Most Expensive Grill (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Grill

Having a picnic in your backyard with family and friends is always a nice idea. You can grill your favorite meat, seafood, and veggies; if you don’t have a grill, now is the time to buy one.

Fresh meat and vegetables over a backyard grill is a great experience, yet some people spend thousands on the best. If you are one of these people who believes that the most costly grills are also the best, you should read this article.

This review will highlight the 15 most expensive grills ideal for cooking on special occasions or a simple picnic. Take a look at these grills that are pricey and give unique features!


This Most Expensive Grill review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill
Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill
Price: $1,299

This grill is made by Traeger, the king of pellet grills. It contains a 20-pound hopper with a clean-out mechanism and a thermometer for a modern grill. Like other Traeger grills, it incorporates Wifire technology so you can monitor the temperature.

Luxor 42-Inch Open Top Charcoal Grill
Luxor 42 Inch Open Top Charcoal Grill
Price: $4,261

This Luxor grill measures 42 inches and has an open-top. It is a charcoal grill; therefore, you may use charcoal on a pan. It offers 701 square inches of cooking space, making it the ideal grill for entertaining a large group.

Viking Ultra-Premium 500 Series Natural Gas Grill
Viking Ultra Premium 500 Series Natural Gas Grill
Price: $6,300

Viking is a well-known brand regarding gas grills and kitchen appliances. They’re known for giving customers everything they can. This 500-series grill included three stainless-steel burners and wood smoking.

Bull Little Q Grill Island
Bull Little Q Grill Island
Price: $6,500

Bull BBQ’s Little Q Island is a smaller, more compact grill that looks like a grilling station. It features a built-in refrigerator and a three-person bar for outdoor dining. The Bull Little Q Island includes four stainless steel burners and an infrared burner.

Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill
Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill
Price: $6,799

The Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster allows corn enthusiasts to roast large quantities at once. It can cook 120 pieces of corn in 60 minutes. This grill sells for $6,799 and contains eight stainless steel burners under the spinning hub and a cross-tie system.

Memphis Grills Elite 39-Inch 304 Stainless Steel Pellet Grill
Memphis Grills Elite 39 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Pellet Grill
Price: $6,899

This amazing grill can be used like a home oven, smoker, or wood fire grill. This Memphis grill boasts four-inch convection fans to cook your favorite foods. Its 180-650 F heating temperature and 574 square inch cooking area provide adequate heat and space to cook whatever you want.

Falcon Gray Sedona Island Package
Falcon Gray Sedona Island Package
Price: $6,999

Lynx Grills’ Falcon Gray Sedona is a high-performance grill with a sleek design and plenty of cooking space. This functional grill has an infrared burner, a granite countertop, and constructed side burners for extra dishes. It even has a built-in refrigerator.

Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series
Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series
Price: $7,000

This 42-inch stainless steel grill employs high-temperature ceramic briquettes to cook the meat evenly. This BBQ grill is well-made and includes several accessories. It’s a great cooking technique; however, the briquettes might produce flare-ups.

Tec Infra-Red Four-Burner Gas Grill
Tec Infra Red Four Burner Gas Grill
Price: $7,500

Hearth & Home Magazine named the TEC Infrared Four Burner Gas Grill the finest new barbecue grill a few years ago. The grill has numerous unique characteristics, including four gas burners and cutting-edge electronics. It also features infrared burners and glass panels that smoke food.

Bakers Pride Charbroiler
Bakers Pride Charbroiler
Price: $7,546

This grill can charbroil at a commercial level. It has adjustable cast-iron grates, a removable grease pan, and a broiling space. You can complete it all at once and avoid having to utilize multiple pieces of grilling equipment.

Crown Verity Tailgate Grill
Crown Verity Tailgate Grill
Price: $10,700

This is one of the most costly portable BBQ grills on the market. The Crown Verity features six independent burners and can grill up to 365 hamburgers per hour. It also contains insulated storage compartments to keep all of the food fresh for hours.

Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon
Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon
Price: $12,200

Fire Magic is known for its outdoor grills; this one is 1,000 square inches and has seven burners. The Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon is built of 340 stainless steel and has a high-grade structure. It also has a dual-zone rotisserie system, hot surface ignition, and autonomous grilling portions.

Kalamazoo K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill
Kalamazoo K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill
Price: $20,000

This uses a hybrid flame grilling system that can burn charcoal, wood, or gas. The $20,000 Kalamazoo grill has two main burners, two side burners, and three additional burners. This beautiful grill has three laser-cut grates for cooking meat, vegetables, or fish.

Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana
Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana
Price: $35,000

Cal Flame’s 5-burner grill is great for grilling excellence. This 304 stainless steel grill has five casting stainless steel flames and innovative convection technology. The grill itself isn’t pricey; however, the Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana elevates things to a new level.

Gold-Plated BeefEater Grill
Gold Plated BeefEater Grill
Price: $164,000

 This entire grill is completely plated in gold, from the nuts and bolts to the grill rack. It was worth the equivalent of 50 non-gold coated BeefEater deluxe grills when it was produced. Gold’s melting point is roughly 2,000°F, which is appropriate for grills.

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This review featured the top 15 most costly grills. Consider your budget and backyard space if you’re looking for the most expensive grills. They usually include extra features or more cooking space, so they’re worth it.

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive grills:

  1. Gold-Plated BeefEater Grill- $164,000
  2. Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana- $35,000
  3. Kalamazoo K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill- $20,000
  4. Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon- $12,200
  5. Crown Verity Tailgate Grill- $10,700
  6. Bakers Pride Charbroiler- $7,546
  7. Tec Infra-Red Four-Burner Gas Grill- $7,500
  8. Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series- $7,000
  9. Falcon Gray Sedona Island Package- $6,999
  10. Memphis Grills Elite 39-Inch 304 Stainless Steel Pellet Grill- $6,899
  11. Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill- $6,799
  12. Bull Little Q Grill Island- $6,500
  13. Viking Ultra-Premium 500 Series Natural Gas Grill- $6,300
  14. Luxor 42-Inch Open Top Charcoal Grill- $4,261
  15. Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill- $1,299
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