Most Expensive Meteorite (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Meteorite Identification Identify Meteorites

Meteorites are odd objects that have fallen to Earth throughout the years and have fascinated humans for millennia.

Meteorites were kept at universities and museums when they were first found in the 1940s.

Harvey H., on the other hand, began selling these remarkable space rocks to the general public in 1946. You can now buy Meteorites because they are accessible to the general public as a result of the establishment of respectable businesses managed called meteorite collecting. If you are keen to collect, I’ll go through with you the most expensive meteorites.

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This Most Expensive Meteorite review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Zagami Meteorite's Main Mas
Zagami Meteorit Fusion Crust
Price: USD 293,626.38

Zagami is the largest Mars meteorite ever discovered on Earth, and was produced 175 million years ago from basaltic lava.

When this meteorite slammed into the earth in 1962, it nearly impacted a farmer in Zagami, Nigeria. A little portion of this stone meteorite was auctioned off for more than €278,000.

Stony meteorites, sometimes known as stone meteorites, are nearly entirely composed of stony material and are the most frequent form. This family has hundreds of subgroups.

The Gibeon Meteorite
The Gibeon Meteorite Most Meteorites
Price: USD 295,715.00.

This massive meteorite contains no ordinary metallic meteorite.

The scientists compared the space rock to Edvard Munch’s famed painting, ‘The Scream.’

The meteorite was discovered in Southern Africa at the boundary of the Kalahari desert and is estimated to be worth USD 295,715.00.

Dar Al Gani 1058 Lunar Meteorites
Dar Al Gani Aerolite Meteorites
Price: USD 295,715.00.

A 4 pound moon meteorite was found in Libya in 1998.

It was the largest lunar meteorite ever auctioned off. Meteor impacts on the moon may propel debris into orbit, and this material might occasionally fall to Earth.

Unlike moon rocks carried to Earth by space missions, the meteorite in question fell to Earth on its own. This makes it perfect for meteorite hunting.

The Chelyabinsk Meteorite
The Chelyabinsk Meteorite
Price: USD 354,924.53

In 2013, a meteor exploded above Chelyabinsk, Russia.

This meteorite’s impact resulted in over 1,500 people requiring medical care that day, making it the only one to do so. Meteorites are important because of their tales.

The cost of a meteorite observed by humans on the ground is higher. As a consequence, pieces of the Chelyabinsk meteorite are predicted to be more valuable than volcanic rocks.

The Zagami Martian Meteorite
The Zagami Meteorite
Price: USD 404,572.48

The Zagami Martian meteor impacted Nigeria in 1962.

Planetariums from all around the world begged the eventual buyer of the meteorite’s primary component to lend it to them before it was auctioned in 2006. Although it’s kinda looks weird, this rock is oneof the most expensive meteorites

The Springwater Meteorite
The Springwater Meteorite
Price: USD 539,782.08

A 117-pound pallasite meteorite was discovered on a farmer’s land in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1931. This rock, which is thought to be 4.5 billion years old, has a significant amount of the mineral olivine.

The exquisite crystals of olivine may be seen with sufficient polishing, which may make pallasite meteorites highly sought for by mineral collectors. This rare earth magnet will attract even low metal chondrites.

This terrestrial rock is one of the most gorgeous and expensive meteorites in the world.

The Conception Junction Meteorite
The Conception Junction Meteorite Black Fusion Crust
Price: USD 764,779.30

Researchers believe that this semi iron meteorite was once a component of an asteroid that orbited between Mars and Jupiter.

In 2006, a farmer in Conception Junction, Missouri, discovered the discovery. Scientists from the University of Missouri discovered olivine crystals in pallasite space rock.

They’re sprinkled over the iron-nickel like chocolate chips and is perfect for your meteorite collection.

The Willamette Meteorite
The Willamette Meteorite
Price: USD 898,707.06

In October 2007, a million-euro piece of meteorite was auctioned off in New York. It was given by the American Museum of Natural History.

According to specialists, the size of this meteorite makes it one of the largest ever found on Earth. It weighed more than 16 tons when discovered in 1902.

The Main Mass Of The Brenham Meteorite
The Main Mass Of The Brenham Meteorite
Price: USD 945,943.04

The value of this half-ton ‘iron-lace’ pallasite meteorite is USD 945,943.04.

A shield-shaped rock was found in Kansas in 2005.

Being a meteorite hunter is exciting because it enables you to own a piece of history, maybe the oldest item in the universe.

The Fukang Meteorite
The Fukang Meteorite Meteorites Originate
Price: USD 1,795,302.00

Pallasite is formed when olivine (green) crystals are implanted in a nickel-iron alloy. Pallasites are thought to account for under 1% of meteorites that have fallen on Earth, according to scientists.

This meteorite, like many other terrestrial rocks, was found in 2000 and has a name since it fell in a specific location. It is not only one of the most expensive meteorites in the world, but also one of the most aesthetically attractive.

Because it is so uncommon and does not occur every day, this rock is becoming more valuable than gold. If you’re a serious meteorite collector, you’ll be amazed by the remarkable meteorite discoveries at our monthly Meteorites auction.

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Meteorite dealers put their lives on the line to locate money from the sky in the form of rare space rocks that are older than the Earth itself.

Here is the list of the Most Expensive Meteorite:

  1. The Fukang Meteorite- USD 1,795,302.00
  2. The Main Mass of the Brenham Meteorite- USD 945,943.04
  3. The Willamette Meteorite- USD 898,707.06
  4. The Conception Junction Meteorite – USD 764,779.30
  5. The Springwater Meteorite – USD 539,782.08
  6. The Zagami Martian Meteorite- USD 404,572.48
  7. The Chelyabinsk Meteorite- USD 354,924.53
  8. Dar al Gani 1058 Lunar Meteorites- USD 295,715.00
  9. The Gibeon Meteorite- USD 295,715.00.
  10. Zagami Meteorite’s Main Mas- USD 293,626.38
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