Most Expensive High School In The US (2022 Update)

Most Expensive High School In The US Private School Review

Parents who want a brighter future for their kids send them to good schools. However, schooling is not free. In the US, there are a lot of schools that offer quality education. But in return, you have to pay a lot.

In this article, I’ve put the most expensive ones that you can ever find in the US. Enjoy!


This Most Expensive High School In The US review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Middlesex School
Middlesex School
Price: $47,810

The Middlesex School is one of the most beautiful schools in Massachusetts.

The main objective of the Middlesex school is to teach teens how to be good people so that when they step out of their schools, they do well with other people. We’re not sure if they offer financial aid to attend.

Some of the prominent people who went to this school are Steve Carell, Bill Richardson, and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

Horace Mann School
Horace Mann School Student Teacher Ratio
Price: $48,600

If you want a top-notch education, you can’t go wrong with a place like Horace Mann School.

This school was once thought to be the second-best preparatory school in the US. Names like Marc Fisher and William Barr are among the impressive and smart people who went to this school.

The Lawrenceville School
The Lawrenceville School
Price: $53,290

In The Lawrenceville School, you’ll get exactly what you pay for. Since its foundation, a handful of famous people worldwide have visited the campus to interview the students.

Their famous students include Fidel Castro, Mary Robinson, Muhammed Ali, and CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner. We can say that most people who went to this school do pretty well.

Woodberry Forest School
Woodberry Forest School
Price: $57,250

Woodberry Forest School is an all-boys private boarding school in Virginia.

Studying in this school comes with a lot of perks, like a fancy weekly dinner where students get to eat pork tenderloin and chicken florentine. Also, there is a ropes course, a skeet-shooting range, a lake, and even a golf course on the school grounds. Indeed lavish!

The Hill School
The Hill School
Price: $59,050

Business Insider called The Hill School one of the country’s best boarding schools. Students in this school adhere to a formal academic dress code. Boys must wear a coat and tie, and girls must wear a blazer and a fitting collared Oxford shirt.

The former students of this school include Tom Wolf and Donald Trump Jr.

Episcopal High School
Episcopal High School
Price: $60,900

Episcopal High School is the first-ever high school in Virginia. It was built on 30 well-kept acres with cute brick buildings and sidewalks. It’s not surprising if people mistake this for a college campus.

Usually, students can be found in modern classrooms, huge gyms, squash centers, or the chapel inside this school.

The Storm King School
The Storm King School NY Boarding Schools
Price: $61,700

The Storm King School is one of the oldest boarding schools in New York. According to students from this school, this one is so big that it feels like home.

In addition, it also owns private chefs who serve food at the sandwich bar, noodle bar, vegetable bar, and pasta bar.

IMG Academy
IMG Academy World School
Price: $63,000

IMG Academy is considered the world’s premier boarding school. It’s exactly what we think the huge Olympic training camps might look like.

IMG Academy balances academics, character development, sports, and social responsibility. Thus, this top-class school is perfect for passionate student-athletes. It also boasts clean facilities, huge fields, weightlifting rooms, and premium training facilities.

The Quad Preparatory School
The Quad College Preparatory Day School
Price: $79,250

If you’re looking for a fully customizable education program for gifted and learning-challenged students, Quad Preparatory School is a good choice. The emotional and social programs in Quad’s academic programs work together to provide their students with a more personalized education.

In 2009, this school was founded by Kimberly Busi, MD, the current Head of the School.

Brehm Preparatory School
Brehm Preparatory School A Boarding School
Price: $80,215

Finally, the most expensive high school in the US! Are you willing to pay $80,215 per year? If you do, then welcome to Brehm Preparatory School.

This one is both a boarding school and a college prep day school. Most of its students live there, but high schoolers who don’t live there can also take classes to get ready for college. It has lessons for both grades 6-8 and 9-12.

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Top-notch high schools really cost a large chunk of money. Indeed, we pay for the quality of education we want to receive.

I hope you enjoy this list of the most extravagant high schools in the US!

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive high school in the US:
  1. Brehm Preparatory School- $80,215
  2. The Quad Preparatory School – $79,250
  3. IMG Academy – $63,000
  4. The Storm King School – $61,700
  5. Episcopal High School – $60,900
  6. The Hill School – $59,050
  7. Woodberry Forest School – $57,250
  8. The Lawrenceville School – $53,290
  9. Horace Mann School – $48,600
  10. Middlesex School – $47,810
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