Most Expensive Refrigerator (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Refrigerator

Back then, the main purpose of buying a refrigerator is to keep our food cold and fresh. But with the advent of smart technology, refrigerators continue to upgrade, becoming a more convenient appliance.

In this article, I’ve put together the best and most expensive ones. The prices are jaw-dropping, but I’m telling you, their features will make every cent all worth it. Are you ready to compare each of them? Let’s go!


This Most Expensive Refrigerator review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

LG Mega Capacity 3 Doors French Door With Smart Cooling
LG Mega Capacity With 3 Refrigerator Door
Price: $3,400

Thanks to its three doors, this French door fridge provides extra storage space and keeps the three boxes at the same temperature. This model is made with really new technology that automatically sets the temperature of three boxes based on what the food needs.

InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator
InstaView Refrigerator With Smart Technology
Price: $3,799

The InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator is the best choice for small homes because it has an ice dispenser and a filter that lets air out of the door. If you want this in your kitchen, you’ll need a lot of room.

Flatshare Fridge
Flatshare Fridge with Separate Cooling Units
Price: $7,000

Stefan Buchberger, an Austrian student, came up with the idea for Flatshare Fridge. This was later presented to the Electrolux Design Lab for a competition in 2008. This fridge has enough space for different kinds of food to be kept in different places. The main goal is to stop people from having to deal with problems when they all use the same refrigerator.

Liebherr ECBN 6256 Premium Plus Refrigerator
Liebherr ECBN 6256 With Huge Freezer Space
Price: $8,953

The Liebherr ECBN 6256 refrigerator is made in Germany and has several technological improvements that make your kitchen look like a pro designed it. It has NoFrost Freezer Technology, so the meat doesn’t freeze. It helps keep the food fresh, tasty, and full of nutrients.

Northland Master Series GS72RFI
Northland Stainless Steel Model
Price: $12,600

Northland Master Series GS72RFI ensures the best and more efficient system cooling. This model’s inside and outside are both made of stainless steel. Also, the shelves are made of glass and stainless steel. With a refrigerator and freezer combination, this fridge has one of the biggest refrigeration systems worldwide.

Northland 60SSG-SGX
Northland 60SSG SGX
Price: $14,000

The Northland 60SSG-SGX is the most expensive refrigerator that Northland makes. It has a stylish look and is known for being expensive. This high-end refrigerator is specially made for luxurious homes. The doors are made of two pieces of stainless steel joined by a window that lets water pass through.

Miele 642 L Integrated Bottom Mount Fridge KF1911VI
Miele 642 L
Price: $15,000

The Miele 642 L is the largest fridge that Germany has ever made. This one has doors that control the amount of moisture in the air. The MasterCool system also gives out the air. In fact, this fridge is made with the best technology and has the best features.

Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door
Top Class Refrigerator With Glass Doors
Price: $16,950

Sub Zero Pro 48 is not a refrigerator that an average Joe would buy in the market. It has a lot of features, like an advanced water filtration system and dual refrigeration system that lets you store both fresh and frozen foods. This fridge also has a system that stops smells from spreading from one compartment to another. A UV-resistant glass door and a magnetic door seal system ensure safety and security.

Smeg Fab 28 Refrigerator
Smeg Fab 28 Refrigerator
Price: $34,000

Smeg Fab 28 Refrigerator is small but terrible. This one contains a dual refrigeration feature. It is designed in the Scilian Carretto theme. Smeg Fab 28 Refrigerator has only 100 editions brought on the market.

Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator
Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator
Price: $41,000

Did you know that you can get a refrigerator with a flat-screen television, a coffee maker, and an ice maker? Yes, and that’s the Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator. So it makes sense that it is the most expensive fridge on this list. This one has three doors and a storage space that can hold 86 liters.

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No doubt, refrigerators’ functions, and features can be maximized for extra convenience. Those high-end refrigerators are proof, right? Imagine having one of those in your kitchen with a good steam oven. It would be a big help for sure!

I hope you had fun with this extravagant list of refrigerators!

Here’s a quick recap of the most expensive refrigerators:

  1. Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator – $41,000
  2. Smeg Fab 28 Refrigerator – $34,000
  3. Sub Zero Pro 48 With Glass Door – $16,950
  4. Miele 642 L Integrated Bottom Mount Fridge KF1911VI – $15,000
  5. Northland 60SSG-SGX – $14,000
  6. Northland Master Series GS72RFI – $12,600
  7. Liebherr ECBN 6256 Premium Plus Refrigerator – $8,953
  8. Flatshare Fridge – $7,000
  9. InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator – $3,799
  10. LG Mega Capacity 3 Doors French Door With Smart Cooling – $3,400
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