Most Expensive Cars To Maintain (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Mercedes Benz Cars To Maintain With High Repair Costs

Owning a car involves more than just purchasing it and making car payments; you must also ensure that it can stay on the road. If you intend to keep a car for an extended amount of time, being able to maintain and repair is essential.

Today, I’ll share with you the list that I’ve compiled about the most expensive cars to maintain. So, if you’re ready to learn about the most expensive cars to maintain, then please continue reading…

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This Most Expensive Cars To Maintain review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Dodge Muscle Cars Sports Cars
Price: $10,600

Dodge is a U.S. automaker. Automobiles, sport utility vehicles, and pickup trucks are produced by Dodge. Like the Demon or Hellcat, its high-end sports cars require hefty maintenance costs due to frequent repairs. Dodge vehicles are well-built, but they often need repairs.

Chrsyler Latest Car Models
Price: $10,600

Chrysler is known for producing both affordable commuter cars and high-end luxury cars.

Among expensive car brands, Chrysler has been one of the Big Three U.S. manufacturers around for a while. The complexity and advanced technology of Chrysler vehicles cause their component and repair costs to be significantly higher than usual.

Pontiac Custom Catalina Hardtop
Price: $11,800

Pontiac, a GM division, began in 1926 and ended production in 2009. The intake manifold gasket was Pontiac’s worst difficulty. With Pontiac no longer in existence, OEM replacement parts are bound to rise in price as demand grows. Even though purchasing a Pontiac may not be too expensive in today’s market, it is important to consider the average maintenance costs to maintain the vehicle throughout its lifetime.

Mercury Grand Marquis
Price: $12,000

Mercury, owned by Ford, has the same repair issues as Saturn.

Mercury parts and labor expenses are quite affordable than the other expensive car brands, but the frequency of repairs adds up. Due to Mercury’s termination, repair costs will rise. Knowing the relative maintenance costs of different manufacturers is useful, but it’s also crucial to evaluate how car costs change as the car ages.

Saturn Vehicles Car Brands
Price: $12,400

You wouldn’t think that a brand like Saturn would have high maintenance costs, would you?

Car buyers of a domestic automaker that sells affordable vehicles provide repair coverage price for their vehicles. However, the highest cost is in repairing and maintaining secondhand vehicles. Saturns have constant troubles, so expect to spend time and money on routine maintenance.

Audi New Car Model
Price: $12,400

The Audi brand is the fifth one on this list of foreign cars.

The German luxury car manufacturer Audi is comparable to the German luxury car manufacturer BMW in that both companies create vehicles at all price levels. They sell everything from inexpensive commuter automobiles to luxurious sports cars.

The incredible technology included in Audi cars is what drives up the company’s service and car maintenance costs. They have replacement parts that are more expensive, which contributes to highest maintenance costs.

High Maintenance Cost Volvo Cars
Price: $12,500

Volvo imported vehicles are more technologically advanced than domestic ones.

Without an auto warranty or when the manufacturer’s car warranty expires the repair costs can be up to $12,500 in maintaining a Volvo, not adding insurance and other expenditures.

Cadillac Escallade Armored Car
Price: $12,500

Aside from offering a comfortable vehicles, Cadillac is also a well-known automaker recognized for high-quality. The cost of new car parts and repair times, on the other hand, have remained constant. Although they’ve produced more budget-friendly vehicles, they’re harder to work on, driving up car maintenance costs.

Mercedes Benz
High Maintenance Cost Mercedes Benz Car
Price: $12,900

It is one of the expensive luxury cars to maintain. Like BMW, replacing Mercedes Benz components without a vehicle service contract or extended car warranty can cost thousands.

All vehicles are made by top engineers worldwide, making maintenance complicated to complete. Even used cars have a higher cost to maintain compared to Honda or Toyota, so an extended warranty is crucial if money is tight. However, not all vehicles qualify for coverage.

New BMW Coupe And Roadster
Price: $17,800

BMW offers luxury SUVs and sports cars. Wow!

However, the cost of replacing car parts and maintenance complexity make this luxury car expensive. Since top engineers build each car, they last for years without problems. It might cost thousands to fix a failure due to its severity when a failure occurs.

BMW’s slightly has higher repair costs maintenance than Mercedes Benz because of its luxury performance.

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What an expensive set of cars!

Aside from the obvious extra features, what distinguishes a luxury car from a standard one is the cult following of the brand and model. So, if you want a luxury car such as a BMW or Mercedes Benz, keep in mind that these vehicles will cost you more the more you drive them. Make sure that it is worth your money before buying it.

Here’s a quick review of the most expensive cars to maintain:

  1. BMW: $17,800
  2. Mercedes-Benz: $12,900
  3. Cadillac: $12,500
  4. Volvo: $12,500
  5. Audi: $12,400
  6. Saturn: $12,400
  7. Mercury: $12,000
  8. Pontiac: $11,800
  9. Chrysler: $10,600
  10. Dodge: $10,600
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