Most Expensive Bong (2022 Update)

Most Expensive Bongs In The World

Bongs, often known by slang terms such as bubbler, binger, or billy, are water pipes used to smoke cannabis.

Compared to smoking weed rolled on paper, a bong will give you a smoother bong hit.

In today’s article, we’ve gathered a list of the world’s most expensive smoking devices for your viewing pleasure.

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This Most Expensive Bong review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

RooR Excalibur 
Price: $15,000

It’s the tallest bong on the list. This is a 6-foot-tall glass tower and one of the best bong brands in the world. Hence their glass is usually more expensive.

Cypress Hill commissioned it, winning the HTCC Best Glass Category in 2009. Due to the large custom-sized diffused downstem and a crazy amount of glass in this piece, there’s plenty of area for percolators.

Hot Rod Bubbler 
Hot Rod Bubbler Hand Pipe
Price: $20,000

Adam Whobrey and Steve Hops created this one-of-a-kind pipe. All the tubes and struts are where you’d expect them on a hot rod. Even the wheels work. At $20,000, it’s almost as expensive as a car, but it’ll take you higher than any sports car.

Most people can’t afford to pay 4 or 5 zeros for a pipe. However, owning a great glass pipe does not require spending as much as a car or, in certain situations, a house.

Online headshop Lookah sells affordable glass to add to your collection. The handcrafted T’ataoo series has amazing designs that will blow your mind while not as good as the glass artists above.

The Pirate Ship Bubbler 
The Pirate Ship Bubbler Smoking Device
Price: $30,000

This 18-inch tall pirate ship is at Illusion in Denver. It was made by Buck Glass, LaceFace Glass, and Joe O’Connell. In 2010, it sold for $30,000.

This pirate ship bong has sailed, a masthead, cannons, and masts. This bong has many details and is one of the most unique ever.

Each of the six cannons is a bowl, making this a great party piece. It’s amazing how these artists made a well-crafted product so useful.

Double Rainbow Bubbler and Hand Pipe 
Double Rainbow Bubbler And Hand Pipe
Price: $33,000

This smoking device resembles an Octopus or rainbow-textured clouds. The quirky appearance is complimented by high-quality performance.

This is one of the few realistic-looking water pipes on this list. You probably wouldn’t smoke a $30,000 bong, but if you did, it would be simple to use and move.

The Miley Cyrus Bong
The Miley Cyrus Bong
Price: $70,000

Miley Cyrus bought the most expensive bong in the world. She has made no secret of her interest and passion for recreational drugs. Miley Cyrus adorned her bong with friendship bands from her friends and loved ones.

Her bong has become so famous that it was auctioned off and sold for an incredible sum, making it one of the most expensive bong in the world.

RooR Skull Gun 
RooR Skull Expensive Bong
Price: $90,000

This 10-inch-tall, 18-inch-long glass piece is styled like a full-size assault rifle with a skull handle. It shines in the dark like a futuristic plasma rifle. This bong looks great and is perfect for firing up some bowls.

It has a barrel, clip, scope, and skull-shaped grip. It was built by Munich-born Weinmayer Bernd, who has made various skull-themed pipes for RooR throughout the years, many of which are on show at an associated Amsterdam art gallery.

Gold Encrusted Skull Bong 
Gold Encrusted Marijuana Leaves Most Creative Bongs
Price: $100,000

This 9-inch bong has 21-karat gold-encrusted cannabis leaves and crystals. Mothership Glass co-founder Scott Deppe invented it and has almost 20 years of glass blowing experience.

Based on the details, we think it took him over 500 hours to make. Materials and craftsmanship explain why this bong costs $100K. You’ll need vast finances to smoke gold.

Faberge Egg Bong 
Glasscity Faberge Egg Bong With Showerhead Perc
Price: $101,000

Sagan Glass and Scott Deppe created this space-themed Faberge Egg percolator pipe. The Faberge Egg percolator pipe is almost 12 inches tall and has a galaxy backdrop with moons. The large dish is moon-shaped. This pipe sold for nearly $100,000 in 2016.

Hayabusa Satellite Bong 
Hayabusa Satellite Expensive Bongs
Price: $110,000

The entire bong is out of this world! Modeled after the Hayabusa Satellite, this realistic bong is one of the most expensive in the world.

This masterpiece wasn’t made by someone who picked up glassblowing. It was created by Sagan Glass, a Bellingham, WA local known for his space-inspired bongs, hand pipes, and more.

Again, this is a one-of-a-kind piece, making it a collector’s treasure with its detailed and gorgeous design and the expert behind it. So, it’s one of the most expensive bongs in America and the world.

Sedna Color Changing Galaxy Outer Space Glass Spoon Smoking Pipe
Price: $300,000

Banjo & Joe Peters’ Sedna water pipe costs as much as a Ferrari GTC4LUSSO or Rolls-Royce Wraith. This 12-inch water pipe with realistic aquatic animals is unique.

The incredible detail, the legendary status of the artists who crafted it, and its rarity guarantee it will appreciate like any fine piece of art.

This bong is a valued possession of Grey Space Art, a New York unique glass movement.

Earl The Skeleton Pipe 
Earl The Skeleton Pipe 
Price: $1 million

Earl The Skeleton Pipe, is the first million-dollar bong on our list. This eight-part artwork features a custom stand, six dab rigs, and two normal pipes that can be disassembled.

So you get eight tubes at 125,000 each if that makes it more affordable.

This 3ft tall fumed glass can function as a single or numerous pipes.

The Throne
The Throne Bubbler
Price: $1 million

This bong is another cool one million bucks on our list. This bong’s design is space-age. Despite the gloomy and demonic theme, this is one of the coolest bong designs.

Overall, the artists’ attention to detail in giving this bong a harmonious creative flow is amazing and helps make it the most expensive water pipe in the world.

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With the glass-making industry expanding with cannabis legalization, we can only imagine these bongs are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope you enjoyed our list of the world’s most expensive bongs!

Here’s a quick recap of the most expensive bongs:

  1. The Throne – Price $1 million
  2. Earl The Skeleton Pipe – Price $1 million
  3. Sedna – Price $300,000
  4. Hayabusa Satellite Bong – Price $110,000
  5. Faberge Egg Bong – Price $101,000
  6. Gold Encrusted Skull Bong – Price $100,000
  7. RooR Skull Gun – Price $90,000
  8. The Miley Cyrus Bong – $70000
  9. Double Rainbow Bubbler and Hand Pipe – $33,000
  10. The Pirate Ship Bubbler – Price $30,000
  11. Hot Rod Bubbler – Price $20,000
  12. RooR Excalibur – $15,000
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