Most Expensive Hot Wheels Car (2022 Update)

Valuable Hot Wheels Cars

Hot Wheels Cars are the absolute car toy for car enthusiasts. Every detail is superb, undeniably crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Guess what? There are even real-life Hot Wheels Cars that were built by fans. What a dream for toy car collectors!

If you want to know more about the best and most expensive ones, dive in into this article!


This Most Expensive Hot Wheels Car review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

1974 Blue Rodger Dodger
Expensive Hot Wheels Cars
Price: $8,000

The 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger was designed by Larry Wood, the same person who designed the Spectraflame Purple Bye Focal. This model came out as part of the “Flying Colors” series” and was based on the ’73 Dodge Charger.

1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base
Redline Hot Wheels
Price: $10,000

Now named Python, the first version of this model was called “Cheetah.” Based on reports, Cheetahs were only made in red, making it more desirable for Hot Wheels collectors.

1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX
Rare Hot Wheels Car
Price: $10,000

The 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX is a part of Mattel’s partnership with Ed Shaver, a scholastic sports star. This expensive Hot Wheels Cars is only available in blue color and was designed with Ed Shaver stickers.

1971 Purple Olds 442
Exclusive Racing Car Series
Price: $12,000

The Purple Olds was crafted by the hands of the legendary designer named Larry Wood. Ask any collector of Hot Wheels Cars, and they surely know the name.

As the name hints, this model has a gorgeous purple hue. Indeed, this is one of the rarest among the Redline Hot Wheels Cars.

1969 Brown Custom Charger
Hot Wheels Super Charger
Price: $13,000

The 1969 Brown Custom Charger was a sought-after model. This is considered exceptional because of its brown color.

Hot Wheels Cars’ collectors regarded this as a prototype rather than a series production model.

1970 Mad Maverick Base
Vintage Hot Wheels Cars Mad Maverick
Price: $15,000

This expensive Hot Wheels Car has a story to tell. Due to copyright issues, the name of this model was changed. So, only a few models with the “Mad Maverick” name on their baseplate are rumored to exist.

1968 Over Chrome Camaro
First Hot Wheels Car
Price: $25,000

Only a handful of 1968 Over Chrome Camaro is known to exist on the entire planet. This exotic antifreeze-over-chrome finish Camaro was specially made for advertising purposes.

1968 Over Chrome Mustang
Expensive Hot Wheels Cars
Price: $40,000

1968 Over Chrome Mustang boasts extreme rarity. Only two of these models were ever made.

One of the two was a part of a private collection and lived in a trailer park with its owner. Shortly after its owner’s death, it was purchased at a real estate sale.

2008 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto
Ultimate Dream For Hot Wheels Collectors
Price: $60,000

We cannot talk about the Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars and not include this one. Literally lavish, this Hot Wheels is engulfed by diamonds.

This is born from Mattel’s desire to make its 40th anniversary a festive one.

1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb
Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb
Price: $175,000 

Dashing as ever, this Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb is the only one in existence. Currently, this expensive hot wheels car is in possession of Bruce Pascal, the man who probably has the largest collection of Hot Wheels in the whole world.

What makes this Hot Wheels Car extra special, you wonder? Well, aside from being exclusive, this Hot Wheels is also a prototype crafted by Mattel, a leading toy company (now defunct), in 1969.

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Indeed, they are the rarest hot wheels cars in town!

These absolute sets of bad boys are sure nice to have. Toy car collectors or not, I hope you enjoy this expensive list. For more, you can also check out the 1995 Collector Number 271 Funny Car and 1970 Red Baron (White Interior). These are one of the best, too!

Here’s a quick recap of the most expensive Hot Wheels Cars of all time:

  1. 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb – $175,000 
  2. 2008 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto – $60,000
  3. 1968 Over Chrome Mustang – $40,000
  4. 1968 Over Chrome Camaro – $25,000
  5. 1970 Mad Maverick Base – $15,000
  6. 1969 Brown Custom Charger – $13,000
  7. 1971 Purple Olds 442 – $12,000
  8. 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX – $10,000
  9. 1969 Python With “Cheetah” Base – $10,000
  10. 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger – $8,000
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