Most Expensive House In Oregon (2022 Update)

Most Expensive House In Oregon

Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is one of the most expensive places to reside in the country. Crater Lake, Mount Hood, and Cannon Beach are some of Oregon’s natural treasures.

Oregon is the place to go if you want to live in a home fit for royalty. They have anything from a million-dollar mansion to sprawling estates with heated pools specifically for you. It cannot be overlooked while discussing magnificent homes.

This article will show you the 15 most expensive houses in Oregon, and you will be so taken with their beauty and unique features that you will want to stay there forever!


This Most Expensive House In Oregon review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

2914 Running Deer Lane
2914 Running Deer
Price: $1.1 Million

The most expensive residence in Klamath County, Oregon, is in the 2914 Running Deer Lane in Chiloquin near Sunshine City, which costs $1.1 million.  The two-story house includes five bedrooms and 7,374 square feet of living space.

There’s a theater and game area with surround sound, a high-tech security system, and a heated greenhouse.

66845 Nehalem Hwy
66845 Nehalem Hwy
Price: $1.6 Million

It contains four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was constructed in 2008 on 103.62 hectares and 3,773 square meters living area. According to listing agent Kelly Hagglund of the Kelly Group Real Estate, it is a site with a half-mile of Nehalem River frontage and pasture acreage.

1701 N.W. Bonney Dr.
1701 NW Bonney Dr
Price: $1.8 Million

This 1999 Highland Dell Estates home has a classic façade and contemporary interior. The two-story residence boasts Turkish marble floors, four bedrooms, baths, and a theater room.

In the 2,600 square feet of living space, you can also entertain yourself with the wet bar, playroom, crystal chandelier, and 24 karat gold plated fittings.

3705 Ballyntyne Road
3705 Ballyntyne Road
Price: $3.9 Million

This three-story chateau-style home was constructed in 1990. It has nine bedrooms, six powder rooms, nine complete bathrooms, and a total living space of 17,720 square feet.

This amazing mansion has formal gardens, fountains, an outdoor kitchen, a party area, and an indoor pool with a spa.

1133 Desert Glen Road
1133 Desert Glen Road
Price: $6.5 Million

The 1,344-square-foot home includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a Purebred Angus cattle ranch on Succor Creek. The house also has corrals, a shop, and a four-room machine shop.

2645 Northwest Beuhla Vista Terrace
2645 Northwest Beuhla Vista Terrace
Price: $7 Million

This lovely home is one of Portland’s most recognizable. After being completed in 1929, it was renovated in 2010 with a completely new guest house. The property has 32 rooms, six bedrooms, and five bathrooms.

2700 North Valley View Road
2700 North Valley View Road
Price: $7.6 Million

This lovely cottage is available for $7.6 million. The house was designed to use its beautiful natural surroundings, including oak trees. It features two bedrooms and five bathrooms and sits on 706 acres of gorgeous Oregon land.

35400 Hwy. 101
35400 Hwy 101
Price: $9.9 Million

The log house was erected in 2008 and contains 10,000 square foot of living space. It has a guesthouse, pond, gazebo, and helipad. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and dramatic river rock fireplace grow to 35 feet.

Mahogany Butte Ranch House
Mahogany Butte Ranch House
Price: $10 Million

The home at 7900 Northeast Mill Creek Road is valued at $10 million. It has four bedrooms, three bathtubs, a swimming pool, and a stone fireplace. The 6,867 acres of land are the main draw.

2100 Southeast 282nd Avenue
2100 Southeast 282nd Avenue
Price: $11 Million

This 1966 19-acre property was built for $11 million. The main house contains five bedrooms and modern equipment. The most breathtaking element of the property is its vista.

1500 Northshore Road
1500 Northshore Road
Price: $15 Million

The “Jewel of Lake Oswego” features slate, basalt, and copper exterior ornamentation, grand-scale construction, and two lifeboat houses. The house has a billiards area, gym, sauna, theater, and suites. It also has a five-car garage towering ceiling, among other things.

1707 SW Schaeffer Road
1707 SW Schaeffer Road
Price: $15 Million

This $15 million mansion listed by Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty mixes old-world and modern amenities. This 14-bedroom home has a soccer field, vineyard, theater, gym, and tennis court. A bright blue sky awaits you in the resort-like swimming pools with an in-ground pool and spa.

61794 Tam Mcarthur Loop
61794 Tam Mcarthur Loop
Price: $15 Million

It is situated within the Broken Top gated community. This sprawling estate features luxury suites, a gym, a heated pool, and nine fireplaces. It also has a heated driveway, an enclosed courtyard, and a guest house.

R&B Ranch, Sisters
R&B Ranch Sisters
Price: $24 Million

This mansion is another vast estate, sitting on 507 acres and measuring 14,666 square feet. The estate overlooks the Cascade Mountains. For $24 million, enjoy eight bedrooms, bathrooms, a stone fireplace, theater, and butler’s kitchen.

35630 Butter Creek Road
35630 Butter Creek Road
Price: $24 Million

This 34,496-acre property is your dream. The house isn’t much worth bragging about, yet if you want to live amid cattle, you’ve won. You can have the keys for $24 million.

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Speaking of the most expensive house, some includes The Buckingham Palace, owned by the British Royal Family, The Odeon Tower Penthouse in Monaco, and the Les Palais Bulles or the Bubble Palace.

You may be dreaming of a house that has an Olympic-size swimming pool, a two-lane bowling alley, tennis courts, squash courts, or many guest suites, but I’m going to tell you nothing is impossible in having this dream.

Start planning your dream house by looking at these luxurious houses in Oregon!

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive houses in Oregon:

  1. 35630 Butter Creek Road- $24 Million
  2. R&B Ranch, Sisters, – $24 Million
  3. 61794 Tam Mcarthur Loop- $15 Million
  4. 1707 SW Schaeffer Road- $15 Million
  5. 1500 Northshore Road- $15 Million
  6. 2100 Southeast 282nd Avenue- $11 Million
  7. Mahogany Butte Ranch- $10 Million
  8. 35400 Hwy. 101 $9.9 Million
  9. 2700 North Valley View Road- $7.6 Million
  10. 2645 Northwest Beuhla Vista Terrace- $7 Million
  11. 1133 Desert Glen Road- $6.5 Million
  12. 3705 Ballyntyne Road- $3.9 Million
  13. 1701 N.W. Bonney Dr.- $1.8 Million
  14. 66845 Nehalem Hwy- $1.6 Million
  15. 2914 Running Deer Lane- $1.1 Million
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