Most Expensive Nail Polish (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Nail Polish

We aren’t able to achieve perfection, but our nails certainly can! That, nevertheless, is not achievable without the use of lovely nail polishes. You are in for a real treat if you like applying nail paint on your nails.

In this piece, I’ll introduce you to some of the most luxurious and high-end nail paints that can be found anywhere on the globe. Keep reading!


This Most Expensive Nail Polish review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

An Evening To Remember By Red Carpet Manicure
An Evening To Remember By Red Carpet Manicure
Price: $1,000

An Evening to Remember by Red Carpet Manicure is the world’s tenth most expensive nail polish. The holographic glitter in this black diamond nail polish is what makes it stand out.

Drmode Chrome Mermaid Polish
Drmode Chrome Mermaid Polish
Price: $2,000

The Drmode Chrome Mermaid Polish gives off a shine that looks like a unicorn chrome. This is safe, long-lasting, and beautiful. Your nails will shine more if they don’t feel grainy.

If you use neon Aurora powder, you might get all the rainbow colors. If you want to look like a Unicorn Chrome Chameleon, paint your nails white and put iridescent Aurora mermaid nails on top of the white gel. You can play around with it more and try new things.

Pink Carpet Polish Armor 24 Gel
Pink Carpet Polish Armor 24 Gel
Price: $5,000

Pink Armor Nail Gel Polish is a thick, protective gel paint that makes your natural nails stronger, longer, and more beautiful. In addition to making your nails look like they have a glossy gel polish finish, it strengthens, protects, heals, repairs, and helps them grow.

Pink Armor nail polish makes nails that are weak, brittle, or thin look better and healthier by making them stronger. Overall, this is a good choice if you want your nails to be healthy and look good.

Channel Paris – Moscou
Channel Paris
Price: $10,000

Karl Lagerfeld’s Channel Paris – Moscou is all about three limited-edition nail polish colors in jewel tones that remind people of the grandeur of the Russian Empire. What a beauty!

Diamond, Sapphire And Ruby Encapsulation
Most Expensive Nail Polishes
Price: $35,000

Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby Encapsulation is the world’s sixth most expensive nail polish. It costs $35,000. This nail polish has a unique look because it is made with nine carats of diamonds and gems.

Iced Manicure By Cherish Angula
Iced Manicure By Cherish Angula
Price: $51,000

A luxury diamond manicurist named Cherish Angula came up with this pricey nail polish. Iced Manicure is a sign of wealth. There was nothing else to do but put diamonds on the manicure. If you want to take the diamonds off your nails after getting an Iced Manicure, Angula has a service you can use.

I Do By Elle Cosmetics
I Do By Elle Cosmetics
Price: $55,000

“I Do,” Ellie Cosmetics was made when Platinum Guild International, a British Platinum supplier named Johnson Matthey, and Ellie Cosmetics worked together.

Platinum companies are interested in nail polish because of its platinum powder. Ellie Cosmetics put their skills together to make successful nail polish. “I Do,” on the other hand, is very expensive because it comes in a platinum container and is a limited edition.

Gold Rush Couture
Gold Rush Couture Diamond Studded Bottle
Price: $130,000

Models Own sells Gold Rush Couture, which is the third most expensive nail polish in the world. Unlike Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish, this polish doesn’t have any diamonds in it.

So why is it so expensive? The truth is it’s not the lacquer, but the container itself, which is made of solid gold and has 1,118 crystal diamonds on either side. So, even if you don’t use nail polish anymore, you might still keep the same attention to its bottle as one of your most treasured things.

Azature’s Black Diamond
Azature Black Diamond
Price: $250,000

When it came out, Black Diamond Nail Polish was Azature Pogosian’s most expensive nail polish. Fashion Lady says that the owner of the nail polish wants to draw attention to its best part. He then made a nail polish that was as beautiful and good as other precious stones.

The price of this nail polish was raised by 267 carats of black diamonds by adding a handmade cap with 60 more black diamonds. Azature Pogosian is now known as the “Black Diamond King” because of how captivating his use of black diamonds is.

Azature White Diamond
Azature White Diamond
Price: $1,000,000

Azature White Diamond, which costs $1,000,000, is said to be the most expensive nail polish in the world. This one was made by Azature Pogosian, a fine jewelry designer.

There is a rumor that this nail polish bottle was created to raise money for Lupus LA and honor the American singer Toni Braxton’s fight against the disease. The nail polish, which is also made of platinum, has 1,400 diamonds chosen by hand and weighs 98 carats.

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Do you agree that a woman’s nails aren’t really her own without a stunning coat of manicure polish? I can only imagine how much fun it would be to show off our nails by painting them with one of those pricey manicure paints.

Do you agree with this review? It would mean the world to me to get your feedback! In any case, I wish you a good time looking through this ranking of the most costly nail paints!

Last but not least, the following is a quick rundown of the most costly nail polishes:

  1. Azature White Diamond -$1,000,000
  2. Azature’s Black Diamond – $250,000
  3. Gold Rush Couture – $130,000
  4. I Do By Elle Cosmetics – $55,000
  5. Iced Manicure By Cherish Angula – $51,000
  6. Diamond, Sapphire And Ruby Encapsulation – $35,000
  7. Channel Paris – Moscou – $10,000
  8. Pink Carpet Polish Armor 24 Gel – $5,000
  9. Drmode Chrome Mermaid Polish – $2,000
  10. An Evening To Remember By Red Carpet Manicure – $1,000
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