Most Expensive Restaurant In Seattle (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Upscale Restaurant In Seattle

Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks. Yes, it is the birthplace of the world’s largest coffee chain!

In addition, Salmon is so popular in Seattle that it could be considered the city’s mascot!

Today, we’ll go over the compiled list of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle to give you an idea of where to go and eat excellent food when you visit Seattle.

But before that…


This Most Expensive Restaurant In Seattle review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Harvest Beat
Harvest Beat Fine Dining Restaurants In Seattle
Price: $50 per person

It’s one of Seattle’s fine-dining and stunning restaurants that features great tasting menu. They use local ingredients and change the menu regularly to reduce food waste.

They offer delicious food such as beet poke and mushroom lasagna that will make you forget about beef.

Tomo Fine Dining Restaurants Review
Price: $78 per person

Tomo’s owner is a Canlis alum, so it has fine dining chops. It’s casual and hip, attracting local food publications and the James Beard Foundation. It’s often difficult to get a reservation here.

Six courses and an amuse bouche cost $78. They provide a cheap tasting menu with small portions. The initial fried potato cake with caviar and dill sauce, wonderfully roasted salsify, and a sesame semifreddo with orange creamsicle vibes were all restaurant highlights.

The Corson Building
Delicious Food In The Corson Building Seattle Restaurant
Price: $80 per person

This is one of the fancy restaurants for private dining in Seattle. It’s in a historic stone home with a magnificent English rural garden ambiance. The menu is updated regularly and focuses on Pacific Northwest cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. They are currently serving prix fixe, three-course meals to go. They publish the menu each week and accept orders online for weekend pickup. They do a la carte and prix fixe menus on their covered heated terrace for indoor dining.

Sushi Kashiba
Seattles Sushi Kashiba
Price: $85 per person

Located near Seattle’s best farmer’s market, this is one of the best fish restaurants in Seattle. It’s owned by Shiro Kashiba, who studied sushi-making under master Jiro in Japan.

During non-pandemic times, he still slings perfectly-crafted nigiri and rolls at the chef’s counter. You’ll eat some of the freshest, tastiest sushi you’ve ever had from him and his team.

Despite being pricy, it’s one of the go-to sushi restaurants in Seattle.

The Butcher’s Table
The Butchers Table West Seattle Restaurant
Price: $125 per person

This restaurant features an elegant design and offers great food. You enter an atrium with a multi-story chandelier, an art installation thing. The dining area is divided into zones with elegant and gloomy lounge vibes. If you go downstairs, you’ll find a cigar-lounge-type space that highlights the magnificence of a fine dining steakhouse. This restaurant is best for date night meal.

Price: $126 per person

Aaron and Amber developed a Seattle fine dining restaurant that isn’t stuffy. They only serve 10 people at a chef’s counter, yet it seems like you’re at a friend’s house. The staff frequently plays 90s hip hop music while serving everyone at once a 6-12 course menu that changes seasonally. They provide great service while cracking jokes about local ingredients.

Aerlume Downtown Seattle Restaurant
Price: $135 per person

Aerlume has arguably the best Seattle view. Located across from Pike Place Market, the back of the restaurant features floor-to-ceiling windows and a small deck with Puget Sound views.

The décor is luxurious and elegant, with glass separating the dining room and a huge wood burning in the middle of the restaurant.

Art of the Table
Art Of The Table Stunning Restaurant
Price: $135 per person

The Art of the Table is one of the best fine-dining restaurants in North Seattle for celebrating a special occasions. From the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, you can watch the chefs meticulously plating excellent food. The tasting menu is served at the chef’s counter or tables scattered in front of the kitchen. In addition to indoor dining, they provide special meals to go, grab-and-go, and made-to-order food from the more casual “cupboard.”

James Beard Winning Restaurant Canlis
Price: $165 per person

When asked where to go for a luxury meal in Seattle, most people think of this restaurant. It’s been in Seattle since 1950 and still has vintage cool vibes. The dining room, located in Queen Anne, has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Lake Union. Canlis was the first Seattle fine-dining restaurant to serve casual food during the pandemic. They have a burger popup, drive-in movie theater, and private outdoor yurts.

Eden Hill
Eden Hill Fine Dining Restaurants In Seattle
Price: $180 per person

Are you looking for a fancy restaurant with a great view and good food to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries? Eden Hill restaurant is perfect for you! Queen Anne restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining in a fancy-but-not-stuffy ambiance. Floral wallpaper and trendy furniture keep it from looking old. With their take-home tasting menu, you can experience the restaurant’s charm without the in-person atmosphere.

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It’s no surprise, then, that Seattle is a popular dining destination. Fine dining experience in Seattle may be expensive, but it will surely give you a once-in-a-lifetime meals! Do you know now where to go for your favorite bread pudding?

Here’s a quick recap of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle:

  1. Eden Hill -$180 per person
  2. Canlis – $165 per person
  3. Art of the Table – $135 per person
  4. Aerlume – $135 per person
  5. Archipelago – $126 per person
  6. The Butcher’s Table – $125 per person
  7. Sushi Kashiba – $85 per person
  8. The Corson Building – $80 per person
  9. Tomo – $78 per person
  10. Harvest Beat – $50 per person
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