Most Expensive Material (2022 Update)

Valuable Precious Metal

For everything we make, we need materials to work with. But have you ever had to put off a project because you couldn’t buy the necessary things? Well, you’re not the only one, whether the material is for fun or in the automotive industry.

But I have to tell you that some materials are much more expensive than the things we use every day. Most of the time, they come in the form of the most valuable substances, rare earth elements, or anti-cancer drugs.

Gold, which is a very expensive metal, is not on this list. This is your chance to find out more about them. Find out more by reading on.


This Most Expensive Material review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Plutonium Radioactive Element
Price: $6,000 Per Gram

Plutonium is the 10th most expensive substance on Earth. It’s mostly found in the cores of nuclear reactors, but it’s also used to power satellites that need a long-term energy source.

If you’re interested, this one comes from the nuclear breakdown of Uranium, but small amounts can also be found in nature. Today, Plutonium cost $6,000 per gram.

Grandidierite Expensive Substances
Price: $10,000 Per Gram

Grandidierite is a mineral and gemstone that is very rare. If you’re curious, magnesium-aluminum borosilicate can be found in metamorphic and plutonic rocks.

In 1902, a French explorer named Alfred Grandidier found it in the southern part of Madagascar. In fact, it seems like he never meant to find this information in the first place. At the time, his main goal was to discover more about Madagascar’s natural history.

Soliris Most Expensive Substances
Price: $13,880 Per Gram

Soliris, which is thought to be the most expensive medicine in the world, is also one of the world’s most expensive materials.

Soliris is used to treat a rare and life-threatening condition called atypic Haemolytictic Uraemic Syndrome. This life-threatening disease affects the red blood cells and is very uncomfortable.

Indeed, we can’t deny that this really saves lives, making it one of the most valuable things in the world. Today, Soliris cost $13,880.

Taaffeite Stone
Taaffeite Stone Pure Form
Price: $20,000 Per Gram

Taaffeite is a rare gemstone that has only recently become popular with collectors. Tanzania is a common place to find this very rare material. This isn’t like gold with dominant gold producer area.

Tritium Cost A Lot
Price: $37,000 Per Gram

Tritium is one of the most expensive materials on the planet. It is an extremely heavy form of hydrogen.

If you are wondering why this one is so expensive, it is because it is a key part of making nuclear weapons. So, making powerful nuclear weapons would be impossible without tritium. It looks like this one is pretty dangerous.

Price: $9,000 - $300,000 Per Gram

Aside from its sky-high cost, Painite is literally hard to get. This is the hardest mineral to find out of all the unusual ones out there. Well, we can thank Arthur C. D. Pain, a British gem dealer who discovered the mineral in Burma in 1950.

Recent discoveries in Myanmar’s Mogok region give hope that more of these beautiful stones will be found in the future. Wow!

Price: $55,000 - $108,000 Per Gram

I bet you’re one of the many people who admire natural diamonds because of how beautiful and long they can last. Moh’s scale says that diamonds are the hardest things on Earth. The good news is that they can be used in a wide range of industrial settings because they are hard.

A diamond may not be the most corrosion-resistant metal, but it’s really useful!

Price: $10 - $27 Million Per Gram

Alpha particles are shot at curium to make Californium. Well, yes, that process does make the chemical element with the atomic number of 98.

Why are people so eager to get their hands on this stuff? Well, the truth is that it can find gold and silver in ores and oil in almost empty reservoirs, which can help treat some types of cancer. People on Earth can only make it, but scientists think supernovae also could make it.

Endohedral Fullerenes
Endohedral Fullerenes
Price: $160 Million Per Gram

In 1985, the first lanthanum complex was called Endohedral Fullerenes. This one is made of carbon and nitrogen, as you might expect. This material can be used to make very accurate atomic clocks.

Antimatter Cost The Most
Price: $62.5 - $100 Trillion Per Gram

Do you know what antimatter is? Well, you should, since it’s the most expensive material on Earth.

You might guess from its name that it is the exact opposite of matter. So, let’s talk a bit about that. Antimatter is almost the same as normal matter, except its electric charge is the opposite of normal matter. Yes, its electricity is inverted.

Antimatter and matter coexist in the early universe; however, antimatter is now very rare for reasons that aren’t fully understood. Nevertheless, can be made in a laboratory in small amounts. In the future, this great material could be used to power starships. So it makes sense that it costs the most.

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I hope you appreciate this list of the most costly materials on Earth up to the Earth’s crust! Trust me; we’ll be able to buy one of these eventually.

Finally, here’s a brief rundown of the world’s most costly materials:

  1. Antimatter – $62.5 to $100 Trillion
  2. Endohedral Fullerenes – $160 Million
  3. Californium – $10 to $27 Million
  4. Diamonds – $55,000 to $108,000
  5. Painite – $9,000 to $300,000
  6. Tritium – $37,000
  7. Taaffeite Stone – $20,000
  8. Soliris – $13,880
  9. Grandidierite – $10,000
  10. Plutonium – $6,000
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