Most Expensive Mouse (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Gaming Mouse Long Gaming Sessions

As technology improves, new gaming mice with additional features are introduced. With better FPS games, you need update your PC peripherals. A mouse with low input latency and adjustable sensitivity might improve your gameplay.

In this post, I have put up some of the most costly gaming mice, including their features, specifications, and ergonomics.

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This Most Expensive Mouse review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Corsair Glaive PRO RGB Gaming Mouse
Support Lengthy Playing Sessions
Price: $38.14

The Corsair Glaive PRO boasts a durable design, innovative layout, and comfortable thumb grips. Corsair narrowed the mouse for easy gripping. The mouse’s durable construction makes it huge, suitable for gamers used to heftier mice.

This mouse has 3 thumb grips. You may choose the best mouse grip. These grips contain a special rubber that makes them non-slip and snug. Each panel may be side-broken. This mouse’s scroll wheel is snappy and smooth.

The Glaive PRO’s maximum sensitivity is 18,000 dpi, and the LED lights on the hand indicate the level. It shows the current dpi so you may change it. The mouse’s onboard memory stores 3 macros and dpi values for certain games.

iCUE software lets you store profiles and test RGB lights. All RGB zones provide a gentle light brilliance that looks great and enhances your gaming desk setup. The PixArt PMW3391 sensor is fast and responsive. Low mouse latency is great for FPS games.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Expensive Gaming Mice
Computer Peripherals Wireless Charging
Price: $68.99

Logitech G502 Proteus Range is a right-handed gaming mouse. It boasts a comfortable design, an excellent sensing unit, and a high maximum dpi. The mouse’s sleek design makes it easy to hold. Its thumb rest makes long-term usage comfortable.

The rubber on the sides prevents finger strain and makes playing more comfortable. Its software lets you create game profiles so you don’t have to set them up every time. You may customize the mouse for accurate tracking on different surfaces.

This mouse’s switches improve its usefulness. The switch below the scroll wheel enables hyper-fast scrolling. This button saves time while scrolling large files. This wired mouse provides a fast reaction time and little input latency. When the game requires swift action, it won’t make you wait.

The G502’s 121g weight provides additional movement control. By opening the rear panel and repositioning the weights, you may adjust the total weight. You don’t need to buy 3.6 g weights separately since they’re included in the plan.

SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum
Expensive Gaming Mouses Wireless Charging
Price: $69.95

The SteelSeries Competing 650 Quantum is a hefty wireless gaming mouse with low latency. Its large size and robust construction make it durable. Logo, scroll wheel, and side benches include RGB lights. It fits big hands.

Two detachable side panels have 8 weights to change the overall weight. The mouse seems heavy at first, but you can customize its weight with detachable sides. This mouse’s robust material and comfortable shape make it easy to operate.

The Rival 650 enables quick charging; 15 minutes may last 10 hours. This makes it efficient since you don’t have to wait for it to fully bill before playing. A fully charged battery may last days, making it trustworthy. Left-side switches may be remapped for macros.

Cheap Gaming Mice Computer Mouse
Price: $71.99

The ASUS ROG Gladius II is an appealing wireless gaming mouse. The logo and mouse bottom have RGB lighting that illuminates wonderfully. The mouse’s ergonomic design makes lengthy gaming sessions comfortable. It’s smooth and comfortable to hold.

Gladius II’s textured sides prevent finger fatigue. It has few buttons, but they’re plenty for good gameplay. Too many mouse buttons might be confusing. It’s great for folks who want a simple, accurate mouse.

Mouse sensor is dependable and smooth. It’s fast and lag-free, making it excellent for FPS games. Armoury software makes it easy to customize the mouse’s RGB illumination. Create several mouse accounts.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Expensive Mouse
Logitech G903 Most Expensive Gaming Mouses
Price: $78.49

The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is one of the best wireless gaming mouse, but its superior build and precise control make it better than cable mice. This gaming mouse features flair, convenience, accuracy, and configurable switches. It’s a huge, stylish mouse made of sturdy plastic.

Despite being sturdy, it weighs 110g. You can move quickly. 11 customizable switches allow for unique video game functionality. Logitech software gives an easy-to-use interface for setting switches, viewing battery settings, and changing RGB lights.

Competitive gaming needs swift action, and the G903 can help you do that. Once charged, a mouse’s battery may last 24 hours. Using the included USB cord, you may switch between wired and wifi settings.

