Most Expensive Fabrics (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Fabrics

When you think about luxury fabrics, what images come to your mind? Does it transfer you to the front row of Paris Fashion Week? Do you long for soft and smooth clothes you never want to take them off?

Fabric is significant when judging clothing quality. By learning to distinguish high-quality from low-quality fabric, you can shop confidently, select amazing wardrobe items, and never buy crap clothes again.

Merino wool, silk, fur, and linen may be familiar, but other sorts are made from some of the rarest and best raw materials in the world, making them far more remarkable than ordinary fabrics. Curious about the world’s most luxurious fabrics? Let’s have a look!


This Most Expensive Facbrics review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Koigu Kertsi Cashmere
Koigu Kertsi Cashmere
Price: $8 Per 50 grams

Cashmere takes time and effort to develop since it is made from the undercoat of goats and then bred to produce wool. Cashmere fiber is derived from the cashmere goats or other goat breeds. It is also called cashmere wool in many locations.

Baby Cashmere
Baby Cashmere
Price: $15 In Retail Price

Celebrities and prominent individuals love cashmere. Its magnificence and price make it almost untouchable. Cashmere has been connected with kings and queens for millennia.

Price: $20 Per Yard

Cotton is one of the most underappreciated textiles since it is so well ubiquitous. However, not all cotton is created equal.

Cotton’s natural fibers have a greater sheen and feels silkier. Queen Victoria’s handkerchiefs were made from Sea Island cotton, cultivated in the Caribbean.

Price: $22.44 Per Yard

Linen is another expensive fabric. It was invented many years ago in Egypt. It offers the highest level of quality and style.

Price: $44.99 Per Yard

Mikado, a silk blend, is heavier than other silks, making it ideal for structured gowns and fitted pieces. It has a slight gloss and diagonal raised texture.

Its somewhat more serious feel gives it a unique drape and helps it to stand organically, making it a preferred fabric for bridal gowns.

Mulberry Silk
Mulberry Silk
Price: $100 Per Yard

Silk is the ultimate luxury fabric, noted for its decadence and exquisiteness. Mulberry silk is the softest, highest-quality silk available compared to other silk fabrics.

Fabric from Bombyx mori moth cocoons fed exclusively on mulberry leaves is hypoallergenic and homogeneous in texture and color.

Price: $250 Per Meter

Leather is a raw material created by tanning animal skin. Leather comes from cows, sheep, goats, and pigs. Shell Cordovan is a high-end horsehide leather with a mirror-like gloss.

Price: $1,500 For A Pair

New Zealand’s people have had to adjust to being isolated and suffering Antarctica’s cold winds. Traditionally, their most essential ally was the red deer’s soft, thin coat. Only 20 grams of cervalt, a fabric as soft as cashmere, can be taken from a deer yearly.

Japanese Denim
Japanese Denim
Price: $2,000 For A Pair

Japanese Denim is completely different from American Denim. Japanese Denim is popular among denim enthusiasts since it’s more of an art form than a typical fabric.

Japan Blue Group is behind all of this and delivers superior denim to Louis Vuitton and Gucci

Price: $5,000 Per Yard

Nepalese and Indian shahtoosh is a fabric woven from Tibetan antelope  (chiru). The shahtoosh is known as the “King of Fine Wools,” and it is used to make $5,000 shawls. Only Kashmiri expert weavers can weave the shawls.

Price: $5,759 Per Meter

Scabal, a well-known English merchant, has been selling this wonderful luxuriant fabric created in their English mill since 1938.

Its notable clients include Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, and Daniel Craig. This fabric is well-known for producing high-quality men’s cloth.

Burmese Lotus Flower Silk
Burmese Lotus Flower Silk
Price: You Have To Pay $6,000 For A Lotus Jacket

Myanmar’s lotus blossom silk, or kyar chi, is a rare, soft fabric discovered by chance. A girl from a Buddhist pagoda once picked a lotus flower for the monk. She saw a fiber where the stem was chopped and wove it into a robe for the monk.

Leopard Fur
Leopard Fur
Price: $8,000 Per Meter

Fur is utilized as beautiful and comfortable winter clothing. Many other types of fur are available on the market, but leopard fur is the best and most wonderful.

Leopard printed fur is one of the most expensive and elegant because it gives you the best and most comfortable feeling.

Guanaco Wool
Guanaco Wool
Price: $35,000 For A Jacket

Guanaco is an extremely expensive and rare fabric manufactured from llama fur in South America. Each adult llama gives only 2 to 3 pounds of guanaco.

Given its rarity, the guanaco is among the most expensive raw material in the apparel business, with items reaching unbelievable prices.

Vicuna Wool
Price: $50,000 For Custom Made

Vicuna wool is an luxurious fabric. It is difficult to make since it comes from Vicuna sheep in Peru, which cannot shear every year. The hand-looming method is time-consuming and expensive.

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Synthetic fibers are deemed inferior to natural fibers.  So many designers and merchants use expensive fabrics, so they must have benefits, right? This review highlighted the 15 most expensive fabrics; would you consider purchasing one of these for a high fashion look?

Here’s a quick summary of the 15 most expensive fabrics:

  1. Vicuna Wool- $50,000 For Custom Made
  2. Guanaco Wool- $35,000 For A Jacket
  3. Leopard Fur- $8,000 Per Meter
  4. Burmese Lotus Flower Silk- You Have To Pay $6,000 For A Lotus Jacket
  5. Scabal- $5,759 Per Meter
  6. Shahtoosh- $5,000 Per Yard
  7. Japanese Denim- $2,000 For A Pair
  8. Cervelt- $1,500 For A Pair
  9. Leather- $250 Per Meter
  10. Mulberry Silk- $100 Per Yard
  11. Mikado- $44.99 Per Yard
  12. Linen- $22.44 Per Yard
  13. Cotton- $20 Per Yard
  14. Baby Cashmere- $15 In Retail Price
  15. Koigu Kertsi Cashmere- $8 Per 50 grams
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