Most Expensive License Plate (2022 Update)

Most Expensive License Plate

Most people think of a number plate as a stamped metal item with a number. To a connoisseur, such plates represent prestige and swagger.

Some collectors want to own the best. Why not treat yourself to a unique license plate if you possess a collection of historic automobiles or top-tier speed machines?

This top 15 list features the most costly license plates in the world, with some selling for millions of dollars. Use it to impress the car crowd with your license plate knowledge!


This Most Expensive License Plate review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

25 O – England
25 O England
Price: $730,000

The UAE is a hotspot for pricey license plates, but plenty of collectors are elsewhere. Among the most expensive number plate sold in the UK is 25 O. In 2014, John Collins (the owner of a Ferrari dealership) paid a cool $730k for 25 O.

66 – Abu Dhabi
66 Abu Dhabi
Price: $1.2 Million

In 2016, this Abu Dhabi license plate fetched a jaw-dropping $1.2 million at auction. The UAE’s capital is Abu Dhabi. A prominent tag from any of the Emirates’ regions is a source of pride, but one from the capital adds extra luster.

10 – Abu Dhabi
10 Abu Dhabi
Price: $1.3 Million

This no. 10 in Abu Dhabi, sold for $1.3 million during an online auction in 2017.The winner’s identity was not revealed. On the other hand, Emirates Auctions said that there were 511 bids before the virtual gavel fell on the final sale.

22 – Abu Dhabi
22 Abu Dhabi
Price: $1.3 Million

Abu Dhabi license plate No. 22 was one of numerous plates that fetched exorbitant prices at an auction in 2017. Expensive 22 wasn’t even the most expensive plate sold that day, selling for $1.3 million.

12 – Abu Dhabi
12 Abu Dhabi
Price: $1.6 Million

In 2010, Abu Dhabi plate No. 12 sold for $1.6 million. It has subsequently been auctioned off again, this time in 2016, alongside a few other plates that fetched even higher prices.

V – Hong Kong
V Hong Kong
Price: $1.8 Million

Who purchased Hong Kong’s license plate V at the Transport Department’s Lunar New Year auction in 2017 is unclear. What is known is that the unknown woman paid $1.8 million, which is 2,600 times the initial reservation price of HK$5,000.

11 – Abu Dhabi
11 Abu Dhabi
Price: $1.8 Million

Abu Dhabi license plate No. 11 has sold for astronomical sums twice in the last two decades. The first transaction occurred in May 2007 for the princely amount of $1.4 million. It was then sold for $1.8 million on November 19th, 2016.

NSW 4 – New South Wales, Australia
NSW 4 New South Wales Australia
Price: $2 Million

Peter Tseng owns Australia’s priciest license plate. Despite 4 being an unlucky number, he paid $2 million for the plate in 2017. According to Chinese custom, four is exceedingly unfortunate since it sounds like “death” in pinyin and Cantonese.

18 – Hong Kong
18 Hong Kong
Price: $2 Million

Hong Kong’s No. 18 license plate was sold for $2 Million in 2008. According to Chinese custom, the number 18, pronounced “shi ba,” is good because it sounds like “shi fa,” which means “will undoubtedly become rich.”

28 – Hong Kong
28 Hong Kong
Price: $2.1 Million

Among the most expensive number plates in the world have low plate numbers, such 28. 28 was released in Hong Kong in 2016, and it has the extra benefit of sounding like the Cantonese term for “easy money.”

2 – Abu Dhabi
2 Abu Dhabi
Price: $2.7 million

Single-digit plates are so highly regarded in the UAE that plate No. 2 was given a rock-star entrance with rock music, a light show, and smoke at its auction in November 2017. The No. 2 plate commemorates the foundation of the UAE on December 2, 1971.

9 – Dubai
9 Dubai
Price: $2.8 Million

The first sale occurred in 2008 for $2.8 million and then in 2010 for $2.7 million. The pleased owner, property developer Balwinder Sahni, says he wants to give to charity and improve Dubai’s infrastructure.

F1- United Kingdom
F1 United Kingdom
Price: $20 million

The “F1” license plate one of world’s most expensive license plates is for sale for the first time in a decade. It was last seen on the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport of Kahn Design founder Afzal Kahn.

Kahn purchased the plate from the Essex County Council in 2008 for a now seemingly bargain price of $531,000 and listed in with a base fee of $20 million.

New York – USA
New York USA
Price: $20 Million 

This vanity plate is the most costly license plate in New York, with the designation “New York.” One anonymous family got the only street-legal “New York” vanity plate in the late 1970s.

If you think $20 million seems excessive, consider that the family is throwing in a decades-old Volvo.

Price: $24.3 Million

Two-character plates are unusual in the U.S., and plates with the same letter are much rarer. This plate also has an NFT, increasing its value. The token’s QR code ID number proves legitimacy and ownership.

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The fact that number plates are more intriguing than other vehicle adornments is maybe the coolest aspect of using them to bling up your car. Want to start communicating with other car enthusiasts? Consider purchasing one of these license plate!

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive license plates:

  1. MM – USA- $24.3 Million
  2. New York – USA- $20 Million 
  3. F1- United Kingdom- $20 million
  4. 9 – Dubai- $2.8 Million
  5. 2 – Abu Dhabi- $2.7 million
  6. 28 – Hong Kong- $2.1 Million
  7. 18 – Hong Kong- $2 Million
  8. NSW 4 – New South Wales, Australia- $2 Million
  9. 11 – Abu Dhabi- $1.8 Million
  10. V – Hong Kong- $1.8 Million
  11. 12 – Abu Dhabi- $1.6 Million
  12. 22 – Abu Dhabi- $1.3 Million
  13. 10 – Abu Dhabi- $1.3 Million
  14. 66 – Abu Dhabi- $1.2 Million
  15. 25 O – England- $730,000
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