Most Expensive Marvel Cards (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Marvel Cards

The sports card boom’s ramifications are still felt today. Beyond typical sports, collectors will want a range of cards. Marvel cards are another set that’s progressively gaining popularity.

In a word, these cards include popular Marvel Universe characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. These and other characters are highly featured in Impel’s 1990 Marvel Universe Series 1, which everyone eagerly collects.

Trading cards joined toys and coloring books competing for young Marvel fans’ attention. This review of the 15 most expensive Marvel cards is for Marvel enthusiasts and anyone who loves anything about Marvel. Let’s get started this review!


This Most Expensive Marvel Cards review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs Patrick Stewart
2000 Topps X Men Movie Autographs Patrick Stewart
Price: $6.23

Patrick Stewart is another sign-printed autograph in the first film’s collection, at least among pack cards. It was found in almost 300 packs, making it an exceedingly rare pull. The fact that the cards are signed in gold ink adds to their notoriety.

Silver Surfer Vs. Thanos Etch Foil Card
Silver Surfer Vs Thanos Etch Foil Card
Price: $16.99

The Silver Surfer is one of the finest and most anguished cosmic creatures, but he has often sacrificed his freedom for the greater good. Thanos pulls the Surfer to death so he can refuse Death’s gift. Death banished Thanos from her world after the Surfer refused.

2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
2000 Topps X Men Movie Autographs Rebecca Romijn Stamos
Price: $175

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos came before Jennifer Lawrence. The model was the first to assume the blue body paint to play Mystique on the big screen. This card isn’t in any packs.

1991 X-Men Jim Lee Autograph
1991 X Men Jim Lee Autograph
Price: $249.99

Jim Lee’s unique style is synonymous with early-1990s comics. In 1991, Comic Images released an entire set of X-Men trading cards featuring Lee’s artwork. A total of 1,000 cards were signed, with all having a blank back.

2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs Anna Paquin
2000 Topps X Men Movie Autographs Anna Paquin
Price: $269.71

Paquin had a Topps card. She was a Diamond Distributors reward card. Each dealer who ordered four boxes received one of the two cards.

Wolverine #10
Wolverine 10
Price: $379

Wolverine is often featured in movies and is many people’s favorite X-Men character. He also has a variety of cards to choose from. On July 5, 2021, the PSA 10 population of the #10 card was 84, and it sold for $379.

Spider-Man #2
Spider Man 2
Price: $600

Secret Wars storyline with Venom gave Spider-man the black outfit. If you like this card, you might also like Secret Wars #8. Spider-Man #2 has the most PSA 10 copies in details, and it sold for $500-600 recently.

Captain America #1
Captain America 1
Price: $610

This card has a PSA 10 population of 70, and the lowest “Buy It Now” offering on eBay is $575. Last July 11, 2021, one was auctioned off for $610. Be careful with your purchases, and you’ll obtain your Marvel card quickly.

1995 Marvel Masterpieces Mirage #2
1995 Marvel Masterpieces Mirage 2
Price: $648.60

Those mid-1990s were crazy times. Regarding comic books and trading cards, Marvel Masterpieces has to be one of the most recognizable. The most valuable X-men cards are from the movies, not the old comic books.

Hulk #3
Hulk 3
Price: $1,000

Hulk’s rookie card went for $1,000, perhaps because there are only 21 PSA 10s. The card is very badass, depicting the Hulk performing his favorite thing: SMASHING. However, as of this writing, the PSA 10 POP count is more than twice, at 58.

Stan Lee #161
Stan Lee 161
Price: $1,000

 Without Stan, no Marvel rookie set would be complete. There are 143 PSA 10 examples of this card available, ranging from $750 to $1,000. Respect is due to the man who started it all.

Thor #18
Thor 18
Price: $1,000

You may have noticed a lot of critical Avengers rookie cards scattered. Thor is no different. If you buy it now on eBay, this one is hard to come by and will set you back between $900 and $1,000.

2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Autographs Hugh Jackman
2006 Rittenhouse X Men The Last Stand Autographs Hugh Jackman
Price: $1,295

One of Hollywood’s most popular actors, produce an autograph card of one of his most popular characters, and offer it as an incentive for ordering six cases.

That’s how you make X-Men trading cards. Even though collectors have other Hugh Jackman autographs (including one from Van Helsing), this card’s distribution and rarity boost its worth.

Iron Man #42
Iron Man 42
Price: $1,500

 You could be wondering why Tony Stark is in this collection! That’s correct; Iron Man’s rookie card must be quite valuable. With only 15 PSA 10 copies available, this card will earn back $1,500.

Thanos #79
Thanos 79
Price: $1,500

The Marvel cinematic universe has kept Thanos on everyone’s minds and maps. As a result, his rookie card’s value has risen dramatically. The 42 gem mint copies for sale on eBay are priced between $750 and $1,500.

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When you search eBay for “Marvel PSA” cards, you may be shocked to see that most of the popular cards appear from the old Marvel movies.

Holding one of these 15 most costly cards felt like having the Marvel Universe in your hand. Marvel cards were able to surpass mere collectibles by engaging top-tier talent and implementing advancements in trading card evolution!

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive Marvel cards:

  1. Thanos #79- $1,500
  2. Iron Man #42- $1,500
  3. 2006 Rittenhouse X-Men: The Last Stand Autographs Hugh Jackman- $1,295
  4. Thor #18- $1,000
  5. Stan Lee #161- $1,000
  6. Hulk #3- $1,000
  7. 1995 Marvel Masterpieces Mirage #2- $648.60
  8. Captain America #1- $610
  9. Spider-Man #2- $600
  10. Wolverine #10- $379
  11. 2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs Anna Paquin- $269.71
  12. 1991 X-Men Jim Lee Autograph- $249.99
  13. 2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs Rebecca Romijn-Stamos- $175
  14. Silver Surfer Vs. Thanos Etch Foil Card- $16.99
  15. 2000 Topps X-Men Movie Autographs Patrick Stewart- $6.23
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