Most Expensive Marble (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Marble

Many people originally played with marbles as kids. They enjoy the iconic playground accessory beyond childhood.

Several factors affect the price of expensive marble. Custom marbles (crafted using uncommon materials) can also fetch high prices—the more attractive and eye-catching, the greater the price.

These 15 pricey marbles are valued if in good condition. Marble collectors have very authentic tastes, so prices vary widely, but if it’s vintage or unique, they’ll bite!


This Most Expensive Marble review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Paneled Onion Skin German Marble
Paneled Onion Skin German Marble
Price: $699

It’s lovely and will please any collector. The blend of hues makes it unique. Popular marble types include cat’s eyes, swirls, cobras, and shooters.

Yellow Mica Marble With Ghost Core Vintage Marble
Yellow Mica Marble With Ghost Core Vintage Marble
Price: $750

This handmade mica marble has a fascinating history. It’s 1 inch and an excellent addition to your collection. The Divided Ribbon Core Swirl has three or more independent bands.

Handmade Red Mica Marble
Handmade Red Mica Marble
Price: $765

This unusual marble is in fantastic shape. The buyer didn’t know what they’d bought at an old estate. Marble collecting is a common hobby with many distinct types.

Tight Chevron Rainbow Onion Skin
Tight Chevron Rainbow Onion Skin
Price: $900

Trace concentrations of gold and other minerals give the boysenberry stone an iridescent luster. The Dutch ground semiprecious stones like marble (thus the name) and limestone into perfect spheres to manufacture playing pieces. The Germans then began to shape marbles from agate.

Rare Huge Multi Coloured Joseph Coat Vintage Marbles
Rare Huge Multi Coloured Joseph Coat Vintage Marbles
Price: $1,300

This multicolored marble is unique. It includes white, peach citrus, orange, red, and blue. Just below its surface, you can see green through the yellow stone.

Rare Vintage Large Multicolor Glass Marble
Rare Vintage Large Multicolor Glass Marble
Price: $1,600

This vintage glass marble is as depicted. Cameras can’t catch all of its small nuances. Collecting marbles is about finding unique designs and unusual availability.

Black And White Navarre Marble
Black And White Navarre Marble
Price: $1,638

This Black and White Navarre Marble is 1.5 inches. It looks slightly different when viewed from above, making a stone more appealing. Someone with an antique marbles collection can assist you in determining which are more valuable.

Onion Skin Mica Marble
Onion Skin Mica Marble
Price: $2,632

The exterior of “onion skin” marble is swirled with color and texture. This onion skin marble has mica speckles. Some rare marbles are valuable.

Painted Standing Bear Sulphide Marble
Painted Standing Bear Sulphide Marble
Price: $2,850

In-person, sulfide marbles are gorgeous. Most vintage marbles are constructed from agate, granite, or glass. The marble’s painted sulfide figure is the major reason it sold for so much, as they are usually monochromatic.

Green Base Glass Oddball Handmade Antique Marble
Green Base Glass Oddball Handmade Antique Marble
Price: $3,600

This is unusual huge cane-green oddball marble. It’s a handmade, vintage antique marble with dark green, nearly black, center core, and looping design. Only wealthy, aristocratic youngsters played with glazed, old clay marbles.

Single Pontil Birdcage Marble
Single Pontil Birdcage Marble
Price: $7,800

Morphy Auctions sold this 1 9/16″ marble in May 2012. Like the sulfide figure marble, this one was highly crafted.

Pontil marbles are also called transitional marbles since their production technique was established while glass marble production shifted from hand to machine. The artisan sliced the cane into marbles using “marble scissors” devised in the 1840s.

Indian Mag Lite Marble
Indian Mag Lite Marble
Price: $9,200

This Indian marble has blue, white, yellow, black, and purple tints. 60 phone, live, and online bidders competed for this stone, which sold for more than triple its initial estimate. Swirl marbles are formed by swirling different hues of molten glass.

Onion Skin Swirl Marble
Onion Skin Swirl Marble
Price: $10,350

The hand-blown glass marble’s colors merge smoothly without crashing. This unusual marble is a collector’s art item. For the ordinary person, 10k would be too much for a single marble. Return shipping charges are the buyer’s obligation if the item is returned within 30 days and is the same marble and condition as when purchased.

End Of Day Onion Skin Marble
End Of Day Onion Skin Marble
Price: $14,950

This marble was sold in Morphy’s Auction 2004.  Its pattern mimics threatening clouds, hence the name. German glass marbles were created as toys from 1850 through the First World War.

Opaque Lutz Marble
Opaque Lutz Marble
Price: $25,000

After a bidding war, this unusual vintage marble sold for quadruple its anticipated price. Many collectors were interested in the marble because pink was a rare marble color even before the auction. The Christensen Agate business created this particular marble.

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Most marbles are glass; however, others are made of plastic. Older marbles‘ roundness reflects how long they took to make. Beautiful marbles are extremely rare that’s why they are the most expensive ones that can purchase at auction house.

This review highlighted the 15 most expensive marbles, are you willing to spend thousand of dollars buying one of these, just amazingly looking at it for a whole day?

Here’s a quick summary of the 15 most expensive marbles:

  1. Opaque Lutz Marble- $25,000
  2. End Of Day Onion Skin Marble- $14,950
  3. Onion Skin Swirl Marble- $10,350
  4. Indian Mag Lite Marble- $9,200
  5. Single Pontil Birdcage Marble- $7,800
  6. Green Base Glass Oddball Handmade Antique Marble- $3,600
  7. Painted Standing Bear Sulphide Marble- $2,850
  8. Onion Skin Mica Marble- $2,632
  9. Black And White Navarre Marble- $1,638
  10. Rare Vintage Large Multicolor Glass Marble- $1,600
  11. Rare Huge Multi Coloured Joseph Coat Vintage Marbles- $1,300
  12. Tight Chevron Rainbow Onion Skin- $900
  13. Handmade Red Mica Marble- $765
  14. Yellow Mica Marble With Ghost Core Vintage Marble- $750
  15. Paneled Onion Skin German Marble- $699
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