Most Expensive Rims (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Car Rims In The World

Rims are essential to the stability of any vehicle. In addition to enhancing the safety of your car, it may also improve its overall aesthetic appeal. However, the most expensive ones need a significant investment on your part.

Continue reading if you want to learn about the best rims that might be suitable for your vehicle.


This Most Expensive Rims review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Forgiato Parlaro
Forgiato Parlaro
Price: $1,200

The tenth most expensive rim on our list is the Forgiato Parlaro. Forgiato wheels make a sports car look flashy, so many owners of high-end cars have put them on their vehicles.

When you look at a sports car’s rims, it looks like someone hooked the wheels together. However odd, this Parlaro rim costs an average of $1,200.

Vossen Most Expensive Car Rims Stylish Angles
Price: $2,500

The famous VF series is created with a casting method called “flow forming,” which is both contemporary and classic. This method makes the rims stronger and lighter. Through this also, Vossen can complete a wide variety of wheel widths for each design.

The Forged Precision Series, which has thin and long spokes, is also available. This way of making things uses less material and gives the rims a unique look. A Vossen rim costs about $2,500 on average.

Asanti Rims Forged Wheel
Price: $3,600

Asanti is one of the most popular rim brands in the world. Asanti makes each wheel beautifully, which can be seen on some of the most expensive cars on the road.

The company makes unique wheels because they combine European styling, sharp forgings, and custom finishes. To buy this, you have to make sure you have $3,600 to spend.

Asanti, on the other hand, also has diamond-encrusted wheels, which can be perfect for your Mercedes Benz. However, it is offered at a higher price.

GFG Forged Wheels
Price: $3,800

If you want to give your sports car the best rim, then look no further. GFG is one of the perfect choices. If you look at a Ferrari or Lamborghini with GFG Forged Wheels on it, you’ll see how they perfectly match each other. Plus, you’ll never go wrong with its design as the company puts a lot of thought into how each wheel looks. On average, a GFG costs $3,800.

Savini Car Rims
Price: $4,000

Savini is made from three pieces of rims that were forged together. This was made through aerospace T6 aluminum forged using high-tech and precise techniques. For an expensive rim, it’s not surprising that this one sports a bold design and contemporary angles.

Now, if you want this stylish rim, you must at least prepare $4,000.

Lexani Forged
Lexani Forged Wheels
Price: $4,100

The Lexani Forged is a wheel that drivers should look at if they wish for one of the most stylish angles in the world. What’s more good? A set of this rim comes with a strong metal frame with thin spokes and wider rims.

Many experts on wheels agree that the design of the Lexani Forged is futuristic. The company was praised for the quality of its work and the way its rims looked. The price is usually around $4,100.

Forgiato Basamento
Forgiato Basamento
Price: $4,600

If you are an owner of a big car, then you might find Forgiato Basamento interesting. Forgiato is a custom wheel company based in Los Angeles. They make an original series of wheels with parts made in the U.S.

Forgiato can paint the wheels to match the car with carbon-fiber paint. Now, if you want Forgiate Basamento on your car, be ready to hand in your hard-earned $4,600.

Price: $5,000

These rims are called “Elbows” because their shape sticks out from the tires like a person’s elbows. Elbows are dangerous and have a terrible design to boot.

The part that sticks out of the tires could damage a car next to it or hurt a person walking by. However risky, Elbows still maintained their huge price at $5,000.

Forgiato Estremo
Forgiato Estremo
Price: $5,700

The second most expensive rim on this list is the Forgiato Estremo. Estremo rim is made of aircraft grade aluminum and comes with a 3-piece forged wheel made from aircraft aluminum brushed and painted to match the vehicle and the carbon fiber.

In addition, you are also free to choose the amount of convexity or concavity you want, and the wheel makers will mix that with the widths of the inner and outer lip widths. In return, you should be willing to pay $5,700.

Nutek Custom Wheels
Price: $6,000

We’re finally at the most expensive wheel on this list. If you only want to buy rims made in the U.S., you should shop at Nutek. One thing that makes Nutek wheels different from those made by other companies is that the owner of Nutek makes each forged wheel himself.

Some of these rims have two or three colors, which makes them unique. The creative designs and finish combinations also make them stand out. In addition to the usual chrome and paint, the rims can be encrusted by the company that makes them.

As of today, Nutek wheels are priced at $6,000.

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Without a shadow of a doubt, a wheel wouldn’t be as sturdy as it is if it didn’t have rims, and those rims definitely perform their duties, right? If you want a rim that will last a long time for your car, those rims are the greatest options available to you!

To wrap things off, here is a short rundown of the rims that now hold the record for the most costly in the world:

  1. Nutek – $6,000
  2. Forgiato Estremo – $5,700
  3. Elbows – $5,000
  4. Forgiato Basamento – $4,600
  5. Lexani Forged – $4,100
  6. Savini – $4,000
  7. GFG – $3,800
  8. Asanti – $3,600
  9. Vossen – $2,500
  10. Forgiato Parlaro – $1,200
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