 Billion

Outstanding leadership, toughness, perseverance, and readiness to face anything? The New England Patriots have it all! This team is without a doubt one of the finest NFL dynasties, if not the best.

Many coaches, teams, and fans are curious about why they are so excellent.

The truth is, there are three key reasons for the Patriots’ success: the top coach and coaching system in the league, the best team, and quarterback, and a wonderful office.

Those three factors are to thank for their dominance. Now, there’s no room for us to wonder why they are included on this list.

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers
Price: $4.6 Billion

One of the most recognizable sports logos in the world, the Los Angeles Lakers’ purple and gold, has helped the team clinch a $4 billion, 20-year deal with Time Warner in 2012.

If you’re not into sports, you’ll wonder why Los Angeles Angeles Lakers are so popular. Let me tell you: this team has a long history of success to back them up.

The team has a record-tying 17 NBA Championships, which it shares with the Boston Celtics most in the league’s history.

Plus, the Los Angeles Lakers have been to the NBA Finals 32 times, more than any other team. Do we need more words to understand how good this team is? I guess not!

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors Club Members
Price: $4.7 Billion

It’s no surprise that the Golden State Warriors are now one of the world’s top 50 most valuable sports teams since their value has soared by 147% since 2016.

In addition to having a star-studded lineup and a strong bench, the Golden State Warriors also boast a coach with a history of leading championship squads to victory.

Real Madrid CF
Real Madrid CF
Price: $4.75 Billion

If you don’t follow soccer or have no idea about the scope of the sport, it will be tough for you to appreciate the sheer enormity of this Spanish team.

When it comes to the Champions League, only a few teams can match Real Madrid’s scorching offense and illustrious roster.

However, as we’ll see, the recent success of the world’s best club is largely due to an innovative culture that extends well beyond the football pitch.

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona Manchester City Manchester United
Price: $4.76 Billion

Placed in the fourth spot is the FC Barcelona. This team is well-known for its open play and fluidity in attack, which is a classic skill and beauty of the club’s offensive style.

In addition, this team is famous because it participates in sports and social organizations with thousands of club members.

New York Knicks
New York Knicks
Price: $5 Billion

The New York Knicks have been the NBA’s most valuable team for almost a decade. Despite their numerous failures as a franchise, this team is still adored throughout the city.

Plus, the New York Knicks is not on this list for no reason. Specifically, this team plays at Madison Square Garden, which makes them a lot of money.

New York Yankees
Yankees Major League Baseball
Price: $5.25 Billion

The second most valuable team in the world is none other than the New York Yankees. Actually, there’s no need to be a baseball fan to identify the New York Yankees and their world-famous logo, which can be seen on fitted hats and snapbacks.

This team has consistently been in the top 10 in MLB attendance throughout the years. They also won 19 American League East Division titles, 40 American League pennants, and 27 World Series titles, making them one of the most successful professional sports teams.

Although the team hasn’t won a championship in over 15 years, they still retain a high market capitalization of $5.25 billion.

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Major Sports Leagues
Price: $5.7 Billion

Dallas Cowboys is the most affluent sports franchise on the entire planet. The truth is, Dallas Cowboys have been the NFL’s most valuable team since the late 2000s. Hence, it’s not really shocking why their value is at the top.

Another thing that contributes to their prominence is their fan base. For the last 12 years, Dallas Cowboys supporters have numbered 8.51 million, making them the NFL’s most popular club overall.

What makes them so popular, you wonder? Well, the Dallas Cowboys is a well-liked sports team due to their rich history. Since their Super Bowl triumph in 1996, the team’s public relations have been pushed hard.

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Truth be told, the existence of sports franchises may be attributed to more than just enjoyment and rivalry. The fact that some individuals are able to make a livelihood from it is not something that should come as a surprise.

Anyway, can you even begin to fathom how much happier the people and the planet might be if we could all pursue our passions while still achieving financial success? What a wonderful dream!

I’ll leave you with this, and I hope you find this list of the most valuable sports teams in the world interesting.

In closing, the following is a brief rundown of the most valuable sports franchise in the world:

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $5.7 billion
  2. New York Yankees – $5.25 billion
  3. New York Knicks – $5 billion
  4. FC Barcelona – $4.76 billion
  5. Real Madrid CF – $4.75 billion
  6. Golden State Warriors – $4.7 billion
  7. Los Angeles Lakers – $4.6 billion
  8. New England Patriots – $4.4 billion
  9. New York Giants – $4.3 billion
  10. FC Bayern Munich – $4.21 billion
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