Most Expensive Element (2022 Update)

Most Expensive And Valuable Element On The Periodic Table

Scientists have discovered 118 elements in all. The history and origins of these elements, like the universe itself, are unknown, but scientists constantly learn more about the materials that make up our entire world.

The price of these elements comes down to how much it costs to make them, which can be millions or billions of dollars per atom. If you’re wondering why is an element so expensive, we will show you the list of the 10 most costly elements and their characteristics to offer to be on that list.

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This Most Expensive Element review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Gold Superheavy Elements
Price: $56 per gram

Kicking off in our top ten is gold. This element is popular, especially in jewelry. Science shows that gold’s properties make it ideal for electronic applications, but its high cost prevents its use in wires. In its finest form, gold is a brilliant, slightly reddish, soft, malleable, and ductile metal.

Lanthanum Silvery White Metallic Element
Price: $64 per gram

Next on our list is Lanthanum, a silvery-white metallic element. Lanthanum is so soft that you can literally cut it with a knife. It’s a rare earth metal but isn’t useful in pure form. However, its compounds have many uses.

It’s utilized in catalysts, carbon arc lamps for studio lights and projectors, lighters, torches, electron cathodes, scintillators, GTAW electrodes, and more. Due to its rarity, this element is costly.

Carbon Expensive Synthetic Elements
Price: $65,000 per gram

Carbon is one of the most important elements of life. Even though we all have a lot of it in our bodies and things like coal and graphite aren’t very expensive. But if the carbon atoms are in a certain order, they can have an extremely high value.

Expensive Soft Metal Element
Price: $270 per gram

Our 7th most expensive element is Scandium, a soft metal that was discovered in 1879. The substance is barely three times denser than water and is dispersed among 800 minerals.

As the 50th most abundant element on earth, scandium isn’t rare, yet it’s expensive. One gram of this metal costs you around $270. Scandium is used to make high-intensity lights because it mimics daylight. It’s also used to make alkaline batteries, bike frames, and baseball bats.

Price: $545 per gram

Rhodium is the rarest non-radioactive metal. The material costs roughly $545 per gram, its rarity drives up its price. The metallic element only occurs in “one part per 200 million in the Earth’s crust,” thus making it hard to find and harvest.

William Hyde Wollaston discovered rhodium from South American platinum in 1803. Today, the element is used to reduce engine emissions. Another thing is it’s also used to finish jewelry because it’s long-lasting and tarnishing-resistant.

Neptunium Expensive Valuable Element
Price: $660 per gram

While rhodium is a non-radioactive metal, neptunium is an ultra-rare, radioactive, and exceedingly expensive element. The material isn’t found in nature because it’s rare. Neutron detectors make the element common in nuclear reactors and labs.

Despite being radioactive, scientists haven’t found any specific health impacts from neptunium exposure. However, other research on Neptunium’s effects on bones implies it can cause cancer.

Extremely Dangerous Element IS Element
Price: $4,000 per gram

The most famous and destructive substance on this list is Plutonium. In 1941, Glenn T. Seaborg, Joseph W. Kennedy, and Arthur C. Wahl discovered it. It is employed in numerous atomic bombs and is still used today.

Plutonium, on the other hand, isn’t just for weapons. It is also used to power space missions like the Mars Curiosity Rover. The New Horizons spacecraft, the first to visit Pluto, is also powered by Plutonium. Interestingly, Plutonium was named after the planet Pluto.

Berkelium Expensive Elements
Price: $27 million per gram

Stanley G. Thompson, Albert Ghiorso, and Glenn T. Seaborg discovered Berkelium in 1949. The group was studying at Berkeley when they discovered berkelium.

This element, named for its discovery location (Berkeley, CA), is the third most expensive element. Like other rare elements, it’s hard to figure out the exact price. However, berkelium is said to be worth a whopping $27 million per gram.

Californium Second Most Expensive Elements
Price: $27 million per gram

Unlike several of these elements, californium is man-made. The same scientists who discovered berkelium also discovered Californianium. Like Berkelium, Californianium was named after its place of discovery: California.

As the second-most costly element in the world, Californianium costs $27 million per gram but the global production of californium is a half gram per year.

Radioactivity makes the rare, expensive element extremely dangerous and hard to handle. As a result, the element is almost impossible to find outside of a lab.

Francium Highly Reactive Metal Chemical Elements Only A Half Gram
Price: $1 billion per gram

Finally, the most expensive natural element is Francium. You might wonder how such an element could be so valuable. The fact that this element has a half-life of only 22 twinkles adds to its value.

Before this incredibly rare element was discovered in 1939, Russian scientist Dmitry I. Mendeleyev predicted its existence. But it was a French chemist named Marguerite Perey who found francium in the late 1930s while she was studying actinium-227.

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Even after thousands of years of human existence, there are still so many new discoveries to be made, and some of those interesting discoveries about our planet are the natural elements that exist.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the most expensive elements:

  1. Francium – $1 billion per gram
  2. Californium – $27 million per gram
  3. Tritium – $30,000 per gram
  4. Plutonium $4,000 per gram
  5. Neptunium – $660 per gram
  6. Rhodium – $545 per gram
  7. Scandium – $270 per gram
  8. Carbon – $65,00 per gram
  9. Lanthanum – $64 per gram
  10. Gold – $56 per gram
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