Most Expensive Snake (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Snake In The World

Snakes are among the most dangerous animals that may be found anywhere in the world. I’m willing to assume that most of us would prefer to avoid crossing them. Yet we search, watch, and make videos of them.

But were you aware that people in this world will go to any lengths, including breaking the bank, to get their hands on snakes?

I’ve collected a list of some of the most costly snakes in the world here in this article. Continue reading if you are interested in learning why people are ready to look past their high prices and why they are so expensive in the first place!


This Most Expensive Snake review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Ball Pythons
Ball Pythons
Price: $200

Some of the most well-known pet snakes worldwide are ball pythons. They are widely available in pet stores and make wonderful pets. For the most part, you’ll find ball pythons in their natural colors and patterns on the market.

The price of ball pythons rises when a new morph is discovered and falls as breeders begin to produce more of the snakes. Today, ivory ball pythons cost around $200.

Rosy Boas
Rosy Boas
Price: $300

As of writing, some stripe-cross morph is the most expensive variation of the rosy boa. Anerys, striped albinos, and striped axanthics often sell for $300.

Corn Snakes
Corn Snakes As Popular Pet
Price: $500

A great pet snake, the corn snake, gets its name from the mice it used to prey on in the corn granaries. If you’re looking for a snake that’s easy to care for, gentle, and doesn’t grow too big, the boa constrictor is an excellent option.

Even experienced reptile keepers love these animals because of the wide variety of colors and patterns that may be produced through selective breeding in captivity. Corn snakes, closely related to the rat snakes, are sometimes referred to as red rat snakes.

Palmetto Corn Snake
Palmetto Popular Pet
Price: $4,000

Naturally, certain corn snake morphs are considerably more well-liked than others; a prime example of this is the Palmetto morph, which gives the corn snake white scales and attractive spot patterns. Today, this sells for $4,000.

Striped Ball Python
Striped Ball Python Sign
Price: $5,000

Another well-liked option for pets is the striped ball python. This is partly due to their docile nature, which makes them much easier to handle than the more aggressive species that can be encountered.

While ball pythons are the smallest of the python species, they should also be taken into consideration because it makes them far more useful than some of the larger species present.

Last but not least, it should be noted that ball pythons have the funny habit of rolling up into balls whenever they are stressed, which has made them popular among many snake fans.

Western Hognose Snakes
Western Hognose Snakes
Price: $6,000

The Western hognose snake is a small, non-venomous snake that is native to North America. Although the subspecies of these snakes might differ widely in color and pattern, to the untrained eye, they all resemble rattlesnakes.

Western hognose snakes typically have dark brown or gray dorsal markings.

Leucistic Ball Python
Rarely Found Ball Pythons
Price: $15,000

Leucism is the lack of pigment in a snake’s scales, which makes the snake’s whole body look bright white. Even though off-brand, leucistic snakes can get this trait by accident, this python’s blue eyes must be what makes it stand out.

Because it is hard to make more of these snakes, they are very hard to find. In some snake species, it can take up to five generations for a real leucistic python with blue eyes to show up. Some breeders think it’s completely random and the success rate isn’t much higher than 25%.

Lavender Albino Ball Python
Extremely Rare Ball Python
Price: $40,000

The lavender albino ball python is an incredibly beautiful creature, which is why it is incredibly pricey. Simply put, the red-eyed snake’s morph is named for what appear to be yellow specks on a lavender background.

Due to this rare and unusual but desirable combination, this kind is now considered one of the most valuable snake species in the world.

Albino Ball Python
Ball Python Morphs
Price: $150,000

Rumor has it that the first albino ball python sold for an incredible $150,000. Although this may seem a bit excessive, it’s crucial to remember that ball python breeding has only recently begun.

Look no farther than the small number of morphs present in the 1990s compared to the astounding variety present today for evidence. Thus, paying $150,000 for what would have appeared to be a unique existence isn’t entirely dubious.

Green Tree Python
Bright Green Skin Green Tree Pythons
Price: $408,905

Finally, we’re down to the most expensive snake in the world. The green tree python is a vivid green nonvenomous snake with a diamond-shaped head and erratic scales. This can be found in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia, Australia, and New Guinea.

These reptiles can be twisted up and hung horizontally on branches in the wild. In order to attract prey, they will dangle their tails. Once the prey is attracted, they will attack and eat their next meal while holding onto the branch. These snakes are sure smart.

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For most of my life, I was under the impression that most people dread encountering snakes. After all, they are notorious for the terrifying fangs and lethal venom that they possess. I had no idea some would do everything to get their hands on them.

When you first think about it, it’s difficult to understand why individuals are prepared to spend such a significant sum of money on an endangered species. Now that I know more about them, I can understand why people are fascinated with snakes. They are valuable just like every other kind of living thing.

To wrap things up, here is a fast rundown of the ten most costly snakes that you could own:

  1. Green Tea Python – $408,905
  2. Albino Ball Python – $150,000
  3. Lavender Albino Ball Python – $40,000
  4. Leucistic Ball Python – $15,000
  5. Western Hognose Snakes – $6,000
  6. Striped Ball Python – $5,000
  7. Palmetto Corn Snake – $4,000
  8. Corn Snakes – $500
  9. Rosy Boas – $300
  10. Ball Pythons – $200
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