Most Expensive Chess Set (2022 Update)

The Worlds Most Expensive Chess Set

Did you catch the Queen’s Gambit fever and got you interested in chess and politics?

Psychologists frequently cite chess as an excellent strategy to improve memory function.

Do you find chess nerdy? Ah, but you’re mistaken. There are many hard and soft reasons to play chess.

Chess is for everyone. Unlike many other sports, you can try and play chess at any age. If you are looking for the best unique chess set, then please continue reading.

But before we dig deeper


This Most Expensive Chess Set review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

1950's Soviet Grandmasters Chess Pieces
Vintage Soviet Russian Chess Set
Price: $154.95

The Soviet Union has fallen, yet the legacy of Soviet chess Grandmasters still inspires.

These aren’t antiques, but they are modeled after 1950s Grandmasters.

Soviet-era sets are collectible. They are hand-carved from antiqued boxwood and larger Grandmaster size, which will appeal to collectors.

Song Of Solomon Bus Rosewood Chess Pieces M2039
Song of Solomon Bud Rosewood Chess Pieces
Price: $249

This innovative set was made from the rarest wood available.

Golden Rosewood or Sheesham, is the greatest part of the tree, followed by ‘Rosewood,’ then the root. Bud Rosewood, the smallest and rarest portion, brings out rich colors in chess pieces and is as sought after as Ebony. This chess set’s design is unique, rare, and beautiful.

The Castle Carved Complete Brass Chess Set
The Castle Carved Complete Brass Chess Set
Price: $297.50

This Staunton-style chess set is elegant and hand-crafted that will dazzle.

This full-sized set is heavy, making it ideal for serious players. The solid brass pieces and chess board have exquisite, multi-tonal hand carvings, making it a showpiece set you’ll never want to put away.

The London Chambers – Bud Rosewood 6″ Chess Set
The London Chambers Bud Rosewood Chess Sets
Price: $669

The London Chambers is a set with a King height that is almost 6 inches tall.

Triple weighted, with two queens on each side, requiring chess boards with squares at least two inches square. Fine sets of chess pieces are crafted from the most expensive material available.

The Salvador Ebony Limited Edition Chess Set (X3093)
The Salvador Ebony Limited Edition Luxury Chess Sets
Price: $695

This Limited Edition Chess Set is possibly the most beautiful chess set ever created in the same way as the Ezekiel Chess Pieces in Ebony chess set. It ought to be named Dali and exhibited in a museum. Bud Rosewood – the roots of the rosewood tree, is the most expensive and controlled material for wooden chess designs.

Star Wars Pewter Chess Set By Royal Selangor
Royal Selangor Star Wars Collection Pewter Star Wars Classic Chess Set Perfect Gift
Price: $1,800

The Rebel Alliance and the Empire battle. This set contains Episodes IV, V, and VI characters on a glass chessboard. They look like beskar, but they’re carved pewter on porcelain plinths. This gorgeous collector’s piece is ideal for displays and a wonderful gift for fantasy fans.

This high-quality collector’s edition is sold at a premium price, but the design and craftsmanship make it a treasured item. You can use Coupon Code CSCOM for 10% Off!

The Savano Series Luxury Wood Chess Set, Box, and Board Combination
The Savano Series Artisan Wood Chess Pieces
Price: $1,863

This chess set is for perfectionists, it has high-quality materials and excellent design. Fantastic!

Savano Series Luxury Chess Set has a unique chess piece. All pieces are heavy to feel luxury in hand and during play, Bird’s Eye Maple and Elm Burl are used to make it. The chessboard in this set is equally beautiful, but it doesn’t overshadow the chess piece.

The Camaratta Signature Series Cooke Luxury Wood Chess Set
The Camaratta Cooke Limited Edition Luxury Chess Sets
Price: $3,245

The House of Staunton’s masterwork chess set has a luxurious vintage aesthetic and high-quality craftsmanship. This deluxe chess set is elegant and luxurious, from the maple wood chessboard to the cushioned base pads of Frank Camaratta’s pieces.

This fancy chess set was even featured in an issue of WIRED magazine! That’s right. This elegant chess set is so high-end that journalists are sitting up and taking notice.

The Golden Collector Series Luxury Chess Set
The Golden Collector Series Luxury Wood Chess Set Box Board Combination
Price: $8,495

This set is the most magnificent chess set we’ve ever reviewed. This is for that chess player who wants the best. This set includes pieces, board, and packaging, so nothing will be mismatched. The chessmen are made of boxwood and ebony.

The elegant board is also hand-carved in the United States. This is one of the best luxury chess sets, but if you want to buy it, you can use the coupon code for a discount.

The Mammoth Ivory Collector Series Luxury Chess Set
Collector Series Mammoth Best Luxury Chess Sets
Price: $12,995

Mammoth ivory is made from the skeletons of ancient wooly mammoths. This form of ivory is permitted to harvest and sell, but it’s extremely limited. So you don’t have to be concerned about someone else having the same one as you!

If you can afford it, I see no reason not to own such a treasure. Additionally, this luxury chess set will impress your friends. They are sold without base pads to show off the ivory. Due to its irreplaceability, this set may be ideal as a decorative item than for everyday use.

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I agree that luxury chess sets are almost a must for any chess player. It makes sense to get something you enjoy looking at and feels good to touch. If you love chess and have the money, I don’t see why you wouldn’t have one. Did you find the best chess sets that you will enjoy playing a classic game with your friends?

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the Most Expensive Chess Sets:

  1. The Mammoth Ivory Collector Series Luxury Chess Set – $12,995
  2. The Golden Collector Series Luxury Chess Set – $8,495
  3. The Camaratta Signature Series Cooke Luxury Wood Chess Set – $3,245
  4. The Savano Series Luxury Wood Chess Set, Box, and Board Combination – $1,863
  5. Star Wars Pewter Chess Set by Royal Selangor – $1,800
  6. The Salvador Ebony Limited Edition Chess Set (X3093) – $695
  7. The London Chambers – Bud Rosewood 6″ Chess Set – $669
  8. The Castle Carved Complete Brass Chess Set – $297.50
  9. Song of Solomon Bus Rosewood Chess Pieces M2039 – $249
  10. 1950’s Soviet Grandmasters Chess Pieces – $154.95
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