Most Expensive Restaurant In Orlando (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Restaurant In Orlando

Orlando has a diverse selection of superb restaurants. Whether it’s the best steak in town, a romantic dinner, or the most delectable food. However, Orlando restaurants not only deliver wonderful meals, but they also provide attractive atmosphere!

Orlando offers to the different palates of both international guests and locals. From Modern American to Japanese, Italian, and French, Orlando provides many excellent and luxury restaurant choices that are sure to please any visitor.

This review will show you the 15 most expensive restaurants in Orlando, and you will be astounded by the features that are genuinely worth the price. I’m sure you didn’t hesitate to spend some money at these places because the cuisine and ambiance are both priceless!


This Most Expensive Restaurant In Orlando review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant
Better Than Sex A Dessert Restaurant
Price: $13.18 Per Person

Better Than Sex has melancholy, romantic, and sensual feelings and is known as one of Orlando’s most romantic restaurants.

The menu features decadent sweets best paired with chocolate-dipped wine. They supplied a selection of non-alcoholic drinks for individuals who can’t drink.

Ocean Prime
Ocean Prime
Price: $17 Per Person

This restaurant’s dining area and lounge are sophisticated and award-winning. The upmarket restaurant has Art Deco decorations and stunning light fittings. Even the largest groups are no match for Orlando’s Ocean Prime outpost.

Its two private rooms accommodate up to 32 and 64 diners, respectively, while smaller parties can enjoy exceptional service and the incredible 10-layer carrot cake.

Bull & Bear Steakhouse
Bull And Bear Restaurant
Price: $30 Per Person

This restaurant is at Waldorf Astoria Orlando. It delivers a gourmet trip unlike any other. Hilton Worldwide’s Diner’s Choice Top Restaurant provides re-imagined steakhouse classics and trend-setting dishes such as fried chicken and pasta explosion.

AC Sky Bar
AC Sky Bar
Price: $30 Per Person

This outdoor covered patio outside the hotel’s airy lobby is located on the 18th level of the AC Hotel by Marriott Orlando Downtown in the heart of downtown Orlando.

The views are urban and include downtown towering buildings and the performance art complex. Their menu comprises Tortilla Espanola, avocado toast, roasted cauliflower prosciutto, and meatballs.

Wine Bar George
Wine Bar George
Price: $34.99 Per Person

The restaurant includes rustic wooden tables and a bottle-stacked bar inside a lovely brick building near Disney Springs’ The Landing. Their menu is restricted because they focus on wine. Lunch includes BLTs, steak fries, and chicken salad sandwiches.

Hillstone Restaurant
Hillstone Restaurant
Price: $35 Per Person

It’s a romantic restaurant where you may watch the sunset with a glass of wine. The indoor-outdoor décor provides a superb eating atmosphere with classic delicacies like grilled chicken salad. The restaurant ambiance was excellent for nice conversation and delicious food.

Deep Blu Seafood Grille
Deep Blu Seafood Grille
Price: $37 Per Person

The Deep Sea Blu Seafood Grille at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek is a modern seafood restaurant that serves fresh seafood and sushi in a stylish setting.

The restaurant, located near the Walt Disney World Resort, has decor reminiscent of the Captain Quarter of the 16th century.  Deep Blu uses local and sustainable foods.

Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster
Christners Prime Steak And Lobster Orlando Restaurant
Price: $50 Per Person

Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster was run by the Christner family for many years. They are well-known for serving high-quality steaks and lobster to residents and tourists.

The critically praised menu features A-list USDA prime steaks, ocean-fresh seafood, and a wine selection of over 4,500 bottles.

Kres Chophouse
Kres Chophouse
Price: $50 Per Person

This swanky downtown steakhouse offers exceptional service, premium steaks and beverages, and the ideal setting for a special occasion such as an anniversary. It also has excellent vegan cuisine. Their small booths encourage you to linger over your meal and enjoy the eating experience.

The Venetian Chop House
The Venetian Chop House
Price: $50 Per Person

The Venetian Chop House has a AAA Four Diamond certification, which implies elite elegance and amenities. It delivers an expensive and spectacular fine dining experience.

This upscale restaurant has excellent service and tasty food, unique desserts that you want to save room for.

Vinia Wine & Kitchen
Vinia Wine And Kitchen
Price: $58 Per Person

This cozy European wine bar and lounge in Hannibal Square is one of Orlando’s favorite restaurants, and they have an amazing service for every customer. The space features local art on the walls and a romantic atmosphere for lovers. The European wines on the menu are not to be missed, and they have live music every Thursday night for the ultimate date night mood.

The Boheme
The Boheme
Price: $60 Per Person

Hotel stays conjure images of vacation, alarm-free sleep, and cuisine. The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando has several amenities, and an exquisite restaurant called The Boheme. It is a restaurant suitable for any occasion, whether it is a special celebration or simply a fantastic lunch.

Chatham's Place Restaurant
Chathams Place Restaurant
Price: $80 Per Person

Since 1988, Chathams has impressed guests with its ambiance, service, and cuisine. The menu has lump Cajun crab cakes to filet mignon with creative takes on classic foods. Chatman’s Place offers a modest but romantic ambiance in an Orlando office development.

Price: $190 Per Person

Kadence is a nine-seat sake and sushi bar. It’s small, yet it’s one of the best restaurants in Orlando’s fine dining scene. There are many excellent sushi restaurants in the city, but this one sticks out.

Victoria And Albert’s
Victoria And Alberts
Price: $350 Per Person

Victoria & Albert’s elegant, exquisite dining is unmatched. This restaurant provides the finest eating experience in the most opulent manner conceivable. Their Chef’s table has an exciting 14-course dinner crafted by their top chefs.

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This review featured the 15 most expensive restaurants in Orlando, Florida. If you visit this city, visit one of these restaurants and enjoy the amazing food and atmosphere!

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive restaurants in Orlando:

  1. Victoria And Albert’s- $350 Per Person
  2. Kadence- $190 Per Person
  3. Chatham’s Place Restaurant- $80 Per Person
  4. The Boheme- $60 Per Person
  5. Vinia Wine & Kitchen- $58 Per Person
  6. The Venetian Chop House- $50 Per Person
  7. Kres Chophouse- $50 Per Person
  8. Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster- $50 Per Person
  9. Deep Blu Seafood Grille- $37 Per Person
  10. Hillstone Restaurant- $35 Per Person
  11. Wine Bar George- $34.99 Per Person
  12. AC Sky Bar- $30 Per Person
  13. Bull & Bear Steakhouse- $30 Per Person
  14. Ocean Prime- $17 Per Person
  15. Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant- $13.18 Per Person
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