Most Expensive Pearl (2022 Update)

South Sea Pearls Worth So Much Conch Pearls

Since then, pearls have been one of the world’s most coveted and cherished gems. Since then, wild, genuine pearls have remained one of the most exquisite stones you can acquire.

Today, I’ve put the most extravagant pearls ever sold. Let’s go!


This Most Expensive Pearl review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Dodge Pearl Necklace
Natural Saltwater Pearls
Price: $1.1 Million

Rumor has it that the Russian Empress Catherine the Great once owned this natural pearl necklace with several strands. Cartier bought the beautiful set in 1917 because he was an obsessive collector of jewels from the Russian Empire.

Marie Antoinette Pearl Necklace
Natural Pearl Pendant
Price: $1.47 Million

Even though this pearl necklace is beautiful, it has a terrible history. Marie Antoinette, the tragic French queen who was killed during the French Revolution, was the first person to own it.

Even though no one knows where the necklace is, it was not “legally” owned again as part of a collection until Barbara Hutton’s father gave it to her in 1933.

The Big Pink Pearl
The Big Pink Pearl
Price: $4.7 Million

The “Big Pink” is one of the world’s biggest and best natural Abalone Pearls. It has a natural pastel pink color, but it also has blue, green, lavender, silver, and orange flashes.

Duchess Of Windsor Pearl Necklace
White South Sea Pearls Value Of A Pearl
Price: $4.8 Million

Even though this beautiful Single Strand natural pearl necklace is best known as a part of the Duchess of Windsor’s jewelry collection, it dates back to the time of the Russian Empire.

In 1929, Maria Feodorovna, the Russian Dowager Empress, sold the necklace to George V, who gave it to Queen Mary as a wedding gift.

Four Strand Black Pearl Necklace
Four Strand Black Pearl Necklace Surface Quality
Price: $5.1 Million

This beautiful natural pearl necklace has a body color of dark charcoal grey with beautiful overtones of a peacock, green, aubergine, and steel/silver. It is made up of nothing but black pearls.

Christie’s New York won’t say where this natural black pearl necklace with many strands came from, even though it sold for $5.1 million.

Cowdry Black Pearl Necklace
Cowdry Black Pearl Necklace Real Pearls
Price: $5.3 Million

The Cowdry Black Pearl Necklace is one of the world’s most well-known black pearl necklaces. It is made of stunningly beautiful natural pearls with different shades of aubergine and green on top of a light dove to medium-dark charcoal grey base.

The colors of Tahitian pearls, like Peacock, Aubergine, and Green Overtones, are well known.

Baroda Pearl Necklace
Baroda Pearl Necklace
Price: $7.1 Million

The Baroda Pearl Necklace was made with pearls ranging from 10 to 16 mm. The beautiful necklace belonged to the Indian Maharajas of Baroda because it was so rare and beautiful.

Seven-Strand Festoon Pearl Necklace
Cultured Pearl Necklace
Price: $9.08 Million

In 2013, these natural pearls from an unknown royal dynasty were sold for $9.8 million in an auction. Each strand of this necklace, between 21 and 35 inches long, has pearls from Persian Gulf-only Pinctada Radiata saltwater oysters.

The P. Radiata pearl oyster is small and makes pearls that look like those from the Akoya pearl oyster.

La Peregrina
La Peregrina Natural Pearls
Price: $11.8 Million

A list of expensive pearls wouldn’t be complete without “La Peregrina.” The name of this beautiful natural pearl comes from the 500-year journey through history and royal collections.

Cleopatra’s Pearl
Cleopatra Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings
Price: $28.5 Million

In the book entitled Natural History, Pliny, the world’s first gemologist, tells the well-known story of Cleopatra’s pearls. Pliny claimed that the valuable natural pearls in Cleopatra’s are now worth $28.5 million.

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Indeed, the value of a pearl is priceless. It’s a natural beauty crafted by nature itself.

I hope you enjoy this list of modern and vintage pearl jewelry made out of white pearls, cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, golden South sea pearls, and Akoya pearls. Let’s buy one for ourselves someday!

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive pearl jewelry ever:

  1. Cleopatra’s Pearl – $28.5 Million
  2. La Peregrina – $11.8 Million
  3. Seven-Strand Festoon Pearl Necklace – $9.08 Million
  4. Baroda Pearl Necklace – $7.1 Million
  5. Cowdry Black Pearl Necklace – $5.3 Million
  6. Four Strand Black Pearl Necklace – $5.1 Million
  7. Duchess of Windsor Pearl Necklace – $4.8 Million
  8. The Big Pink Pearl – $4.7 Million
  9. Marie Antoinette Pearl Necklace – $1.47 Million
  10. Dodge Pearl Necklace – $1.1 Million
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