Most Expensive Jewelry (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Jewelry

Do you wonder why people spend so much money on pieces of jewelry? Well, it’s because owning jewelry is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Fine jewelry is not just an ornament; it’s also an investment. Unlike your expensive phone, car, and bag, you can keep jewelry pieces for a long time without losing their value.

So today, I’ll walk you through the most expensive jewelry that money can buy. Prepare your eyes as you’ll about to witness their blinding beauty.


This Most Expensive Jewelry review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

De Grisogono Diamond And Emerald Necklace
De Grisogono Diamond And Emerald Necklace
Price: $33.7 Million

Fawaz Gruosi, the previous owner of de Grisogono, designed a beautiful necklace with hundreds of emeralds and diamonds to highlight the stone’s stunning beauty.

The Orange
The Orange
Price: $35.5 Million

This 14.82-carat pear-shaped diamond is the biggest known fancy bright orange diamond.

According to Christie’s catalog, a stone of this hue and size is “the ultimate treasure for diamond enthusiasts.”

Queen Marie Antoinette’s Pearl
Queen Marie Antoinettes Pearl
Price: $36.2 Million

After an intense bidding battle, this huge natural pearl and diamond jewelry winner paid a record sum.

It wasn’t just any pricey jewelry; it was part of a jewelry collection sold by Italy’s royal Bourbon-Parma dynasty and belonged to the ill-fated French Queen Marie Antoinette. The new owner paid a premium for the royal jewels’ bragging rights.

The Princie Diamond
The Princie Diamond
Price: $39.3 Million

You may trace its regal ancestry back to the Nizams of Hyderabad, but it has lately been embroiled in a bitter family conflict.

Renato Angiolillo, an Italian politician, and businessman owned the stunning 34.65-carat fancy vivid pink diamond.

However, his children fought over his wealth when he died, claiming that his stepsiblings took the stone.

The Graff Pink
The Graff Pink
Price: $46.1 Million

Laurence Graff, a millionaire, paid $46.1 million for a 24.78-carat beautiful vivid pink diamond, setting a new record.

His nemesis Harry Winston formerly owned it, but it now belongs to Graff’s historical collection of rare gems and wears his name.

The Blue Moon Of Josephine
The Blue Moon Of Josephine
Price: $48.4 Million

A Hong Kong millionaire, Joseph Lau, spent an incredible $48.4 million on this flawless blue diamond.

He bought this for his seven-year-old daughter Josephine. This is after he purchased a 16.8-carat pink diamond at Christie’s auction house, which he called Sweet Josephine. Aww, what a great fatherly love.

The Winston Pink Legacy
The Winston Pink Legacy
Price: $50.7 Million

The Harry Winston company paid over $50 million for this precious pink diamond. The stone was discovered in South Africa and formerly belonged to the Oppenheimer family, who controlled De Beers, a luxury jewelry brand.

Memory Of Autumn Leaves & Dream Of Autumn Leaves
Memory Of Autumn Leaves And Dream Of Autumn Leaves
Price: $57.4 Million

This far-fetched pair is the most expensive earrings sold at an auction. The sizes and shapes are comparable; however, one is a 16-carat fancy intense pink diamond, and the other is a 14.54-carat fancy vivid blue diamond.

These two exceptional colored gemstones are every collector’s dream.

The Oppenheimer Blue
The Oppenheimer Blue
Price: $57.5 Million

The Oppenheimer Blue is the largest deep blue diamond in the world. The quality of this necklace is quite astonishing since vivid blue diamonds are very uncommon.

Sir Philip Oppenheimer, the former chairman of the De Beers diamond firm who owned the stone, was the inspiration for the name of this jewelry.

The Pink Star
The Graff Pink
Price: $71.2 Million

The Pink Star crashed every price record the moment it was sold at Sotheby’s Hongkong for an astounding $71.2 million.

This flawless diamond is comprised of 59.60-carats. Its jaw-dropping value is due to its clarity, size, intensity, and color. Experts claim that no jewelry brand can ever manufacture anything as beautiful as this.

How To Live Your Very Own “Expensive” Lifestyle In 2022

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So, what can you say about the pieces of jewelry from the most expensive jewelry brands? Very gorgeous, right?

Queen Marie Antoinette’s Pearl is my favorite. The elegance and beauty are indeed unapologetic! Have you chosen your bet? I would love to know!

Here is a quick wrap-up of the most expensive pieces of jewelry:

  1. The Pink Star – $71.2 million
  2. The Oppenheimer Blue – $57.5 million
  3. Memory of Autumn Leaves & Dream of Autumn Leaves – $57.4 million
  4. The Winston Pink Legacy – $50.7 million
  5. The Blue Moon of Josephine – $48.4 million
  6. The Graff Pink – $46.1 million
  7. The Princie Diamond – $39.3 million
  8. Queen Marie Antoinette’s Pearl – $36.2 million
  9. The Orange – $35.5 million
  10. De Grisogono Diamond and Emerald Necklace – $33.7 million
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