You may also add the plan’s extra 10g weight. It’s best for individuals used to a heavier mouse. The PMW3366 optical sensor device fast-tracks Pubg and other fps games. This mouse’s high price is justified by its excellent gaming performance, making it one of the most expensive in 2021.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed
Most Expensive Gaming Mice
Price: $95.50

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed is a high-performance gaming mouse with a high monitoring rate. Both left- and right-handed players may use it.

The mouse is light, so you can move it easily. It illuminates the razer logo in RGB. This mouse comes wired and wireless. The wireless mouse has almost no latency, so it’s your option.

Razer’s mouse comes with a charging station and claims a 70-hour battery life when fully charged. You can game for days. This mouse works well on a rough old mouse pad and other surfaces. The sensor’s accurate monitoring makes it excellent for pc gaming.

The mouse’s RGB light shows battery life, which is handy. The mouse’s memory can store 5 accounts. Synapse program lets you customize 8 switches. This 74g mouse is light and speedy.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse
Logitech G602 Lag Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Most Expensive Computer Mice
Price: $98.99

The Logitech G602 is a fully-built, low-lag wireless mouse. This hand-held mouse has a convenient thumb rest. Its right-handed design is natural. Thumb switches boost macro capabilities.

Both switches adjacent to the left click switch may change dpi. Long and within index finger reach. It has 3 lights that indicate dpi. So, you may adjust dpi without opening the software.

The G602’s DPI range is 200 to 2500; elite gamers prefer dpi over 400. It can improve multiplayer battle game responsiveness. 2.4 GHz USB receiver connects mouse to PC. It provides a lag-free, reliable connection for enjoyable gameplay.

Alienware Wired/ Wireless Gaming Mouse
Alienware Wired Wireless Gaming Mice
Price: $99.90

The Alienware AW610M is a unique gaming mouse with an excellent sensor. The ambidextrous mouse works for left- and right-handed gamers. The broad palm region and side wings fit all hand sizes.

It has RGB lighting in the logo, scroll wheel bench, and sides. The bottom hand portion is soft rubber for comfort. The wireless mouse has low latency and may be easily connected through USB to a PC or laptop.

It’s heavy at 121g. If you want greater control and a heavy mouse, choose the AW610M. The two buttons above the thumb rest are large for convenient access.

This mouse has a strong 16,000 dpi sensor unit. Smooth on many surfaces. This mouse is lag-free for FPS games. Alienware software can configure the two side switches and scroll wheel.

Acer Predator Cestus 350 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Acer Predator Cestus 350 Wireless Gaming Computer Mouse
Price: $103.24

The Acer Killer Cestus 350 offers eight customizable switches, a simple design, and a high-quality sensor. Its black paint finish is simple and attractive. Logo and battery/dpi sign lights have RGB lighting. It’s smooth and comfy to use for long hours.

It has a detachable cord and USB receiver, so you may use it wirelessly or wired. Wired and wireless activity time is great. This mouse doesn’t lag. It has rubber on both sides to keep your fingertips comfy.

Acer uses the PixArt PAW3335 sensor, which is low-latency and accurate. Using the switch below the scroll wheel, you may choose between its five dpi levels.

Swiftpoint Z Expensive Gaming Mouse
Price: $149

Swiftpoint Z’s great appearance and packaging speak to its design and build excellence. It includes 13 customizable switches for maximum usability. The mouse’s robust components make it resistant to physical stress.

When you open the sturdy case, the mouse is on one side, and the accessories are on the other. Flight stick extender and flexible base are key. The extension turns the mouse into a joystick. This mouse’s buttons are well-placed for comfort.

The mouse’s five main switches are pressure-sensitive so that you may activate them with a light touch. Balanced weight at 117g. Its activities are well-balanced, neither too soft nor too heavy.

The PixArt PMW3360 optical sensor delivers rapid reaction and accurate tracking. Swiftpoint Z has integrated memory for creating game profiles. You may store dpi values and button modification using this capability.

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I am not a gamer but an ergonomically designed and highly reactive mouse is welcome! I have a few favorites on my list, did you find one that suits your needs?

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the most expensive gaming mouse:

  1. Swiftpoint Z Expensive Gaming Mouse – $149
  2. Acer Predator Cestus 350 Wireless Gaming Mouse – $103.24
  3. Alienware Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse – $99.90
  4. Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse – $98.99
  5. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed – $95.50
  6. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Expensive Mouse – $78.49
  7. ASUS ROG Gladius II – $71.99
  8. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum – $69.95
  9. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Expensive Gaming Mice – $68.99
  10. Corsair Glaive PRO RGB Gaming Mouse – $38.14
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