Most Expensive Bonsai Tree (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Bonsai Tree Price Of A Bonsai

The art of growing ordinary trees in shallow containers to keep them small and proportionate to their full-sized counterparts is known as bonsai. You’re probably wondering how these miniature trees can be so pricey.

This review will show you the 15 most costly bonsai trees and why they are so valuable. I’m sure tree lovers will enjoy this. Let us begin!


This Most Expensive Bonsai Tree review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Japanese Yew Bonsai
Japanese Yew Bonsai Tree Species
Price: $5.86

Most bonsai trees aren’t kept indoors (only tropical and subtropical plants are kept inside). Add this Japanese Yew Bonsai to your garden. When Japanese yews are aggressively pruned, they can bud from bare spots, useful for bonsai.

Serissa Bonsai
Serissa Bonsai Tree Bonsai Seeds
Price: $9.99

Snow rose bonsai offers tiny white flowers from spring through summer. This fragile tree is recommended for experienced bonsai caretakers. For wet roots, winter temperatures between 10°C and 20°C must be maintained.

Wisteria Bonsai
Wisteria Bonsai Tree Species
Price: $23

Its bluish-purple blossoms fall over pergolas or garden facades. When the seeds are ripe, the seed pots forcefully ping them out (be careful, though, as these are poisonous). This bonsai tree cost $23.

Pomegranate Bonsai
Pomegranate Bonsai Tree Trunk
Price: $37.49

The Pomegranate Bonsai’s trumpet-shaped red blossoms are a lovely sight. Its crimson pomegranates are a big selling factor because they may be utilized in salads, cocktails, and medicine. When its trunks are thick enough, they are hacked off and a few new branches are grown.

Baobab Bonsai
Baobab Bonsai Best Bonsai
Price: $35

Baobabs grow to 65ft tall in the arid Sahara. It grows slowly enough to be a bonsai, however be patient. Expect huge hand-shaped leaves, white blossoms in Baobab mature trees, and a thick trunk that can store water.

Japanese Maple Bonsai
Japanese Maple Bonsai Best Bonsai
Price: $35

Japanese maples occur in different shapes, sizes, and autumn colors, including green, yellow, orange, and red. Their palm-shaped leaves should be well-cared-for. always remember that tree species affect a bonsai’s cost.

Chinese Elm Bonsai
Chinese Elm Bonsai Best Bonsai
Price: $50

The Chinese elm’s double-toothed leaves make it a popular bonsai tree. Its delicate branches make it a beautiful bonsai. Both indoor bonsai trees and outdoor bonsai trees are attractive and require maintenance.

Fukien Tea Tree
Fukien Tea Tree Bonsai Tree Cost
Price: $55

Fukien Tea Bonsai (Carmona) is a great indoor alternative. Its bonsai-famous leaves are tiny, dark green, and hairy. China grows cheap bonsai trees from plant cuttings.

Ficus Bonsai
Ficus Bonsai Tree Cost
Price: $60

Beginners should start with a ficus bonsai tree. They produce red, yellow, green, or purple, variable-sized figs. Its 1-20-inch leaves have a pointy tip that drips rainfall. It is rare to find a bonsai created by a method.

Ginkgo Bonsai
Ginkgo Bonsai Tree Cost
Price: $99

The ginkgo bonsai’s fan-shaped leaves become increasingly beautiful with time. Some ginkgo trees in China are 130ft tall and 4,000 years old. If you appreciate landscaping and gardening, the art of bonsai can be enjoyable.

Japanese Winterberry Bonsai
Japanese Winterberry Bonsai Plants
Price: $100

The Japanese Winterberry Bonsai is a great shohin (very small) size. This plant has a dark green and pink flowers that should be kept outside. When the soil surface dries, water it thoroughly and enjoy one of the nicest bonsai plants around.

Money Tree Bonsai
Money Tree Bonsai
Price: $2,969

The money tree bonsai (Pachira Aquatica) is associated with good fortune, making it a popular indoor alternative. Its bulging, twisted tree trunk and hand-shaped leaves are distinctive. Cheap Bonsai are available for $20 at garden centers worldwide, but high-quality Bonsai trees are rare.

Bonsai Oak Tree
Bonsai Oak Tree Thick Trunk
Price: $21,500

Oak trees are easy to care for as bonsai, making them a good choice. They still yield small acorns, and their 6-inch long dark green leaves turn yellow and brown in fall. Instead of full-grown trees, buy bonsai seeds.

Zelkova Bonsai
Zelkova Bonsai Art Of Bonsai
Price: $106,000

Its dark green foliage turns yellow, orange, red, and purple in fall. It’s easy to care for: maintain sunlight, water regularly, and clip back new shoots to 2 leaves once they reach 4 to 6 leaves—one of the best bonsai plants.

Juniper Bonsai Tree
Juniper Bonsai Tree Art Of Bonsai Expensive Bonsai Tree
Price: $1.3 million

This Juniper, obtained in Japan, is almost 1000 years old. The Kato family’s Mansei-en Bonsai nursery in Omiya, Japan. An Old Pine Juniper Bonsai sold for $1.3 million at the International Bonsai Convention in Japan. Other bonsai kits feature seeds instead of a pre-grown tree.

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If you’ve started looking for the perfect bonsai tree, you’ve may discover that pricing can range from low to high. Bonsai trees can be purchased for a few dollars, but others are rather expensive.

I hope you found the proper Bonsai for you in this review and that you will consider purchasing a Bonsai tree for your beautiful environment!

Here’s a quick review of the 15 most expensive Bonsai trees:

  1. Juniper Bonsai Tree- $1.3 million
  2. Zelkova Bonsai- $106,000
  3. Bonsai Oak Tree- $21,500
  4. Money Tree Bonsai- $2,969
  5. Japanese Winterberry Bonsai- $100
  6. Ginkgo Bonsai- $99
  7. Ficus Bonsai- $60
  8. Fukien Tea Tree- $55
  9. Chinese Elm Bonsai- $50
  10. Japanese Maple Bonsai- $35
  11. Baobab Bonsai- $35
  12. Pomegranate Bonsai- $37.49
  13. Wisteria Bonsai- $23
  14. Serissa Bonsai- $9.99
  15. Japanese Yew Bonsai- $5.86
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