Most Expensive Crocs (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Crocs 2022 Update

Crocs are immortal. These clogs have cradled our feet during daily hardships for 19 years. Crocs gently massage our soles with each step inside its marshmallow-like substance. Since the late 2000s, it’s been a cheap sandal that lasts longer than most. I’ve had one pair of Crocs for ten years. I’ll wait for a sandal that lasts that long.

Crocs detractors still say they’re the ugliest shoes ever manufactured. Crocs have a unique style that isn’t for everyone, but the brand has collaborated to improve its image. Crocs made with Bad Bunny and Balenciaga has generated much buzz. Crocs and sweatpants are essential for those who still work from home. You might as well flaunt a Crocs partnership while signing for UPS.

Everyone needs Crocs. Palace Crocs provide streetwear fans new footwear. Nicole McLaughlin’s Crocs are ideal for indoor nature lovers. Crocs by Alife can be enclosed in glass and presented as art during a Zoom call. We looked at the top Crocs collabs with Salehe Bembury’s Crocs project debuting today. Here are the 15 finest.


This Most Expensive Crocs review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

15 Carrots
Price: $80

Anwar Carrots kept his brand intact when he debuted Crocs this year. The orange and green clogs featured Carrots’ famous insignia throughout Jibbitz. Anwar gave his collaboration a more rugged look by using an “All Terrain” clog.

Awake NY
14 AWAKE NY X Crocs
Price: $100

Angelo Baque’s Awake NY collaborates well. Ongoing shoe collabs with Asics, Yankees, Mets fitting headwear with New Era, and Sam Friedman-designed winterwear are highlights. Another 2021 concept was two Crocs. Each pair had hearts for family. Black had white hearts, while purple had blue. Each Jibbitz had Awake logos and a red apple to honor the brand’s NYC beginnings. In the design, the prominent usage of hearts reinforced Baque’s idea, “Home is where the heart is.”

Chinatown Market x Grateful Dead
13 ChinatownMarket X Grateful Dead
Price: $108

Chinatown Market has partnered with Crocs. In 2020, the brand tapped into streetwear’s Grateful Dead passion with tie-dye clogs. Jibbitz made Grateful Dead Bears with climbing gear and rock-hold charms. Bears appear to be climbing on the clogs. Impressive.

Salehe Bembury Pollex Clog
12 Salehe Bembury Pollex Clog
Price: $154

Salehe Bembury’s Crocs Pollex Clog won again. The distinctive design is Crocs’ first cooperation upper. Bembury’s fingerprints were merged to make the shape. New perforations on the foot’s warmest areas improve ventilation. Crocs now have Velcro straps instead of rubber ones. Olive and tan accented the outdoorsy atmosphere. Crocs clogs were already in popularity thanks to designer collaborations. Bembury took creativity further with the Pollex Clog. He also developed the most attractive Crocs we’ve ever seen. If Crocs allows its collaborators more freedom to adjust its molded uppers, more out-of-the-box ideas could be on the way.

Nicole McLaughlin
11 Nicole McLaughlin
Price: $196

Nicole McLaughlin, Instagram’s favorite upcycler, collaborated with Crocs last year. It’s one of the best Crocs collaborations we’ve seen. McLaughlin is an outdoor enthusiast who isn’t scared to experiment with DIY footwear. When she uploaded the Crocs prototype, her supporters knew it was a good sign. Crocs are a mini-survival kit. It has a headlamp, compass, and carabiners. McLaughlin’s Crocs have a paracord bundle and a little sack instead of Jibbitz. The clog’s ankle gaiters function as chalk bags for climbers.

Post Malone Duet Max Clog
10 PostMalone Duet Max Clog
Price: $232

Post Malone has collaborated with Crocs four times in two years. Post Malone’s last Crocs collab was his most ambitious in terms of design. Posty used Crocs’ Duet Max silhouette for a chunkier aesthetic. Although adjustable velcro straps are excellent, the Crocs’ lobster clasp Jibbit is confusing. We think it was meant for shotgunning Post Malone elixir, aka Bud Light.

9 Palace  Website
Price: $248

Balenciaga and Justin Bieber have worked with Crocs. So, it should not be strange to see a business or celebrity release their own clogs. Despite this, London skate brand Palace released Crocs in May 2021. The couple wore desert camo with Jibbitz such as turtles, pound sterling symbols, script logos, and the brand’s Tri-Ferg. Palace, known for its quirky product descriptions, was self-aware about teaming with Crocs. Palace’s product page says, “Don’t Knock It Till You Tried It.” StockX is selling these for an average of $248.

