Most Expensive Pez Dispenser (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Pez Candies

Austrian candy and manual candy dispensers are called Pez.

PEZ was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, although it’s much older. These sugar candies have a lengthy history than you might know. Today, we’ll go over the compiled list of the valuable Pez dispensers to give you an idea of what to search for and how much they’re worth.

But before we proceed….


This Most Expensive Pez Dispenser review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Robot Candy Pez Dispensers
Price: $300

According to price guides in Antiques Navigator, this particular dispenser can sell for $300.

It doesn’t look like a conventional dispenser but rather like a toy. There should be more full-bodied dispensers like this one.

1955 Santa
Santa Theme Pez Dispensers
Price: $500

Except for Scrooge, who does not enjoy Santa merchandise? The 1950s version of the Santa Pez might easily cost $50. Pez has a Christmas-themed collection because they know people buy them as stocking stuffers. Elves, reindeer, and snowmen were among the items they received.

DHS Space Gun
DHS Space Gun Valuable Pez Dispensers Fake Guns
Price: $710

Like other toys manufacturers, PEZ made fantastic space guns in Japan and Austria.

PEZ later sold the mold to a Chinese company that made the “DSH Space Gun,” which shoots plastic instead of candies.

Alpine Man
Alpine Man Character Pez Dispensers
Price: $1,500

This mustached man is so uncommon that he’s unlikely to be found in your childhood treasure box unless you managed to be present at the 1972 Munich Olympics when he was awarded.

1950s Space Troopers
Space Troopers Pez Candies
Price: $1,500

These full-body PEZ dispensing robots, released in 1955, predate the character head dispensers we know today. If you have one in good condition, it may be worth $300-$500 on eBay. If you have one in mint condition and still in its original packing, you may be looking at a next-level score of over $1,000.

Sparfroh European
Sparfroh European Unique Pez Dispensers
Price: $1,800

The Sparfroh European dispenser is a rare PEZ dispensers created in Europe in the 1970s to celebrate World Savings Bank Day. The dispenser’s body includes a cute, albeit strange, elf holding a plastic penny.

Mickey Mouse Soft Head
Disney Collectible Pez Candy Toys
Price: $1,900

This soft head Disney prototype was never made available to the general public and was only offered to a small group of PEZ employees. It’s an absolute collector’s dream that can be sold over $1,000.

Witch "B"
Halloween Witch PEZ Candy Dispenser
Price: $2,000

Her face may not be centerfold material, but this 1950s Halloween witch is expensive. The first character heads PEZ was the Halloween Witch in 1957. “A” and “B” versions of the witches were harder to find.

Bride And Groom Prototypes
Price: $2,000

This particular dispenser charming duo came along when you thought you’d acquired every PEZ dispenser. Few have seen them, so don’t worry. This unusual prototype was made for a PEZ employee’s wedding and never launched. Due to its rarity, the set is worth a thousand dollars.

Crazy Fruit Pineapple
Crazy Fruit Pineapple Pez Dispenser
Price: $2,247

Because it posed a potential risk to children, this crazy little pineapple could only be sold for a brief period. On the bright side, it’s now quite rare, and if you can discover one that’s in fantastic shape, you’ll be able to make a thousand dollars out of it.

1940s Early Design Dispenser
Eduard Haas III Early Design Smoking Cessation Aid Pez Dispensers
Price: $2,750

Eduard Haas III designed PEZ dispensers in 1927, but they weren’t available in the US until after WW II. Haas released their first PEZ dispensers in 1948. It appears like a cigarette lighter by design. This smoking cessation aid PEZ candy dispensers are designed to help smokers quit smoking.

Vintage Walt Disney Goofy PEZ Dispenser
Vintage Walt Disney Goofy Character Pez Dispensers
Price: $2,883

The 40-year-old Goofy dispensers will make your day special. This footless guy made $3,000 on eBay. If you have a decent one, you can sell it for a pretty penny.

Vintage Soft Head Captain Hook
Captain Hook Valuable Pez Dispensers In The World
Price: $3,050

Captain Hook may not be the most likable character, but things change when he’s slapped on top of a PEZ dispenser. He was part of a 1979 Disney soft head collection never offered to the public, making him an extremely rare treasure.

Make A Face
Make A Face Vintage And Rare PEZ Dispensers
Price: $4,000

You’re rich if you have a complete 1970s “Make-a-Face” PEZ dispenser. Mr. Potato-style dispensers had removable face parts so kids could rearrange their pieces.

The model didn’t last long since kids may swallow the removable parts. Their loss is your gain, as these PEZ sell for $4K.

1982 World's Fair Astronaut B
Price: $32,000

This PEZ dispenser is rare. The 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B was developed for the Knoxville, TN World’s Fair.

The “B” in astronaut B stands for the color blue. The second features a green stem and a white helmet. Due to unknown reasons, only two prototypes exist, making it the most expensive and valuable Pez dispensers on the list.

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Pez dispensers are indeed worth buying, aren’t they?

That being said, if you’re one of the growing numbers of PEZ collectors and own any of the dispensers listed above, take a moment to celebrate since some of them are worth more than your car!

Here’s a quick recap of the most expensive pez dispensers:

  1. 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B – $32,000
  2. Make A Face – $4,000
  3. Vintage Soft Head Captain Hook – $3,050
  4. Vintage Walt Disney Goofy PEZ Dispenser – $2,883
  5. 1940s Early Design Dispenser – $2,750
  6. Crazy Fruit Pineapple – $2,247
  7. Bride and Groom Prototypes – $2,000
  8. DHS Space Gun Price: – $710.00
  9. Witch “B” – $2,000
  10. Mickey Mouse Soft Head – $1,900
  11. Sparfroh European – $1,800
  12. Alpine Man – $1,500
  13. 1950s Space Troopers – $1,500
  14. 1955 Santa – $500
  15. Robot – $300
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