Most Expensive Rocket League Items (2022 Update)

Most Expensive And Rarest Rocket League Items

Rocket League is one of the most popular soccer/ car games.

The popular vehicular soccer game has items to make in-game cars appear fantastic, crazy, and ridiculous! Stay with us as we go over the most popular and expensive Rocket League items.

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This Most Expensive Rocket League Items review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Monstercat Wheels
Rocket League X Monstercat Rocket League
Price: $39.99

Rocket League players may play Rocket League with any style of music, but Monstercat’s Greatest Hits Vinyl record was special. These expensive wheels are fantastic! But these wheels are no longer available. The items were offered for preorders, making them really unique.

Titanium White Dominus
Titanium White Dominus
Price: $147

Rocket League has many vehicle types, each specialized in a particular aspect. Others will be better at trick shots than dribbling. Titanium White Dominus was once craftable but was removed once more skins were added.

Titanium White Octane
Price: $160

Octane is Rocket League’s most popular car. It is the perfect all-arounder and has no flaws. Similar to the Titanium White variant of Dominus, this one could also be crafted.

Gold Nugget Antenna
Gold Nugget Antenna Alpha Rewards Rocket League
Price: $199.79

They are a great way to decorate your car. However, they jiggle too much. That’s why pro players rarely use antennas due to how distracting they can be. A gold nugget is arguably the rarest rocket league items in the game. Considering the number of rocket league account that have been active since the beta, this item’s price can be high.

Titanium White Apex Wheels
Titanium White Apex Wheels
Price: $270

This is perfect for trading fans! Apex wheels boost your car’s profile, like several on this list. The Titanium White wheels were exclusively available to those who watched the RLCS on Twitch and registered for fan rewards.

Black Dieci Wheels
Black Dieci Rocket League Wheel Designs
Price: $280

Most players have the default version of the item, although variations are harder to get. Default Dieci wheels are common, but painted ones are uncommon.

Decennium Pro Wheels
Decennium Pro Wheels Rarest Items In Rocket League
Price: $300

Rocket League’s Decennium Pro Wheels can’t be traded. They’re rare due to their exclusivity. Gold streaks on the rim and tire would make any player drool.

Grey Apex Wheels
Grey Apex Wheels
Price: $326.75

Not everything limited-time is rare. Due to low drop rates, Twitch drops are another rare items in Rocket League. Striker White Apex has a similar design to these wheels, but Grey Apex Wheels are a Twitch drop you can obtain by watching competitive Rocket League matches.

Gold Cap
Gold Cap Alpha Reward
Price: $624

Alpha/beta cosmetics may be outdated, but they’re still cool. Gold Cap is rarer than Gold Nugget Antenna because it was only awarded to alpha players.

Goldstone - Alpha Wheels
Alpha Reward Goldstone Wheels
Price: $3,600

The fact this is the third most expensive item shows how valuable this golden wheels are.

Psyonix must consider every alpha gamer golden since all alpha rewards are gold. If you have one of the few Goldstone Wheels in the game, you have my deepest admiration for staying with Rocket League for so long.

Gold Rush
Gold Rush Alpha Reward Rocket Boost
Price: $6,300

Only Alpha testers received this exclusive Alpha Reward, Gold Rush. It’s a limited rocket boost that can provide you a competitive edge when built into your car and make you look amazing in the game with a huge fiery trail behind your vehicle.

White Hat Topper
Rarest Rocket League Items Of White Hat Owners
Price: $7,000

This White Hat is the rarest item in Rocket League. Maybe you were expecting an Alpha Octane or something, but trust me, this is better! White Hats are only awarded to rocket league players who have discovered repeatable game-breaking glitches or bugs and are only granted by Psyonix.

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Rocket League is an exciting and interesting game that can be played online or locally with friends and family. So, if you have the money to purchase one of these rarest items, don’t hesitate! Dude trust me, these valuable items are well worth your money!

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive items in rocket league:

  1. White Hat Topper $7000
  2. Gold Rush Price: $6,300
  3. Goldstone Wheels $3,600
  4. Gold Cap $624
  5. Grey Apex Wheels $326.75
  6. Decennium Pro Wheels $300
  7. Black Dieci Wheels $280
  8. Titanium White Apex Wheels $270
  9. Gold Nugget Antenna $199.79
  10. Titanium White Octane $160
  11. Titanium White Dominus $147
  12. Monstercat Wheels $39.99
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