Most Expensive Facebook (2022 Update)

Meta Platforms own Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz founded Facebook in 2004. Its name derives from the face book directories given to American college students.

Facebook is like an auction. You and many other niche businesses are dressed to impress your ideal buyer. A high Facebook ad quality and relevance score might boost your ad’s success in auctions.

Many small businesses use Facebook advertising. 3.7 million businesses spend $5.5 billion on Facebook ads to reach clients. These top 15 most expensive Facebooks might produce long-term consumers without repeated ad payments!


This Most Expensive Facebook review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Zara Facebook Ads
Price: $0.45 Cost Per Click

The Facebook ad’s overall design harkens back to the 1970s, making it stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, the word “free” is always something that draws notice in any advertisement. Different Facebook ads cost can vary based on campaign configuration.

Lyft Facebook Ads
Lyft Facebook Ads Facebook Advertising Costs
Price: $0.63 Cost Per Click

Lyft is a ridesharing service that matches passengers looking for a trip with drivers who own a car. Lyft’s Facebook ad is straightforward: “Get 50% off your first five trips.” When you launch a Facebook ad campaign, you establish an advertising budget.

GlobeIn Facebook Advertising Costs
Price: $0.70 Cost Per Click

GlobeIn shows how their product benefits customers and the community. This Facebook ad capitalizes on it, reminding shoppers that when they buy they can support fair trade, ethical salaries, and lifting hardworking people out of poverty.

Run your Facebook ad campaigns with automatic placements for some time.

Tropicfeel Facebook Ads Cost
Price: $0.70 Cost Per Click

This Facebook advertisement evokes a sense of urgency. The copy includes the powerful term “last chance” and cites a discount, prompting the viewer to act quickly.

A multitude of factors influence your Facebook advertising costs, just as they do your Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising costs.

Asana Facebook Advertising Costs Facebook Ads
Price: $1.27 Cost Per Click

Regarding selling SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, Asana’s Facebook ads have long been one of the favorites – they’re simple yet well-designed and on-brand. Improving your ad’s quality and relevancy can minimize Facebook ads costs.

Dermaclara Advertising Costs Facebook Ads Cost
Price: $1.32 Cost Per Click

Dermaclara employs a video and bulleted list to express its argument quickly. They explain how easy the product is, to apply and outline its benefits, stating that it’s clinically proven to reduce scars. Select a campaign objective before generating a Facebook ad.

Headspace Facebook Ad Costs Facebook Advertising
Price: $1.32 Cost Per Click

Surveying your user base can give you a suggestion about a person’s satisfaction. Headspace surveyed its app users and discovered that meditation reduces stress and boosts happiness. Your company’s decision-makers must know that a low ad budget limits conversions.

Livia Ad Auction Ad Spend Advertising Costs
Price: $1.32 Cost Per Click

This Facebook ad appeals to the physical pain that many women suffer and provides a quick remedy. Many women have tried cramp-relieving techniques that didn’t work or had side effects. Surprisingly, it can cost more to get Facebook Page likes from women than from males.

Olay Facebook Ads Target Audience Ad Quality Ad Placement
Price: $1.81 Cost Per Click

Because skin care products are pricey, any bargain you can find is a win. Olay’s Facebook advertisement plays on this widely held belief. Experiment with various campaigns and creatives, comparing them to Facebook advertising cost averages.

Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest Facebook Advertising Cost
Price: $2.14 Cost Per Click

This Facebook ad might be shown to a large audience first, and those who click it could be added to a Custom Audience.

Architectural Digest might pitch a sale to the retargeting audience, knowing they’re interested. You must understand how it works to win the Facebook ad auction and reduce advertising costs.

InsightSquared Ad Budget Ad Costs Campaign Objective
Price: $2.24 Cost Per Click

InsightSquared’s ebook promotion is well-done. Mark Roberge, one of the top names in SaaS sales, offers something unique and important. If several advertisers are targeting the same demographics, your Facebook ad costs will soar.

Scoro Target Audience Campaign Objective
Price: $2.27 Cost Per Click

Facebook advertising can promote blog posts, e-books, and job openings. Scoro’s Facebook ad promotes a UI/UX designer job offer. The platform has limited ad placements and forces marketers to fight for ad space.

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle Ad Campaign Ad Budget
Price: $3.08 Cost Per Click

You have a subscription service, but it’s hard to test it? Try Amazon’s free trial offer for new users. Amazon Kindle devices may wirelessly browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media. While you sleep, your ad campaigns compete in hundreds of auctions to be exposed to your target audience.

ButcherBox Facebook Ad Costs Ad Spend
Price: $3.08 Cost Per Click

This company knows how to make a strong first impression. They promote the FREE BACON offer with purchase. Facebook advertising expenses depend on the industry, ad placement, target audience, and other factors.

N26 Facebook Ads Cost
Price: $3.77 Cost Per Click

N26 uses the “✓” emoji to list the benefits of their product, which makes a list easier to understand. Another good thing about this Facebook ad is that it tells you how long it takes to open an account: Set up an account in 8 minutes. Ultimately, you should constantly know how effective your advertising is and alter your ad spend accordingly.

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If you’re unsure when to run your Facebook ads campaign, employ automatic scheduling and let Facebook’s algorithms do the heavy job.

Facebook is full of creativity and limitless. You must mix accessible features with effective messaging to reach your target. Each of these 15 most expensive Facebooks employed various strategies or implemented them differently!

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive Facebooks:

  1. N26- $3.77 Cost Per Click
  2. ButcherBox- $3.08 Cost Per Click
  3. Amazon Kindle- $3.08 Cost Per Click
  4. Scoro- $2.27 Cost Per Click
  5. InsightSquared- $2.24 Cost Per Click
  6. Architectural Digest- $2.14 Cost Per Click
  7. Olay- $1.81 Cost Per Click
  8. Livia- $1.32 Cost Per Click
  9. Headspace- $1.32 Cost Per Click
  10. Dermaclara- $1.32 Cost Per Click
  11. Asana- $1.27 Cost Per Click
  12. Tropicfeel- $0.70 Cost Per Click
  13. GlobeIn- $0.70 Cost Per Click
  14. Lyft- $0.63 Cost Per Click
  15. Zara- $0.45 Cost Per Click
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