Most Expensive Cowboy Boots (2022 update)

Most Expensive Cowboy Boots 2022 update

Cowboy boots don’t require you to be a cowboy to wear them. Cowboy boots will never go out of style, even if that’s true for some people but not for others. Once you put on a pair of cowboy boots, you’ll never be able to put them back on.

They’re pretty comfy, and they do a great job of protecting your feet simultaneously. They’re also some of the most fashionable shoes you’ll ever come across. The majority of cowboy boots are handcrafted, which means they’re already expensive. However, we’ve come across some of the most unbelievable prices on cowboy boots.

There are so many kinds, from work boots to riding boots, roper boots, and stockman boots, to choose from.

Look, we all know these aren’t rubber shoes. But still, someone is buying these things. Which means:

Someone can afford them.


This Most Expensive Cowboy Boots review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Stallion Black American Alligator Cowboy Boots
10 Stallion Black American Alligator Cowboy Boots
Price: $3,000

It’s simple to see what’s happening. It’s a cinch. It’s produced with care and attention to detail. The Stallion Black pair of American cowboy boots may be the most basic, but that doesn’t imply it’s cheap. At $3,000 for a pair, most of us can’t afford to purchase them. Despite the lack of embellishment you might expect from a pair of cowboy boots, this pair has an understated grace to it. A magnificent pattern emerges from the American alligator leather.

Lucchese Forde Black Alligator Cowboy Boot 
9 Lucchese Forde Black Alligator Cowboy Boot 
Price: $5,000

Lucchese’s Forde cowboy boots are exquisitely crafted and fashionable, made from American alligator. It combines the richness of Lucchese boots and the handcrafted toughness that no other boot can match. If you prefer a brown stain for your Forde, you may alternatively obtain the same design in black.

Philipp Plein Embellished Women's Cowboy Boots 
8 Philipp Plein Embellished Womens Cowboy Boots 
Price: $5,000

Women’s cowboy boots are rare, and this one has stiletto heels for good measure. It’s a modern reinterpretation of the cowboy boot from the Old West. Intricately beaded embroidery is found on the Philipp Plein Embellished cowboy boot, which is unique. Rock and roll have never looked better on your feet than it does with these kicks.

Lucchese Romia Cowboy Boots 
7 Lucchese Romia Cowboy Boots 
Price: $6,000

For a pair of shoes that cost $6,000, you know you’re spending a lot more than the norm. Lucchese Boot Company is one of the greatest cowboy boot brands in the world. No wonder they charge so much for their non-customized boots. The Blue Crocodile from the Nile is used to make the Romia boot.

Lucchese Colton Cowboy Boots 
6 Lucchese Colton Cowboy Boots 
Price: $6,500

The Colton cowboy boots from Lucchese will set you back an additional $500. The American alligator leather in this pair has a gorgeous brown color. Alligator details on the design make a strong statement in contrast to the monochromatic design.

Baron Cowboy Boots 
5 Baron Cowboy Boots 
Price: $13,000

The Lucchese Baron is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a taste of old-school elegance. Without any alterations, these shoes go for $13,000. Alligator leather from the United States is used to create the Baron cowboy boot, which is dyed in dark black cherry color. Anyone sporting a pair of these boots will undoubtedly draw attention to themselves. This is famous in San Antonio.

Wheeler Boot Company Football-themed Cowboy Boot 
4 Wheeler Boot Company Football themed Cowboy Boot 
Price: $17,000

Dave Wheeler, a cowboy boot shop owner, once fashioned a cowboy boot for a die-hard sports fan. If you’re a football fanatic, you may be willing to spend $17k on a pair of cowboy boots. The boots were also distinctively styled. A total of 16 Super Bowl tickets from the customer’s lifetime were incorporated by Wheeler.

Tres Outlaws Cowboy Boots 
3 Tres Outlaws Cowboy Boots 
Price: $75,000

Tres Outlaws is an El Paso, Texas shoe business. Except that they previously sold a pair of cowboy boots for $75,000, not much else can be said about that establishment. What is the reason for a pair of shoes to cost so much money? First and foremost, the boot’s intricate designs visually represent Mexico’s rich past. This is perhaps the coolest method to convey how much you adore Mexico. But you’ll also get a total of $18,000 worth of gold and silver from various eras of Mexican history with your pair of cowboy boots.

Howard Knight's Phantom Cowboy Boots 
2 Howard Knights Phantom Cowboy Boots 
Price: $106,000

Truly exceptional boots have almost all been handcrafted by some talented individual. That’s the real secret to the high quality of most cowboy boots. Conversely, if you own a pair of Howard Knight cowboy boots, you’re in for a real treat. It took Howard Knight roughly 800 hours to manufacture a pair of shoes for a customer. To devote so much effort to one piece of art is truly remarkable. The cost of the boot is around $132.50 per hour worked if you break it down that way. I think it’s a good deal.

Jack Armstrong Cosmic Cowboy Boots 
Price: $6 million

You may be surprised to learn that a pair of boots can cost $6 million. Someone who has enough money apparently will. Because the boots in question are a work of art by renowned American artist Jack Armstrong, it helps that they’re cowboy boots.

Armstrong designed these boot wonders as part of his Cosmic X collection, which will include little more than 100 pairs. Different words appear when you look at the Cosmic X cowboy boots from a certain angle.

That’s a lot more than you’d expect from a pair that costs $60. He was also famous for the cowboy boots he wore while painting. It was a brand new pair of Tony Lama boots from 1968.

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With any luck, the information presented above will assist you in your quest for the most expensive cowboy boots

Here is the recap of the most expensive cowboy boots on the planet.

  1. Jack Armstrong Cosmic Cowboy Boots – $6 million
  2. 2. Howard Knight’s Phantom Cowboy Boots – $106,000
  3. Tres Outlaws Cowboy Boots – $75,000
  4. Wheeler Boot Company Football-themed Cowboy Boot – $17,000
  5. Lucchese Baron Cowboy Boots – 13,000
  6. 6. Lucchese Colton Cowboy Boots – $6,500
  7. Lucchese Romia Cowboy Boots – $6,000
  8. Philipp Plein Embellished Women’s Cowboy Boots – $5,000
  9. Lucchese Forde Black Alligator Cowboy Boot – $5,000
  10. Stallion Black American Alligator Cowboy Boots – $3,000
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