Most Expensive Chicken (2022 Update)

The Most Expensive Chicken Breeds In The World

What is the most expensive chicken breed?

There are rare and strange chickens all over the world. They will definitely surprise you in so many ways. Find out about the most expensive chicken in the world and why people are willing to pay such high prices.


This Most Expensive Chicken review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Orpington Expensive Chickens in the World American Poultry Association
Price: $5 To $35 Per Chick

Orpingtons are a type of chicken that comes from England.

As soon as this breed was made, it became well-known, and it has been popular ever since. They are fun to have and get along well with the people who care for them. They come in a lot of interesting color combinations.

Bresse Chickens
Price: $10 Per Chick

Even if you have the money to buy Bresse chicken, you still need to take a moment. Know that you can’t buy this breed at an incubator or even from a breeder who specializes in this type.

Brahma Chicken In Chicken Coop
Price: $16 To $24

The Brahma is the second-largest chicken in the world, after the Jersey Giant.

Even though they are tall and look scary, they are kind of giants. They are great additions to any flock and can help protect the flock from smaller predators.

Olandsk Dwarf
Olandsk Dwarf Chicken With Hefty Price Tag
Price: $25 To $115

The Olandsk Dwarf is a breed of chicken that comes from Sweden.

This little Swedish chicken is a real bantam, not a smaller version of a bantam from a larger breed. They are also very friendly and will gladly eat from people’s hands.

Orust Hen Lay Eggs
Price: $30 To $150 Per Bird

Since Orust chickens are rare and unusual, it’s very hard to find them. In fact, there were less than 3,000 Orust left in the world in 2016.

Don’t worry, though. Some of them are still around. This chicken breed’s unique appearance matches its unique origins. It has a pattern of black and white spots on its feathers that is almost unmatched. This pattern often continues on its legs as a mosaic of black and white scales.

Price: $100 Per Chick

Deathlayer is made up of multiple layers. It is one of the most beautiful chickens in the world because of the way the greens and purples in its black feathers reflect light. It also has a dese cushion comb, a long, fluffy tail, and black doll eyes.

Aside from how beautiful it looks, Deathlayer has no trouble hatching eggs. It turns out that this type of chicken can lay a huge number of eggs until the day they die.

Liege Fighter (Luikse Vechter)
Liege Fighter Popular Chicken Breed
Price: $100 To $150+

Liege Fighters are friendly to their human owners, even though they are aggressive toward their predators. Liege Fighter, also called Luikse Vechter, is a breed of Belgium game fowl that was used for cockfighting and entertainment in extreme places.

Kadaknath Chicken
Price: $2500 Per Pair

India is the home of the beautiful and rare Kadaknath chicken breed. This chicken is well-known for having black meat. The price is high, but you can’t go wrong with how thick, fine, and tasty the meat is. Also, you should know that Kadaknath is better for backyard chicken keepers than for large-scale production.

Dong Tao Chicken
Dong Tao Chickens Rare Breed
Price: $2500

Dong Tao chicken is a breed from Vietnam, and as you can see, it looks different from other chickens. Look at how thick those legs are!

In any case, this breed is great for making meat. If you go to Vietnamese restaurants, you’ll see that the chicken’s meat does add up to the price.

Ayam Cemani
Ayam Cemani Chickens Most Expensive Chicken Breed Swedish Black Chicken
Price: $5000 Per Pair

Finally, the most expensive chicken breed on our list! Ayam Cemani Chicken is Indonesia’s most prized chicken breed. This one is similar to Swedish Black Hen in many ways. This rare breed has been treasured for its sacred and magical properties for generations.

Ayam Cenami’s dark color is caused by a rare genetic disease called fibromatosis. This color is very unusual for hens, which is why this breed is so expensive. You don’t have to be a fourth generation chicken keeper to understand how great these chickens are.

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Those chickens are indeed amazing!

I hope you enjoy our list of the most expensive chicken breeds. If you want more of these expensive chickens, you can also look for Sussex chicken and Ayam Ketawa or laughing chicken.

What are you waiting for? Look at your backyard or farm, and see if you can spot an expensive chicken breed!

Finally, here’s a quick wrap up of the most expensive chicken:

  1. Ayam Cemani – $5000 per pair
  2. Dong Tao Chicken – $2500
  3. Kadaknath – $2500 per pair
  4. Liege Fighter (Luikse Vechter) – $100 to $150+
  5. Deathlayer – $100 per chick
  6. Orust – $30 to $150 per bird
  7. Olandsk Dwarf – $25 to $115
  8. Brahma – $16 to $24
  9. Bresse – $10 per chick
  10. Orpington – $5 to $35 per chick
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