Most Expensive Shotgun (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Shotgun

Guns come in wide varieties. Gun enthusiast loves neat shotgun. Shotguns are shoulder-fired and used for short-range or moving targets.

This gun type is versatile. If you have an eye for aesthetics and love shotguns, you’ll appreciate these equally expensive firearms.

Below is a list of the 15  most costly shotguns in history. These guns can command such high prices due to their rarity and quality, just like other desirable collectibles!


This Most Expensive Shotgun review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

William And Son Sidelock
William And Son Sidelock
Price: $73,436

William Asprey launched William & Son in 1999 after managing Asprey’s Gun Room. Paul West, an ex-Holland & Holland employee, leads William & Son’s gun-making team.

The firearms have a slim, deep-scroll design (although available with whatever the customer wants).

Westley Richards 4 Bore Droplock Side By Side Double
Westley Richards 4 Bore Droplock Side By Side Double
Price: $87,406

Joining a Westley Richards drop lock with its doll’s-head locking extension takes skill and craftsmanship. To ensure a robust, smooth action, more bearing surfaces must be filed and fitted than on a standard side-by-side cannon.

Holland And Holland Royal Side By Side Self Opener
Holland And Holland Royal Side By Side Self Opener
Price: $105,104

Holland’s Royal model was originally mentioned in 1883 and shown in this magazine in 1895. With its leg-of-mutton locking, it appeared drastically different from the current pistol.

This is now define as conventional lock plates and an upgraded ejector mechanism based on what would now be called the Southgate system.

Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo Shotgun
Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo Shotgun
Price: $106,800

Beretta makes its Imperiale Montecarlo shotgun for the world’s most demanding gun owners, including Olympic skeet and traps shooters. Beretta’s finest shotgun model is over $100,000 due to its performance and engraving.

Beretta’s break-action shotgun weighs a little over 7 pounds unloaded and has a 66-inch barrel.

Purdey Side By Side
Purdey Side By Side
Price: $115,167

The renowned Purdey-Beesley side-by-side is hammerless self-opener. It is a traditional steel gun with Purdey rose, and scroll comes in 12-, 16-, 20-, 28-, and .410 bores. Purdey makes 12-, 16-, and 20-bore hammer ejectors.

Greener Sidelock
Greener Sidelock
Price: $146,950

Each has an extra pair of Damascus barrels.  The Facile Princeps with Greener top extension is an exhibition quality boxlock, maybe the greatest of all fixed-lock boxlocks. The main cocking method allows for a rounded front bar.

Purdey Extra Finish Round Action
Purdey Extra Finish Round Action
Price: $150,000

This shotgun was made by Purdey & Sons, a London gunmaker founded in 1814. Purdey’s status is matched only by Holland & Holland and Boss, although the company also makes double-barreled and bolt-action rifles.

On this particular gun, every square millimeter is engraved with Bradley Tallet’s upland quail coveys.

Boss 12GA Over And Under
Boss 12GA Over And Under
Price: $161,500

Boss’s Over and Under was the most influential product in 1909. These guns have a turret system and a mechanical single trigger. Its coil springs power the ejector.

Fabbri Over & Under
Fabbri Over And Under
Price: $183,542

The Fabbri 20-bore Over-and-Under is an expensive gun, but it is also one of the most advanced. All Fabbri firearms are produced to order, therefore delivery can take up to five years.

The bench artisans at Fabbri take delight in their work. The barrels have even been subjected to extreme proof pressure testing and are known for being virtually unbreakable.

Ivo Fabbri 12GA
Ivo Fabbri 12GA
Price: $189,000

Ivo Fabbri is one of the world’s most sought-after shotgun makers. He was the creator of the SLE 12 gauge over-under pigeon gun. The firearm was ordered in 1978 and was delivered two years later.

Purdey Gold-Inlaid Matched Pair
Purdey Gold-Inlaid Matched Pair
Price: $306,150

The Purdey family has made high-quality over-and-under shotguns since 1871. An ancient Purdey shotgun can cost as much as one of their handmade versions. In 2008, a pair of gold-inlaid 12-bore Purdey shotguns were worth over £250,000.

Torcoli Engraved Fabbri Over & Under Shotgun Trio
Torcoli Engraved Fabbri Over And Under Shotgun Trio
Price: $402,500

This trio is consecutively numbered like the cased revolver pair. This 12-Gauge Over and Under shotguns are made by Ivo Fabbri of Italy and engraved by Manrico Torcoli, a renowned Italian engraver.

VO Vapen Falcon Edition
VO Vapen Falcon Edition
Price: $625,566

There are only five VO Vapen Falcon Editions in the world. Viggo Olsson and his son, Swedish expert gunsmiths, are noted for their attention to detail.

Each gun they make is filed, cleaned, gilded, and engraved by hand. Each of the five Falcon Editions manufactured is unique to its owner.

Peter Hofer Sidelock
Peter Hofer Sidelock
Price: $705,000

Hofer creates inventive, most expensive guns that are fantastic show-pieces. One of his 12-bore sidelocks contains a hidden .17 tube between the two smoothbore barrels. His series of “Mega Guns” is reportedly the most expensive.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Fox Shotgun
Teddy Roosevelt’s Fox Shotgun
Price: $862,500

Theodore Roosevelt was an avid hunter who hunted on various continents. This was one of his shotguns, produced specifically for him by the Fox gun company. Roosevelt took it on a year-long Smithsonian-sponsored African safari a month after leaving office.

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Speaking of guns, some expensive guns also include Texas ranger Sam Wilson Colt Walker revolver, George Washington’s Saddle Pistols, Colt Paterson Revolver, Simon Bolivar’s Flintlock Pistols, and Gold-Inlaid Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver.

As a gun enthusiast you may be satisfy with a black powder revolver or a dueling pistols, but I am telling you, DON’T. Why don’t you collect one of these 15 most expensive guns to prove that you love guns!

Here’s a quick list of the 15 most expensive shotguns:

  1. Teddy Roosevelt’s Fox Shotgun- $862,500
  2. Peter Hofer Sidelock- $705,000
  3. VO Vapen Falcon Edition- $625,566
  4. Torcoli Engraved Fabbri Over & Under Shotgun Trio- $402,500
  5. Purdey Gold-Inlaid Matched Pair- $306,150
  6. Ivo Fabbri 12GA- $189,000
  7. Fabbri Over & Under- $183,542
  8. Boss 12GA Over And Under- $161,500
  9. Purdey Extra Finish Round Action- $150,000
  10. Greener Sidelock- $146,950
  11. Purdey Side By Side- $115,167
  12. Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo Shotgun- $106,800
  13. Holland And Holland Royal Side By Side Self Opener- $105,104
  14. Westley Richards 4 Bore Droplock Side By Side Double- $87,406
  15. William And Son Sidelock- $73,436
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