Most Expensive Currency (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Currency

Currencies are money themselves, but did you ever think we can still compare each based on their monetary value? Well, as it turns out, we can.

Curiosity kills. So, if you’re interested to know which among the many currencies in the world is the most expensive, join me in this article!


This Most Expensive Currency review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Canadian Dollar: CAD
Canadian Dollar
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 0.78 USD

“Loonie” is the nickname given to the one-dollar coin in Canada because of the bird shown on it.

The Canadian dollar is affected by global oil price movements. Because the United States is Canada’s largest oil importer, CAD fluctuates in tandem with the US dollar’s value.

US Dollar: USD
US Dollar
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 1 USD

Since 1944, the United States Dollar has been already dubbed the “World Reserve Currency.” It is also the most traded currency in the foreign exchange market.

Swiss Franc: CHF
Swiss Franc
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 1.08 USD

The Swiss Franc is one of the most stable currencies in the world, with little impact from inflation.

This is unsurprising given Switzerland’s rigorous monetary policy and low debt levels, making it a secure choice for investors when trading or keeping money.

European Euro: EUR
European Euro
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 1.14 USD

EUR is the official currency of 19 European nations. It is the world’s second reserve currency, behind the US dollar, with a market share of 25% of global savings.

Plus, don’t forget that EUR is the second most traded currency in the world.

Cayman Islands Dollar: KYD
Cayman Islands Dollar
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 1.22 USD

It is no news that Cayman Islands Dollar is a strong currency. This position is rooted in the fact that the Cayman Islands is one of the greatest tax havens in the world for both people and corporations.

In addition, this nation also grants licenses to central banks, insurance firms, and hedge funds.

British Pound Sterling: GBP
British Pound Sterling
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 1.35 USD

Contrary to common belief, British Pound Sterling is not the strongest currency in the world. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most valuable currencies on our list.

GBP is the oldest currency in circulation, and a top traded currency worldwide.

Jordanian Dinar: JOD
Jordanian Dinar
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 1.41 USD

Jordanian Dinar is the world’s fourth most powerful currency.

Since this nation is not economically developed and lacks key resources such as oil, the fact that it has one of the strongest currencies provokes some controversy.

Omani Rial: OMR
Omani Rial
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 2.60 USD

The Omani Rial is the world’s third most powerful currency.

Oman, like the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, has a strong economy and a high standard of living due to oil production.

Bahraini Dinar: BHD
Bahraini Dinar
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 2.66 USD

Another valuable currency in the world is the Bahraini Dinar.

Bahrain is now one of the world’s most important oil producers. As a result, worldwide gas and petroleum exports are the country’s primary source of revenue.

Kuwaiti Dinar: KWD
Kuwaiti Dinar
Price: Exchange Rate (US Dollar): 3.30 USD

Currently, Kuwaiti Dinar holds the title of being the strongest currency in the world.

Since Kuwait is a tiny nation, you may be surprised that its currency is so expensive. Well, it’s because despite being small, this country boasts a stable economy and significant oil exports.

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The national currency isn’t just money. Somehow, it’s also a reflection of the country’s economy and status.

If you want more, you can also check out the Australian Dollar and Brunei Dollar. A bit of history doesn’t hurt, right? I hope you learn things from this review!

Here is a quick review of the 10 most valuable currencies in the world:

  1. Kuwaiti Dinar: KWD – 3.30 USD
  2. Bahraini Dinar: BHD – 2.66 USD
  3. Omani Rial: OMR – 2.60 USD
  4. Jordanian Dinar: JOD – 1.41 USD
  5. British Pound Sterling: GBP – 1.35 USD
  6. Cayman Islands Dollar: KYD – 1.22 USD
  7. European Euro: EUR – 1.14 USD
  8. Swiss Franc: CHF – 1.08 USD
  9. US Dollar: USD – 1 USD
  10. Canadian Dollar: CAD – 0.78 USD
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