Beams (2020)
8 Beams 2020 Shoe Website
Price: $300

Beams’ Crocs collaborations are always unique. Japanese brand Crocs features sun visors, fanny packs, and beaded fringes. It was possibly the first time a brand dressed Crocs as a person. So when Beams collaborated with the brand again in 2020, they gave us fishing vest-inspired Crocs. It included nylon cargo pockets and COBRA buckle belt straps. Initially available for $70 in Japan, these Crocs now cost $300. These were produced in a limited quantity, so acquire them while you can.

Bad Bunny
7 Bad Bunny
Price: $500

Few got them when the Latin Trap king dropped his Crocs in 2020. His Crocs sold out in 15 minutes, and there’s a petition to refill them. Bad Bunny told the NYT, “I’m always trying to feel comfy.” “I didn’t decide to relax abruptly. Always have. I like to look good. Bad Bunny wore straightforward Crocs. It was a white clog croc with glow-in-the-dark details. StockX resold Crocs for $500.

Alife 'Art'
6 Alife Art Shoe And Charms
Price: $600

Alife has always released quirky shoes. What other brand released an Asics Gel-Lyte III with googly eyes? Who could forget the “Ball Out” Reeboks? When Alife collaborated with Crocs, they came out swinging. Alife chose to distribute this pair, which was really a sculpture rather than simply another pair of clogs, alongside another pair of Crocs that arrived pre-attached to its own pair of tube socks. Alife’s $600 “Art” Crocs featured 3D-printed Jibbitz depicting NYC sites like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Unisphere in Flushing, Queens. Only 100 pairs were made and sold at Alife’s Rivington Street store. If you bought a pair of Alife’s $150 extras in March, count yourself lucky. They’re for show.

Christopher Kane 
5 Christopher Kane Croc Footwear
Price: $600

The Neil Armstrong of Crocs collaborations. Christopher Kane was the first designer to innovate. The Scottish designer debuted the first-ever designer Crocs at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. Crocs and the luxury fashion house have linked together once more. The clog shoes were first released in marble print colors with mineral stone Jibbitz. Kane blogged about his vision for Crocs. “The marble print feels very earthy, and I think Crocs shoes are extremely grounded, worn with an evening dress or jeans. The rock crystals offer a sense of luxury to this everyday style.” Kane later released tiger-print Crocs with floral Jibbitz. These Crocs aren’t the first that comes to mind when thinking of Crocs collaborations, but they’re hard to find nowadays. On the StockX website, one pair costs $600. They also have paid commissions for those who are interested

Balenciaga Boot (2021)
4 Kanye West Balenciga Croc shoes
Price: $695

Balenciaga’s reinvented Crocs footwear is probably more divisive than the original rubber shoes. Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection featured the second Crocs collaboration. It’s a clog-rainboot hybrid. The look is functional. High-cut ankles and closed holes make the boot useful. An arch divides the collaboration from its source. West has worn the black pair, and other Demna Gvasalia designs through the end of 2021. Men can choose between olive green and grey, while ladies have black, green, and white. This isn’t for everyone, especially at $695, but it solidified Crocs’ stylish status.

Takashi Murakami X ComplexCon
3 Takashi Murakami X ComplexCon Most Expensive Croc Shoes
Price: $1,500

Takashi Murakami was Crocs’ first big artist partnership, released at ComplexCon Long Beach last year. The clogs featured Murakami’s trademark Ursa bear as a Jibbitz charm.

Balenciaga (2018)
2 Balenciaga 2018 Most expensive croc shoes
Price: $1,800

They’re the original Crocs. Demna Gavasalia’s SS18 show secured foam clogs’ place in fashion history. The 10cm-high Balenciaga platform Crocs have Jibbitz charms. “It’s a new shoe.” These techniques and materials are quintessentially Balenciaga, Gavasalia told Vogue after debuting these on the runway. In Spring 2018, these $850 Crocs sold out at Barney’s. Few pairs are available online for $1,800.

Chinatown Market 'Turf'
1 Most Expensive Croc Shoes
Price: $2,000

This is the comfiest Crocs together with Alife’s sock Crocs. Chinatown Market’s first Crocs collaboration was a grass-covered pair. The brand wanted to emulate strolling barefoot on grass everywhere. Who wouldn’t?

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Hopefully, this article will help you search for the most expensive crocs. If not…maybe it at least was good to look at some unique ones.

Here is a summary list of the most expensive crocs.

  1. Chinatown Market ‘Turf’: $2,000
  2. Balenciaga (2018): $1,800
  3. Takashi Murakami x ComplexCon: $1,500
  4. Balenciaga Boot (2021): $695
  5. Christopher Kane :$600
  6. Alife ‘Art’: $600
  7. Bad Bunny: $500
  8. Beams (2020): $300
  9. Palace : $248
  10. Post Malone Duet Max Clog: $232
  11. Nicole McLaughlin: $196
  12. Salehe Bembury Pollex Clog: $154
  13. Chinatown Market x Grateful Dead: $108
  14. Awake NY: $100
  15. Carrots: $80
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