Most Expensive Cigarettes (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Cigarettes

“It helps me cope.” Besides pleasure, I think this is the common reason why smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco has been so prevalent. Somehow, the nicotine in it distracts them from the harsh reality. This truth is sad, but what can we do?

Besides being said to , cigarettes also cost them a lot of money. Yes, the average price and the lowest cigarette prices exist, but most of them belong to the highest cigarette prices ever. Indeed, a few dollars wouldn’t be enough to satisfy people’s cravings.

Want proof? I’ll lay it in front of you right now. Let’s go!


This Most Expensive Cigarettes review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Sobranie Black Russians
Sobranie Black Russians With High Cigarette Excise Tax
Price: $12.50

As the name hints, Sobranie refers to a grouping or collection. The gorgeous black and gold wrapper radiates elegance, complete with gold foil on the inside, yet these brown and gold pack of cigarettes aren’t cheap.

This cigarette costs $12.50 per pack.

Djarum Cherry
Djarum Cherry Expensive Tobacco Taxes Buy Cigarettes
Price: $15.80

In 2003, Djarum Cherry cigarettes made their debut in the United States and have since spread to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

When this clove cigarette was initially introduced, no other clove cigarette had the same fragrant cherry flavor. The answer to keeping the cherry flavor throughout the cigarette smoke is using a sweetened filter.

Black Devil
Black Devil Federal Tax Rate On Cigarette
Price: $18.80

Black Devil, an iconic-looking cigarette, is a dutch brand. Its appearance is all thanks to Huepink & Bloeman, who created it.

Over the years, Black Devil cigarettes have been loved by customers for their unique tastes, like vanilla with a spicy chai undertone. Instead of the usual cigarette smell, they smell like burning incense.

Woodbine Virginia Blend
Woodbine Virginia Blend Exorbitant Cigarette Tax National Average
Price: $20.35

Contrary to expectations, Woodbine Virginia Blend cigarettes are an iconic English cigarette brand.

Currently, they have been owned by Imperial Tobacco, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International, since 2019. The brand’s iconic position, on the other hand, dates all the way back to 1888, making it one of the oldest still in business.

Silk Cut Purple 100s
Silk Cut Purple 100s
Price: $20.55

Silk Cut is a cigarette manufacturer owned by Japan Tobacco’s Gallaher Group subsidiary. If you live in Japan and think you’ll see this, no. As of writing, this one is based in the United Kingdom. But yeah, the corporation has relationships all over the place.

As a sign of royalty, the logo was put in the middle of the package in a square that was either red, silver, or white.

Dunhill High Cigarette Taxes Cheapest State National Cancer Institute
Price: $20.69

With its premium tobacco and red-and-white striped logo, there’s no wonder this luxury cigarette is well-loved in the UK. According to the brand label, there are no extra additives in the packaging process.

Regal Blue
Regal Blue Smoking Habit Per Pack
Price: $21.29

In 1969, Embassy Regal Filter was a famous cigarette business in England. They immediately gained a reputation for being classier than the ordinary smoking brand in the United Kingdom.

Rothmans Original
Rothmans Original High State Sales Tax On Cigarettes
Price: $21.55

In the United Kingdom, Rothman Original Cigarette is a household name. The Rothman company (now defunct), which first operated in 1980, is the root of this cigarette. The surviving cartons of Rothman’s cigarettes are now considered valuable collectibles.

Treasurer Aluminum Gold
Treasurer Gold Tobacco Products
Price: $60

This shining golden package of cigarettes is among the world’s most sumptuous cigarette packets.

If you are an average smoker in the United States, there are just two locations where you may purchase these wonderful bundles. These are only available in Burbank or Moorpark, California.

Treasurer Luxury Black
Treasurer Luxury Black Tobacco Products Electronic Cigarettes
Price: $67

Treasurer Luxury Black does not dominate our list for no reason. This one is considered the epitome of tobacconist’s artistry.

Cheaper brands around the world can’t compete with the old-world appeal of these premium cigarettes, which are imported directly from London.

Like the other variants of Treasurer, they are exclusively available in two locations in North America, and the brand isn’t carried by many retailers elsewhere.

How To Live Your Very Own “Expensive” Lifestyle In 2022

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What a surprising price of cigarettes, right? Well, I think this is the sign to quit smoking, lol. Anyway, if you’re not a smoker and here, I hope you don’t surrender to it someday.

Sometimes life is tough, but we have our friends and family on our backs. Cigarettes will never be the answer.

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive cigarettes:

  1. Treasurer Luxury Black – $67
  2. Treasurer Aluminum Gold – $60
  3. Rothmans Original – $21.55
  4. Regal Blue – $21.29
  5. Dunhill – $20.69
  6. Silk Cut Purple 100s – $20.55
  7. Woodbine Virginia Blend – $20.35
  8. Black Devil – $18.80
  9. Djarum Cherry – $15.80
  10. Sobranie Black Russians – $12.50
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